Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kimkins Third Deposition

A third deposition will take place on or before August 17th. Will we get any updated pictures of Heidi Diaz? Has she lost any weight since finally starting on her own diet late last year? She hasn't given any weight loss updates for months now.

I don't know what Tiedt is going to ask her this time, but one of my questions would be:

Do you regret not re-reimbursing banned members right from the start? As pointed out earlier, this might not have cost you more than $30,000 or so and you could have kept your $2.4 million legally. There wouldn't have been grounds for a class action law suit.

I have more questions, and may add those to this post later. For now, I just want to push the ghastly poo picture from the top of my blog.

Friday, July 18, 2008

What does Colonix have to do with Lowcarb?


Lowcarbfriends have pulled the thread. Perhaps it followed a couple of complaints they received for a post where a woman talked about starting her 6 year old (!) on colon cleanse. The reason doesn't really matter. What is important is that the thread is no longer there to trick any unsuspecting, desperate, low carb dieters. A huge thanks to the LCF mods!

I have no idea. I know that Kimmer was a big proponent of cleansing and had a fasting/cleansing forum on Kimkins until the Ducks started to report what was going on there.

Kimmer was of the opinion that "toxic waste" had to get out as soon as possible, as is evident from the laxative abuse she pushed. You can see examples of this at Truth's blog.

Colon cleanse works on the same principle; taking fiber capsules and laxatives to get the toxic waste out. Even worse, people also believe that our intestines are full of parasites and "plaque" and the only way to get rid of it is by a three months' cleansing regimen. Colonix and similar cleansing products are sold by use of graphic pictures of the "worms" expelled, which in my uneducated opinion are just congealed mass from the fiber in the cleansing product.

If we all had all these parasites inside us, how come the medical community knows nothing about it? How come our doctors don't tell us that we have a problem and suggest a cure for it? How come the pharmaceutical companies don't develop medicines that will address the issue? Probably because it doesn't exist.

But then again, what does this have to do with lowcarb? Yes, some people use Colonix to lose weight, which obviously is of interest on a lowcarb board. Yes, some lowcarbers complain about constipation, and colon cleanse will help with that also as it is a laxative. Any further connection escapes me.

So why is there an entire thread, with 69 pages and 1820 posts on Lowcarbfriends dedicated to Colonix? The particular thread any one tried colonix exhibits all the typical signs of being populated by a large number of sock puppets. With the agenda of selling Colonix.

What does a colon cleansing thread do on a lowcarb board? Why would anyone set up a new user account on a weight loss forum to discuss colon cleansing? Why would several? All at one time?

There are more than a dozen people who have posted one time and one time only and it was on that thread and it was usually positive. There are quite a few people who have posted on that thread and that thread only. Most of the newbies of late post only there.

It does not make any sense to me.

It also upsets me as I (and many others) buy products based on reviews on our home board, LCF. Are we being misled by hired sockpuppets?

Like they talk about in this article: I'm Evil.

And for your amusement, see how this blogger exposed "Dr." Suzanne Gudakunst.

Suzanne's marketing approach reminds me a lot about Kimkins:

  • Scare tactics; Suzanne with parasites and Kimmer with dangers of staying obese.
  • A pretty woman on the page. Suzanne may be Suzanne but Kimmer was a Russian bride.
  • A very generous affiliate program, making internet marketeers jumping on the chance of making a buck.
  • The promise to lose weight.

Credits for links, ideas, material and discussions go to my fellow posters on fascinated.

Edited to add:
If you are like me, you can not stand reading the "any one tried colonix" thread. A friend of mine has a stronger stomach than I, and she pointed out this gem to me: Post#1670. This seems to be a genuine review of colon cleansing products.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Real Kimkins Food Banners

The banner on Kimkins website and banners used for the newsletters give the impression that you get to eat delicious food on the Kimkins Diet. However, these are stock photos based on real food and do not properly represent what is allowed on the Kimkins Diet.

These are the two latest banners used:

Look good, don't they? However, following the suggested menu for K/E (top) and bootcamp (bottom) the actual banners should look like this:

Kimorexia is sharing her view of Kimkins Deceptive Marketing on her blog.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Kimkins Still Pushing Very Low Calories

After a lot of criticism for the 500 (or less) calories typically recommended for the Kimkins Diet, this limit was raised to 800 by the new admin Tippy Toes late last summer. Why was 800 chosen as the new limit? Probably because this is the cut off for when a diet is labeled by the medical profession as VLCD (very low calorie diet) versus just low calorie.

So does 800 calories make the diet safe? I think not. This is well below BMR (basal metabolic rate) and will push the body into starvation mode.

Further, the actual recommendations given on Kimkins don't even go up to 800 calories. Kimmer herself gave daily amounts that provide maximum 710 calories, or just 500 if following the low end of her recommendations.

The other day, a newbie to the Kimkins forum asked for advice about what to eat, and this answer was provided by a long timer:

BF: 2 eggs, 2 slices turkey bacon
L: 4-6 oz shredded chicken, 1 cup lettuce, calorie free salad dressing
snack: string cheese or SF jello
D: 4-6 oz tilapia, 1 cup salad

Make sure to have 800 calories minimum.

Adding this up in Fitday I get 432 - 639 calories, depending on if I use the lower or the higher amounts. Just saying 800 calories minimum will not make it so. What is supposed to be added to reach the calorie minimum? Nobody knows.

It seems that the plan behind the plan at Kimkins is still alive and well.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Singinglass REALLY twisting the truth

Yust Yucky sent a very polite email to three theaters in Oregon, inquiring whether Singingass was scheduled to perform in one of their upcoming productions:

"Hi! I just read that [SL], the opera singer from [city, state], will be appearing in one of the upcoming stage productions there at [name of theatre]! Can you please tell me in what role she has been cast, and if any tickets are still available? Thank you!"

Somehow, Singingass interprets this as threatening and says:

"I am glad to know my life is so fascinating, but there is absolutely no reason for my personal life and activities to factor into anything relating to Kimmer/kimkins. No reason at all....emailing directors from my area and making inquiries about me, what I am doing low, wrong, and straight out harassment. Yes, I know, have the name, email address, state etc... ( Thanks Mimi/ Yust yucky)...because this stuff was forwarded to me by those who were confused to receive random out-of-state inquries.

Whatever you all have against me, the diet is still wrong and harmful on a personal level that should not happen. Imagine someone calling your bosses and other important connections. It should not be done. Please refrain from this activity and involving people who have nothing to do with any of this."

Low, wrong, and straight out harassment? To have an apparent fan asking about you?

Out-of-state? What is so threatening about that? People travel on vacation all the time, especially in the summer. You are not allowed to buy a ticket if you live out-of-state?

Calling your bosses and other important connections? Who called? Not Yucky.

And when it comes to involving Singingass as a person with regards to the Kimkins Diet:

..there is absolutely no reason for my personal life and activities to factor into anything relating to Kimmer/kimkins? Then you shouldn't allow your person to promote a dangerous diet. Your picture is featured as a success story. You went on National Television, twice, to defend the diet. It is personal.

Whatever you all have against me, the diet is still wrong and harmful on a personal level that should not happen? Yes, the diet has everything to do with us "being against you". When you stop supporting the Kimkins Diet as a person, you might see that our interest in you as a person will quickly subside.

Ex-kimkins dieters (and present dieters for that matter) have been physically and mentally hurt. On a personal level.

No Vegas for Kimkins, Baby!

Less than three weeks before the Kimkins "Meet and Greet" is supposed to take place in Las Vegas, Kimmer cancels the trip.

It is still announced on the Kimkins.con website:

Kimkins is going to Las Vegas! Ever want to meet your Kimkins pals face to face? Well, here's your chance!

We're planning a casual get together this summer for July 18-20. The itinerary is being worked up now with several Meet & Greet opportunities. No matter when you arrive you'll have a chance to meet your Kimkins buddies! Everyone will make their own airfare and hotel arrangements.

None of us had expected Kimmer to actually show up there, but we did think she would have some more inventive excuse than what she came up with: Gas prices.

Gas prices? Here is a con that has made millions off her members and she can not afford to drive from Corona, CA to Las Vegas? The round trip is about 500 miles. With a fuel efficient car (and she has one, paid for in cash by her members' fees) the gas cost might be, what, $85 or so? Almost covered by one membership fee.

Three people made reservations early on. I hope they truly enjoy their trip, even more so because Heidi Diaz is not there.