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Kimmer - A Lying Liar that Lies

I happened to come across the first interview Kimmer did with Jimmy Moore, sometime early this year I believe (it's no longer on his blog). It's amazing and a little disgusting to read it now after all that has come to light about the "real" Kimmer. Of course, the fake red dress picture is used to illustrate the interview:

Hello, I'm Kimmer! I've studied weight loss plans for a lifetime, noting what worked. What didn't (yeah, we noticed). And, most importantly, why. Not only from personal experience (that is very obvious), but from the feedback of hundreds of unhappy, overweight folks. By combining basic thermogenic body principles the turbo fast Kimkins Diet was created!

Read my candid (really? a bunch of lies is more like it) interview at Jimmy Moore's Livin La Vida Low Carb blog:

"What you will find in Kimmer is a woman with a new lease on life, ready to take on whatever challenges that may face her today (I can think of a couple of challenges in the near future :) ). When you've dropped a whole person (or two!), then you feel like nothing can stand in the way of your success at whatever you want to do in life. From her witty anecdotes (crazy stories) you will see that Kimmer is transparent in sharing (inventing) her own experience transforming her life forever while genuinely (nothing about Kimmer is genuine) agonizing over the pain that others suffering with a weight problem must be enduring.

Kimmer's Kimkins is more than just a weight loss program, it's a get-your-life-back plan for success. It's time to learn a little more about this dedicated woman who is playing that supportive role for so many."

1. We are thrilled to have with us today a big low-carb loser. Her name is Kimmer and she has quite a weight loss story to tell -- 200 pounds gone forever! WOW, that's very impressive Kimmer. Tell us what life was like for you when you weighed a whopping 318 pounds.

Oh, Jimmy, do I have to? I've been at goal for nearly 6 years and my old 318-pound life seems like eons ago! (Did you change your goal to 350? That seems to be where you have been the last 6 years.)

When you're morbidly obese, life is different. VERY different. You avoid going to the movies because you're not sure you'll fit in the seats. If you do fit, you'll wear purple bruises on your hips where you squeezed against the steel chair arms. (You should know, but in present tense, not past.)

I was sure my husband's truck was defective because the seat belt wouldn't fasten. Imagine my embarrassment when he quietly told me it was stretched as far as it would go. Still, I didn't believe him until I saw his boss, a very big man, get into the truck and fasten the seatbelt with no problem. Hmmm, how was that possible?

I couldn't tie my shoes, which didn't really matter since I couldn't bend over to put them on to begin with. Personal hygiene after potty was a real interesting challenge, I often wished for arm extensions. Ditto on reaching where I needed to in the shower.

But I think the most surprising "morbidly obese moment" came when we bought a new house and I was raising my leg to step into the bath tub/shower. I couldn't do it! Why? Because my legs had gotten so fat that bending them squeezed the thigh and calf fat against each other and there was no way to bend them tighter to lift my leg a measly 14" off the ground! I had to use the kids' walk-in shower. (Oh, so that's the reason for the hot tub in the new house. It should be big enough.)

2. Like most of us who have struggled with our weight, you played the yo-yo diet game for many years until you finally came to the point when you said enough is enough. What happened to hammer home the message that it was time for the game to stop once and for all? What's this about a "stove" incident?

Oh my goodness, the "Stove Incident!" I don't mind admitting that day was a rude awakening! During my 16-year marriage I gained over 100 pounds. Never large amounts, just a little here, a little there. Nothing that really stood out--just bigger pants every few months. As my 40th birthday approached I had a talk with myself, "Kimmer, this is getting ridiculous. Lose a little, gain it back, lose a lot, gain it back. You need to either do it once and for all, or give it up and accept your size 26 life." (Well, the once and for all didn't work then. Are you making the same wow for your 50th birthday coming up next year? Better start working on it then.)

Still, I wasn't sure. Maybe I wasn't really as big as 318 pounds sounded. I certainly carried a size 26 well (yes, this is how bad the lies to myself had gotten). (The same lies still going on it seems. Glad to hear that you not only lies to everybody else but to yourself as well). One day I smelled gas from the stove, the knob had been turned slightly. I demanded my teen boys be more careful, yet they all denied touching the stove. I didn't believe them and was disappointed that they had lied. Fast forward three days and it happened again! I ran back to the kitchen to find the knob turned again--only this time my kids were at school.

How did the gas get turned on? My stomach was so large that when I reached above the stove to get a bowl, my stomach had actually pressed in the knob and turned on the gas! Slowly I sat myself down on the couch and knew this was it. No more excuses. What had I let happen to myself? How in denial can a person be? (This is supposed to be a cute story? And relevant, how? I'm 125 lbs @ 5'6" and my stomach turns the knob on the gas stove when I have to reach above it.)

And, yes, I made a heartfelt apology to my boys when they got home.

3. When you started livin' la vida low-carb, you decided to take the principles from various plans such as Atkins and Stillman's to create a brand new program you call Kimkins, which you say encourages "extremely fast weight loss." You lost 160 pounds in just seven months. That's about a pound a day, Kimmer! How does the weight come off so quickly on Kimkins?

Yes, 160 pounds lost in 7 months and 200 pounds in just under 1 year. It's totally possible! (No, it isn't. Now you claim 100 pounds in 6 months, and perhaps that is a lie too.) The weight losses that Kimkins member post are just as impressive (in some cases, more so!) I lost 17 lbs the first 10 days, which is typical for me and Kimkins, after that roughly 4-6 lbs a week.
No sweat. (No sweat? Fictional weight loss is very easy. Just type the numbers.)

I find it hard to believe that some people consider a “stall” to be no weight loss for 4 weeks! Yikes! After just 4 days I'd be demanding a Congressional investigation! There is absolutely no reason, none, to "stall" unless you want to. (You seem to be in a stall right now, week 6. And your excuse is some meds. So how about "no reason, none"?)

I have always lost weight quickly. (And apparently regained just as fast.) First, on Stillman's when I was a teen and later on original Atkins. Over the years I tried several popular diets like Weight Watchers and was always so disappointed in the 1-2 lb weekly weight loss-- not to mention being hungry all the time! Why did I try them if I knew low-carb was best? Like everyone else, I was looking for the magic bullet that would let me eat anything I wanted, yet lose like gangbusters. No such animal.

As anyone who has tried low-carb knows, there's a natural thermogenic advantage over traditional low-calorie diets. The Kimkins advantage pushes that even further by incorporating lean protein choices and limiting fat to only what's necessary to prepare the meal. Naturally, the higher your calories the slower the loss. (So you must have had very high calories the last couple of weeks then. How's that diet going for ya?)

Fortunately, we can count on ketosis to kick in around day 3-5 and appetite shuts down like a steel trap! A great aid to any dieter and my very favorite part of Kimkins--this is when the energy surge starts!

4. One of the issues I deal with personally and is a concern to many of my readers is excess, loose skin after major weight loss. Did you deal with this problem? If so, has it improved any for you or have you had an abdominoplasty to get it taken care of?

I only had loose skin where I expected to, which is wherever I had stretch marks on my bosom and tummy. Since I had lost 200 lbs I qualified for a reconstructive tummy tuck & bosom lift through my HMO. (Uh, I seriously doubt you ever stayed at a lower weight for enough time to even have time to have a tummy tuck. Or, is it another way of saying WLS?)

Stretch marks are emergency skin and no matter how fast or slow you lose, that skin isn't going anywhere. It's exactly like having a skin tight skirt, adding a 2” panel of fabric and expecting the extra fabric to disappear the next time you wash the skirt. Just ain't happening! (How would you even know? From what others have said? It certainly can not be from your own experience.)

If you take a close look at last season's [2004] winner of "The Biggest Loser," the guy lost a tremendous amount of weight and worked out like a demon! Still, at his unveiling amidst the ripples of well toned abs was an unavoidable flap of skin that hung over his shorts. Men get tummy stretch marks, too. Losing slowly is no advantage.

Kimkins members ask me questions about the process of qualifying for plastic surgery after reaching goal, which I'm more than happy to answer!

5. By the way, you look absolutely fantastic today and you seem to be so much happier now as well. How has your life changed for the better since your amazing weight loss success?

Thank you, Jimmy, I accept all compliments from handsome men! (Especially being called a MILF?) Losing 200 lbs has literally been like freeing an albatross from around my neck. (Just so you know, the albatross is still with you.) I was so desperately unhappy. Despite lying to myself that my size didn't matter, and although I was blessed with good health despite 300+ pounds, I knew I was harming my body.

Now, a slim size 4, (in your dreams, lady) I look back and wonder what took me so long to get serious? (We are all wondering.) I now fit into theater seats without even touching the arms! (Doubt it.) Seat belts aren't anxiety provoking. My confidence has soared! (Money does that to people, but don't get used to it. It will not last.) No longer do I fear developing diabetes. (I thought you just did.) Few people are aware that it doesn't take very much extra body fat to develop Type 2 diabetes and once you do, it's for life.
You can manage it, but the damage to cells never disappears.

But probably the most blessed part of being thin and healthy is the pride my children have in me. No longer do I wonder whether they might be embarrassed by their 318-pound mom at school events or the mall. (Probably because they are not in school any longer and refuse to go with you to the mall. And what about the agoraphobia?) It almost seems as though they show me off!

Heck, I can even tie my shoes – no more slip ons!

6. You did something really neat called creating a "fail proof" environment borrowed from Dr. Phil Mcgraw following your weight loss. Explain what that entailed for you and, as Dr. Phil would say, "How's that working out for you?"

I had no choice. (Sure you did. The sugar cookies in the van shows what the choice was.) Honestly, I'm my own worst enemy! I've got a PhD in rationalizing poor food choices – there's no excuse on earth that I haven't thought of first. So, I borrowed from Dr. Phil and did what I could to create a “fail proof” environment.

First, I removed all of the instant “pop in your mouth” junk and stuck whatever else in the freezer. Second, as I dropped my pounds my “too big” clothes were donated to the homeless shelter where I volunteer. Third, I needed a reminder the first few days so I placed masking tape in a large X across my bedroom doorway so as I woke in the morning I'd automatically remember I was on a mission to lose 200 pounds!

My kids still had occasional treats, but I'd buy/bake whatever was needed for 1 meal. No chance of extra goodies lurking in the pantry or calling me from the fridge. My boys had an assortment of healthy snacks plus an always full fresh fruit bowl to munch.

I don't ever want to regain my weight. (You already did. That is if you lost any in the first place.) As a reminder, I hung onto a pair of size 26 jeans which I keep hanging in a corner of my closet. (I bet they are too small right now. Why would you otherwise wear stretch pants?) I bring them out once a week and try them on. Once again, I can't believe I was ever that big! (Just look at the PI photos. You are that big!) What was I thinking?

7. Your Kimkins web site is wildly popular among people who are seeking a place of support along with gentle direction about how to get their weight and healthy under control. What was the impetus for starting this site where you offer a lifetime membership for a very nominal fee?

The Kimkins web site has experienced a growth boom that's nothing short of miraculous! In a few short months we have nearly 700 members! Soon we'll be splicing servers together with duct tape! (And this is a technically challenged person that speaks? Another lie!) People really want to learn the secret of fast, permanent, safe weight loss! And I'm more than happy to help.

I had been offering advice (belittling people) at another low carb website for over 5 years, but I was limited to reaching a smaller number of people. It had long been a dream of mine to have a place of my own where I could share my knowledge on a large scale, while providing a supportive experience for Kimkins members. Then, a very talented person approached me with an idea of how it could be done and thanks to her expertise and foresight, Kimkins was born!

8. Tell people what they can experience if they sign up to become a member of Kimkins.

Of course they receive the Kimkins diet and food choices, plus access to discussion forums, motivating weight loss challenge groups (run by sock puppets), recipes, sample menus and direct access to me. Many members also enjoy the accountability of a personal journal.

Whether members ask me questions in the general forums, or privately via PM, I'm honored to offer my personal advice. There isn't any major weight loss plan that offers direct mentoring at this level.

I'm terribly proud to say I receive many emails from new members tell me how much they love having a “safe” place where they can tell their darkest secrets. Compulsive eating, binging, lying about food, it doesn't matter. No one laughs or make judgments. We've all been there and we all want each other to succeed – and they do.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention our fabulous Newbie Support forum, which has been created by Kimkins member, Littlebit (Becky). Her friendly attitude and firm grasp of Kimkins principles make her an invaluable asset to all members, especially the newbies.

9. The results you help people attain are truly remarkable, Kimmer. Is helping people lose weight the Kimkins way what you see yourself doing for the rest of your life?

Quite frankly, I can't imagine doing anything else! (As long as the money keeps coming in.) Helping people and truly caring about their weight loss success is so ingrained in me I couldn't stop if I tried. (Gag!)

Just last weekend I was watching a movie at the theater (agoraphobia?) and when it finished I realized I had only watched a few minutes of it! It was a comedy and I didn't even hear the laughter surrounding me -- I was engrossed with a difficult question asked by a Kimkins member. I could barely read my notes I had scribbled in the dark!

Kimkins members are surprised I remember so many details of their weight loss journey, even months or years earlier. I don't keep notes, I remember simply because every person with a weight problem is special to me. No one knows better than I how miserable it is to be obese. Anything I can do to help, I will.

My kids are dismayed at my keen memory, but for different reasons.

10. THANKS so much for agreeing to be interview by me today, Kimmer. From one fellow triple-digit low-carb weight loss success story to another, CONGRATULATIONS on what you have accomplished and for what you are doing to pass on your lessons to others. Do you have anything further to share with my readers who are intrigued about the Kimkins plan?

Well, Jimmy, let me first congratulate you on a stellar example that dedication can definitely produce serious weight loss! Excellent!

Of course I think the Kimkins diet is the best fast weight loss plan available, bar none. But even if that weren't true, anyone who's smart enough to snag a membership will have the full benefit of a truly awesome support site!

Kimkins members go to the mat for each other every day! Have a rough weekend? Fight with a spouse? Another bad day with the boss from hell? Kimkins members have a safe place to fall. Not just warm shoulders to cry on, but supportive and motivating words to get you back on track--or keep you from caving in to begin with! Not everyone gets from A-Z in the weight loss game the first try. Or the second. That's why we offer a lifetime membership . If you quit Weight Watchers, you pay another registration fee. Take too long on Jenny Craig, you lose their “lose all you want in 6 weeks” guarantee. A Kimkins membership is yours for life. (Until you are banned for no reason at all.)

The biggest difference between losing & gaining vs. losing & keeping it off, is support. Our Kimkins community offers the ideal habitat!

Frankly, when I see the tight knit family our Kimkins members have built for each other, I almost wish I was starting my weight loss journey all over again. Almost. (Guess what? Your wish came true!)

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