Sunday, September 13, 2009

The "New" Slimmer Kimkins

No, I don't think Kimmer herself has slimmed down, but the website has.

While Heidi Diaz has tried to copy the design from the old site, it shows that she doesn't have the graphics knowledge that her previous web techs had. Of course, it's costly to keep a professional team on board and when there is little income from new members signing up, Heidi apparently decided to take it over herself.

New Kimkins

Old Kimkins

The previous site was build on joomla and firebird forum which, while free, require some web program ability. The new site is using SMF (Simple Machines) forum software which is free and simpler to configure. If it were me, I would have invested in the very affordable vBulletin forum as it's very easy to use. And, that's what I did on my forum: Tipping the Scales to Health.

Did you notice that she has even changed the Kimkins logo? I recall that there was someone that showed how the original was copied from one of the Russian Bride websites, so perhaps this is an attempt of avoiding this being brought up in the ongoing Class Action Lawsuit.

The new site displays a lot of old success stories. People that are not seen on the Kimkins forum any more (if they were even there in the first place). Where are these people now? Unfortunately, I believe most of them have regained their weight. It happens more often than not following a starvation diet like Kimkins. I do hope they have found a more sensible weight loss program by now and are working towards health and not continuing the yo-yo cycle.

And it doesn't matter if Heidi is now trying to rewrite history. The class action lawsuit is still going strong. Heidi told her members that it had been dismissed, but that is not true. A decision for summary judgement was delayed, not dismissed. You can see for youself: Say NO to Kimkins has posted the pdf file of the decision.