Thursday, November 29, 2007

Kimkins Lifetime Membership - Another Lie

Kimkins cost $59.95 for a lifetime membership!

The media has done a good job lately with exposing Kimmer's fraud and the dangers of the Kimkins diet. However, little has been said about losing the money you paid for your membership on a whim of a Kimkins admin.

While some uninformed dieters might be tempted to join Kimkins to achive the same weight loss Christin and Deni had, not giving a damn about any health risks, they might think twice if they know that they most likely will be out of $59.95 and not have access to Kimkins.

Bannings happen for a variety of reasons, and for no reason at all! The Kimkins admin has full control over whom to use the ban button for.

And there is no way to complain or get your money back! Paypal refuses refund as you paid for "electronic media". That you no longer has access to the media is apparently of no concern. Some people have tried to refute the charge with their credit card company, but if they have been successful, I have not heard of it.

Emails to Kimkins support result in an automatic form email, again referring to the "electronic media" being non-refundable. Repeated emails to Kimkins support result in nothing. No explanation of WHY you were stripped of your lifetime membership is given, apart from the generic "TOS violation". Nowhere to appeal the decision of the Kimkins admin.

Of course, Kimmer and Kimkins could not care less if you are never seen on the site again. They have already gotten all the money they will get from you, so now you are worthless to them. Why not ban you? It reduces the burden on the server and there are less posters for the admins to monitor.

Join the lawsuit!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Kimkins Hiding Assets?

With the Kimkins class action lawsuit under way, Kimkins' assets have been frozen. This includes Kimkins' PayPal account and Kimkins can no longer accept credit card payments. The sign-up page states "We are redesigning out credit card payment page" which means that Heidi Diaz is researching how to sign up for a credit card service that will allow her to transfer the money to some account not influenced by the lawsuit. I think she doesn't have to bother; I can't see a lot of new victims falling for the scam.

The only option now is to send a check (beware, she'll get your name and account number!) or a money order. I think this might be a great deterrent to unsuspecting customers that find on the internet. While I impulsively could shell out $60, I would think at least twice about having to write out a check and mail it. To me, legitimate internet businesses always accept credit card payments, either directly or by PayPal.

Kimkins - Kimmer talks about the lawsuit

From the deposition of Kimmer and Kimkins:

Tiedt: reading heidi's email to her in depo "can you imagine him telling the judge that he wants a certified class action suit against a housewife hee hee hee"

to heidi: That is your statement is that correct?

Heidi: " it too late to take that back giggle giggle"

When you get more than $2 million by scamming people, how can you expect to hide behind a "housewife" label? Kimmer has been "judgement proof" for so long that she has forgotten how real life works.

Join Kimkins lawsuit!

Kimkins Diet Failure

Who would pay for diet advice from this woman?

Kimmer/Heidi Diaz is back at the helm at Kimkins, touting her usual advice to cut carbs, calories and fat. She supposedly is following her own diet presently, but the pictures prove that she hasn't been too successful in the past.

No doubt has Kimmer used Kimkins over the years, had some big losses, but fell off the wagon and binged as the Kimkins starvation diet is not sustainable. It will be interesting to see how long she can stick to it this time.

Kimkins - Tippy Toes lost her job!

This was just posted by Tipsy:

"Re; Damage Control Bootcamp Challenge 1 Day, 1 Hour ago
I am taking a computer break for a while. Been fighting with DH over the time I spend here. He wins and he is right (but don't tell him) . So carry on, stay safe and stay over 800 calories and you'll do just fine. I hope to be back online soon. Happy weight loss everyone!"

Tippy had these type of posts frequently when she was at LCF - her husband would get upset with the excessive computer time, they would fight and she would stay away for a couple of days. However, knowing that they really need the money that she was paid as a kimkins' PR/admin/whatever, I can not see him objecting unless she is no longer paid.

No doubt does Heidi/Kimmer no longer have any use for her as Kimmer herself is posting again. It could also have been problematic with Tipsy stressing her success, while Kimmer clearly is a failure.

Tippy, you better get used to staying off the computer as no other lowcarb site wants you!

Edited to add: Another scenario just occured to me. Perhaps Tipsy just used her husband as an excuse. Perhaps she and Heidi had words about the non-paying position and Tipsy said that she wouldn't post unless she got paid. But wanting to keep the possibility of being re-hired, she chose to just make a temporary exit instead of burning her bridges for good. It would be too funny if Kimmer gets mad and bans her. People have been banned for less.

Edited again with a comment from Queeny on LCF:
It is perfectly clear to me what has happened. Kimmer no longer needs TT, so she has let her go. TT is trying to save face. Think about it for a minute, what does Kimmer need TT for? Kimmer is no longer hiding and can do her own PR work.Why waste the money on her. If TT really believed in this diet she would promote it for free. Now with no money coming her way, TT is out of there. However she knows and has known that Heidi is a fraud. TT is out for the money and that's it. Isn't that what they are all out for?

As far as TT running her own website and being smarter than we think, think again. First of all TT is not the only person who has lost weight nor the last. She lost her credibility by supporting a fraud, who would want to listen to her now? Not to mention the mean things she has said behind peoples back that is documented and giving folks bad recipes so that they will GAIN weight. Most folks who have lost a good amout of weight will try to help others for free not hurt them. They don't ask to be paid for helping. Maybe losing weight is the ONLY thing TT has done in her life that she feels good about. I really don't think TT is that smart. If she could spell correctly believe me she would. Who likes to be laughed at in public?

I think TT needs the money and would stay at KK as long as she was being paid for it. From what I have heard about her "rentals" I doubt they bring in much money. In the end they will all get what they deserve. Kimmers money will run out. When there is nothing coming in, it doesn't last. One thing TT and Kimmer will never have is pride. How can you have pride when all your doing is covering up lie after lie. You can't buy pride you have to earn it.

CONFIRMED: It was just an excuse. Tipsy spent a lot of time today (Thursday) on LCF. Obviously it is not computer time that is limited, but her presence on Kimkins.

Kimkins - Want to know where your membership money went?

Heidi Diaz/Kimmer has said on many occasions that "her proceeds from Kimkins go to the foster kids."

And she also said:

"Re:How about a weight loss challenge to benefit Kimmer's foster kids? 1 Year, 4 Months ago

You know, it's hard to type with tears in your eyes. How unbelievably generous you guys are!
I wasn't going to say anything to anybody when the site started. It's so tacky to talk about money, but I'm not above "tacky-osity" so ...

For many years at LCF people asked me about starting my own site or writing a book, but I have a huge problem with making money.

It's not the making money, per se, because I insist on top dollar when I'm working at a job. If I find out somebody else is making 10 cents an hour more than me for the same job, the whole office is going to hear about it!

I've always been weird about money. I almost have an aversion to it. This would explain why I'm not rich.

In my experience, I've seen people willing to do extreme or illegal things for money (cousin is a prostitute) and people who think cash buys anything. What even comes to mind are men who invite me to dinner and expect me to sleep with them because they bought me the #2 special at El Tio Pepe. Now, I don't know what the going rate is for hookers, but I'm guessing it's more than $8.99 plus tax and tip.

My problem is accepting something in return for helping people. I've always been that way. I've raised my sons with the same belief ... you don't take money for doing the right thing.

I volunteer with poor people in a local homeless shelter. I write & type their resumes, practice interviews and job applications and wrangle interview clothes to help get them on their feet. I babysit their kids for free. I've even bought monthly bus passes for those who do get a job. I'm a volunteer for the literacy program at the library and teach immigrants to read and write. But I'm OK with all of that because I don't take money for doing it.

What is it with me and money?"

Where is a puke smiley when you need one????

Kimmer is a Big-Boned, Diabolical, Quasi-Diabetic, Lint Licking, Lying, Liar that Lies. [HoneyBee2]

  • There are no foster kids, and there haven't been any since at least 2000

  • She paid $475,000 cash (!) a few weeks ago for a house in CA

  • She recently bough two new cars for herself and Brandon, also paying cash

The good news is that the ongoing lawsuit has put a lien on her house, and frozen $1,600,000 of her assets in bank accounts and Paypal. Hopefully she will not get much use out of the hot tub.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kimkins - Coming clean???

A few days ago, Kimmer said:
"OK, so it's time to come clean." At the same time, she posted a "current" photo of herself, giving her weight as 294 lbs. Yeah, right.

About the same time she posted this photo, her picture was taken at the deposition in the lawyer's office. Yes, here I can believe 294 lbs!

Despite not being very fluent in Photoshop, I tried to combine the two pictures. As has been speculated on the boards, it's obvious that the current photo has veen vertically stretched.

To me it's baffling that she still is lying, but I guess she doesn't know how not to.

I also think:

  • She never realized she was that big until she saw the P.I. photos

  • In her warped mind, she still sees herself as the lady in the red dress

  • She could just not accept that she looked the way she did in her 294 lbs photo and therefore had to "improve" it before posting it

Edited to add: I didn't find the first compostie very clear as the "shrunk" picture looks smaller both vertically and horisontally. In that one I tried to line up the faces. In the one below, based on exactly the same sizes, I instead lined up shoulder-to-elbows.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Kimkins - Admin Gary

It is clear to me that there are many Sock Puppets on Kimkins, and probably the most obvious of them is Lasttime4me, or Gary as his assumed name is. Some "facts" taken from his posts:

  • Stated age (previously, no longer there) was 54. Does the above picture look like a 54 year old to you? 70 would have been my guess.
  • Starting weight 334 lbs. Does the picture look like an overweight person? Not to me.
  • Lost 100 lbs in 5 months. Tippy is desperately looking for real success stories but "Gary" has not volunteered to provide one. Neither has Tippy asked him, possibly because Kimmer has told her that he will not produce one.
  • "Gary" started his diet on 6/2/2007. Even his early posts show a lot of "diet expertise" and technical competence regarding the board. Sounds like Kimmer?
  • Is praising KIMKINS in practically every post. Sounds like something Kimmer would do?
  • Never has any problems sticking to plan, eating 450-800 cals per day. Sounds like something Kimmer would say?
  • He posts many informative pieces copied from other websites. Sounds like Kimmer?
  • He has made a huge number of posts on the board; around 2500. Sounds like Kimmer?
  • He has not provided a lot of personal information but in one of the initial posts mentioned that he is a caregiver of his blind AND deaf father. Sounds like something Kimmer would come up with?
  • There was never any PM's between "Gary" and Kimmer reported by the TRUTH. Clearly, Kimmer has no need to send PM's to herself!

Added, as this kept on bugging me last night:

  • "Gary" loves ahi tuna. He lived in Florida until 1997 and got to love it down there. I lived in Florida until 1999 and as far as I remember, ahi tuna was not commonly served there. At least I never had it there and always associated it with the West Coast.
  • "Gary" posts about what he eats, and the foods are very feminine to me. He also has a lot of similarities with what Kimmer has told about herself; has a lot of spices and drinks crystal light, for example. There are numerous other examples as well.
  • "Gary" posted about postponing a morning trip to the vet to pick up his cat as "his dad wanted him to take him to lunch and afterwards come with him to the vet." This is a 90 year old blind and deaf man. I wonder how they communicate with each other. Kimmer always goes over the top with things like this, so that's why this again sounds like Kimmer.
  • "Gary" had friends visiting from Florida and spent days with them at a nearby casino (and wouldn't you know that he once worked as a dealer, LOL). He prepared food for his dad for when he was gone. Wouldn't you think that "Gary" has some caretaker coming in when he is not able to be there. "Gary" has never mentioned one.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Kimkins - Tippy Toes on FOX

Tippy is really excited about being invited to the "Diet Scam" feature on Mike & Juliet Morning Show On Monday 11/12. If I were her, I wouldn't be too happy about it. How on earth does she think she can defend the scam and promote Kimkins? I can see her comments being like this (note, mainly her own words are used; I'd like to think I usually write a little better than this):

  • "No, I don't know anything about fake stories, but the diet works"
  • "I don't know if Kimmer is the red dress woman or isn't, but the diet works"
  • "No, I have never met the founder and I don't know that she is overweight or that she isn't, but the diet works"
  • "Yes, I did a fundraiser for foster kids. I cannot tell you Kimmer is Heidi Diaz and has foster kids anymore than I can say she isn't or doesn't, but the diet works"
  • "The fictional charactors that ended up with health problems abused the diet, but the diet works"
    "The Survivor reports are just plants from a disgruntled former partner, but the diet works"
  • “I don’t know who the present owners of kimkins are, but the diet works”
  • "We are encouraging minimal 800 calories and cycling, now. Kimmer should have never advocated cutting calories lower and lower to break a stall–never! But, I think she was learning too, just as many of us find our own tweaks, but the diet works.

And Tippy might want to remind herself of what she has said in the past, in case it's brought up:

  • I was recently invited over to Kimkins (I am a member) to take Becky’s admin position but had to decline due to the mess. I would have LOVED to help people by seeing the cycle benefits but no way am I gonna get myself in Kimmers troubles. Nope.
  • I am going to give her some really bad diet advice and let’s see just how fat I can get her, lol! I am pulling out fattening lc recipes now. I wonder is she like peanut butter cups made with LOTS of butter?

From her own success story, where she points out that she lost most of the weight on Atkins and has not done Kimkins continuosly, but cycles with Atkins:

I began the Atkins diet in April 2004. The weight loss process was going smoothly and I learned a whole new way of cooking. The food was delicious and I did eat very large quantities (still do).

However, as I reached 215 lbs two things happened. A Doctor put me on a long course of antibiotics to treat facial Rosacia AND I entered peri-menopause. For the next six months I struggled to lose weight but could not. Out of sheer desperation I began to do Atkins Fat Fast for a few days each month at an average loss of three pounds a month. It was horrible! I was starving and felt terrible after each round. But I was desperate ...

Then a wonderful friend told me about Kimkins! Despite the fact that Kimkins was low in calories like the fat fast, I soon found that Kimkins plans were MUCH more satisfying, took the weight off quickly and best, I felt GREAT! But, I still had/have this huge appetite lurking so I began to alternate Kimkins with Atkins by sticking with Kimkins for two weeks, then switching back to Atkins to maintain the loss for two weeks.

Should my weight go over my comfort zone just a couple days of Kimkins takes me back to where I need to be. I still think Atkins is a wonderful plan and helps with maintenance also but between the two plans I have found a perfect balance.

And let's not forget the story TT wrote on KK:

"Once upon a low carb time there were two women. One could make things happen on the web--BIG THINGS. The other had a diet plan that worked very well. Together they formed a partnership and was born. Soon the partnership split and the one with the diet bought out the one who could make things happen on the web--paid 100% off in full. Still, this wasn't good enough for the person who could make big things happen on the web. She became very angry and spiteful. She soon created fictional charactors to come forward with supposed horror stories in a mass effort to take Kimkins down. This is know as "If I can't have it no one can". The person who could make big things happen on the web created also a Duck to hide behind since it is rather hard to sue a duck for slander... And the person who could make big things happen on the web continued to do so BUT the one with the diet plan and website continued as well." End of story