Saturday, April 26, 2008

Success Rate from a VLCD

The most recent Kimkins sockpuppet, Swalt (Sue), says that she wants to find out if there are any risks with following Kimkins long term. Clearly, she can not ask on Kimkins as there are no long term successful losers there. And asking would probably label her as a Negative Nancy and those are not allowed on Kimkins so she might end up being banned.

Kimmer has no experience in maintenance. She never had a weight loss to maintain.

Kimmer didn't learn maintenance from the people on LCF she answered question for during 8 years as they did not have experience with maintenance either. Read the stats on the posters on the Ask Kimmer thread. Most of them are at a higher weight now than when the question was asked 2 years ago.

Christin has maintained for a year, but with great effort and she is not doing Kimkins any longer. Deni gained weight on 1,200 cals.

Very low calorie diets (VLCD's) are defined as diets that range from 300 to 800 calories per day intake. Long term studies of the use of VLCD's have shown consistent results; patients on VLCD programs regain most or all of the weight lost in the months following the VLCD regime. In fact, one of the most remarkable features of VLCD's is the speed of weight regain following treatment (Garner & Wooley, 1991).

[Isn't that what Kimmer has said. She loses fast (at least used to, not so fast any more) and regains fast. Isn't that a typical yo-yo dieter?]

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (1994) published a policy paper on VLCD's in which it was strongly stated that VLCD's should only be prescribed and supervised by specially trained physicians. The College was clear in its position that VLCD's should only be used on morbidly obese patients (over 300 pounds) and that the prolonged use of VLCD's is dangerous and potentially lethal. Despite this, VLCD's are widely advertised using prominent actors or models who clearly give the impression that liquid diets are easy, successful and safe for any amount of desired weight loss.

  • VLCD should only be attemped when supervised by specially trained physicians (this is not your family doctor).
  • VLCD gives quick weigh loss and even quicker regain of lost weight.
  • Prolonged use of VLCD's is dangerous and potentially lethal.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Kimkins Yoga

The Kimmer:
Re:My NSV (Non Scale Victory)! 3 Days ago
XXXXXX, so this is where the Non Scale Victories are hanging out!

I love NSV, because even when that darned scale doesn't cooperate, you know you're losing when rings fall off, shoes get too big ... or you can walk a flight of stairs without gasping for breath! My sister gave me a pair of velour yoga pants (me?) that were too snug. I left them folded in a drawer and figured "some day". Well, now is the day! Hoping to outgrow them soon!!!

New Kimkins Sock Puppets

I believe there is a large number of sock puppets on Kimkins and that Kimmer, SingingLass, Gary and possibly other loyal minions are busy keeping them all "alive".

While the earlier sock puppets mainly acted as cheerleaders and motivators ("Keep up the good work!", "I lost 20 pounds in 10 days!") the new breed is aimed towards keeping people at Kimkins.con despite the controversy.

A number of newbies or returning dieters are posting things like:

"I know about the controversy. I don't care. This diet is the only thing that is working for me. I've tried other lowcarb boards but they don't accept me there."

[Paraphrasing here as I do not have access and rely on secondhand reports.]

They are trying to tell the few remaining kimkinites that the only place "safe" and "friendly" for them is kimkins.con.

That is not true. The many free boards have challenges where any kimkins member would be welcome, even if they stay with low fat and low calories.

Just join one of the LCF Stillmans challenges and skip the dairy. It's the same thing.

Or, the LCF "Meat and Egg" challenge. Those girls are doing "Kimmer's Experiment (K/E)" but just not using the Kimkins label for it.

Amy Eating Low is another place where it's "safe" to do Kimkins.

Why stay at Kimkins.con? Continue to support the fraud? Having to watch what you are saying not to be banned? Not knowing how many of your friends are "fictional characters"?

Doesn't it bother them that prominent, long-time members leave or get banned? That Kimmer herself doesn't show the "turbo weight loss" she promises? That there is a pending lawsuit?

Will they stay until Kimkins.con is inevitably shut down? Why? Why not leave now?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Kimkins Starvation Diet

Remember Jimmy Moore's phone interview with Kimmer last summer? The part where she said "The purpose of Kimkins is for very quick weight loss. You can take a fiber hit for a few months to get to goal."

She was talking about a fiber "hit" but forgot to say anything about all the other "hits" that strike Kimkins dieters; hair loss, trashed thyroid, heart palpitations with possible permanent heart damage, muscle loss and bone loss.

Is it worth it? Is fast weight loss worth risking your health for? When there are safe alternatives? Like Atkins? No starvation necessary.

[Tippy Toes said this in a comment recently: "I have done many things to lose weight before. I was actually mad when they pulled Phen Fen from the market as I was almost at goal. Yes, I knew it was killing people but I also knew I would gladly pay the price to be thin at all costs."
I have to believe it was just a badly chosen expression, but it shows the desperation that drives people to try Kimkins.]

And when you have lost weight on Kimkins, what do you do then? To maintain? Or lose a few more pounds if you didn't make it all the way to goal? Continue to starve or see the scale go back up?

What's the point in losing weight if it's not going to stay off? And if your health is going to suffer in the process?

We seem to have a whole new diet community with ex-kimkins dieters that are trying to repair their metabolism. They are finding it very hard to maintain and even harder to lose.

Christin, the WW cover girl, has admitted struggling. Deni, also featured in WW, regained 20 pounds while eating 1200 cals per day. Tippy Toes doesn't really know what she is doing and is getting help from an Atkins expert, 2big4mysize. AmyB will be starting Atkins as well.

Is there any true Kimkins success story? I have yet to see one.

"The biggest misconception is that doing something in the short term will have long-term results"
[Elaine Magee, the "Recipe Doctor" for the WebMD Weight Loss Clinic]

Kimkins - How It All Started

Kimmer's fairy tale of her weight loss is well known on Low Carb Friends (LCF). Kimmer joined there sometime in 2000 and I believe she intended to lose weight on a lowcarb diet at the time. I also think she actually lost some weight.

But, what she later on used as her "before" picture is probably her "after" picture, showing her at the lowest weight she ever achieved.

What would her weight be in this photo? 220? If she started at 318 lbs, she would have lost about 100 pounds at that time.

Obviously, she wasn't "strong enough to stick with it" and started gaining back weight at this point. For some reason, she could not admit her failure at LCF and started to fake further weight loss. Perhaps people there had been impressed with her success and she got addicted to the admiration.

At some time between 2000 and 2002 (which is when the LCF public archive starts) she claimed to have reached her goal, 135 lbs or 125 lbs at that time. Later, she adjusted that to 118 lbs without really commenting on it. I think it happened when she allegedly was fasting for a longer period of time. It would have been strange if she didn't show any loss.

Personally, I never believed her claim of 118 lbs. I am 5'6", like she is, just a couple of years older, with small bones and I would be too skinny if I went below 120. With big bones, as she has always claimed to have, she would have to weigh at least 20 - 30 pounds more. She would look severely anorexic at 118.

Of course, now we know that she went from the 220 pounds to, what, 350? 380? It certainly is more than the 318 she still claims was her highest weight.

Supposedly she is NOW, finally, trying to lose weight. What took her so long? She was acting as a diet guru for 8 years and it never occurred to her to actually follow what she preached?

And is she really losing weight? Her most recent picture doesn't show a big difference.

It seems also that she is finding out that what she has been claiming all these years is not true. The majority of people can not follow the Kimkins starvation diet a longer period of time without cheats. The body's defense mechanism objects to the lack of nutrition and off-plan meals or binges result.

Would Kimmer have been kinder to the dieters on LCF that she chastised on a daily basis if she had known this then? I doubt it.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Kimmer, your birthday is coming up soon

Remember when Kimmer started the "Kimmer back on track" challenge on Kimkins? She then said:

"Also, my birthday is May 10th and I will be 50 years old. It's my goal to reach goal by that date. What is my goal weight? I'll know it when I see it, but in the 130-150'ish range probably. I'm big boned and that will be good for me."

She presently weighs 256 pounds. That means that she needs to lose 106 - 126 pounds in 3 weeks. After having lost just 62 pounds in the previous 5 months.

Turbo weight loss? No faster diet, none? Apparently not for Kimmer herself. She must not want it bad enough.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Try Again, Article Gems

It was just brought to my attention that there are two Article Gems sites. The owner quoted below,, has in fact removed all Kimkins articles.

The three Kimkins articles we found reside on They have not even responded to emails sent to them.

Sorry about the confusion.

In a comment to Kimkins Scam, the owner of Article Gems said:

"Did I not take the time (half a day) to investigate what you said, to ask for further information - search through 50,000 articles to find what you were talking about - none of which I’m obligated to do. Yet I did it because I try to run a quality directory and I care about fellow human beings."

This was in response of Article Gems first being pointed out as an article service that did not initially agree that Kimkins' articles violated the TOS. However, eventually the articles were removed and we updated our blog posts to reflect this.

But it seems that the "half a day" work was all in vain. The article site is still picking up weeds. As pointed out by an observant weed chasing duck to me this morning, there are at least three Kimkins articles on the site today:

Kimkins search

Instead of manually removing them after the automatic article generator program has picked them up, perhaps try to tweak the settings in the program so it doesn't pick up articles with a Kimkins tag?

New Anti-Kimkins Blog


No, I'm not moving. Just adding a 2nd blog. The new blog has all of my old posts, but from today on I will not intentionally duplicate my posts on the two blogs. They will both remain Anti-Kimkins blogs. We are not done yet.

Friday, April 18, 2008

2 More Weeks of Magic Chicken

Created on: 02-May-07
Expires on: 02-May-08

The Magic Chicken Diet that was made as a clone of Kimkins (both the web site and the diet itself) might be gone in a couple of weeks if the domain is not renewed. We have already seen a number of former pro-Kimkins sites being put up for auction. Will this one be next?

I still can not understand what purpose this site is supposed to have. Bonnie can certainly not make any money from it.

There seem to be no paying members. She can not expect to get any paying members either as she now had disabled the registration process for her forum.

Bonnie herself hasn't been on the site for more than two weeks. Her last visit was when the ducks flocked in via the open access directly into the forum. Bonnie was upset with the "freeloaders" and banned a few of them. However, she couldn't even do this right. She banned their IP but not the User. The link is still open unless you try to access it from a banned IP.

There was an attempt in early January to add another success story, and pictures were taken as is evident from Bonnie's MySpace album. But the pictures never made it up on the website. They don't seem to be able to do it themselves and apparently are not paying anybody to handle the site for them. Even existing pictures of Bonnie are now gone from the site.

Was this venture just done on a whim by a husband that was proud that his wife had lost weight and wanted to show her off to the world? And then none of them had the interest or the energy to make it into a real business?

If so, my guess it that the domain will not be renewed. In my opinion, that is a good thing. As real as Bonnie's weight loss success seems to be, we don't need another starvation diet like Kimkins sold on the internet.

A Gem from Article-Gems

Article Gems decided to listen to us and has removed the articles!

We have been all over the internet to pull kimkins weeds. One place kimkins articles were found was Article-Gems. They did not respond too well to emails sent by "angry weigh loss people":

Running an article directory - like article-gems is not always easy. Apart from the hundreds of articles each day to approve you occasionally are targeted by spammers - or in the latest case an email campaign from angry weight loss people (must be missing the food). Seriously though we received a number of emails demanding we removed articles on the Kimkins diet because the diet was the subject of litigation.

We make it quite clear in our terms of service will take no responsibility for the content of articles on article-gems. We chose to remove two articles - the first one for failing to comply with our terms of service (it had a link in the main article body) and the second one, because it had an untruth that was publically admitted to be untrue and therefore failed to comply with the spirit of our TOS.

However the over riding principle at is FREEDOM OF SPEECH. If your article complies with our terms of service IT WILL REMAIN - no matter how many angry dieters send us emails.

I have not emailed this site. But now I will.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kimkins Blog

Kimmer's blog posts have been very poor lately. Going from counting calories in lettuce to pointing out that nutrition labels on Ritz crackers are wrong. The latest post is announcing:

"A few days ago Good Morning America did a segment on whether food nutrition labels are accurate. Guess what! They aren't and the US government only does random checks.

Diane Sawyer and crew sent Ritz crackers, David's sunflower seeds and Wonder bread to an independent food lab for analysis. Wow, were the labels wrong!

* Ritz crackers - 36% higher in sodium than shown

* David's sunflower seeds - 23% higher in saturated fat than shown

* Wonder bread - 70% total fat not the 11% shown"

How is this relevant to the Kimkins Diet? None of these items are on the allowed food list.
Ritz crackers and Wonder bread are too high in carbs and sunflower seeds too high in fat (and too high in carbs; remember - no fiber reduction!).

And if you stick to the recommended dry chicken breast, canned tuna and egg whites for a total of 500 - 800 cals per day, I can't see you would be that worried about nutrition labels anyway.

Is Kimmer aka Heidi Diaz running out of low carb news to write about? Or doesn't she care anymore? I can't see that she has that many readers of her blog, except the ducks. Surely the remaining members in the kimpound would not still be there if they ever ventured outside the safe confines of the board.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Kimkins Facing Criminal Charges Next?

The Sam Redman character recently visited LCF to lecture us on why the Class Action Lawsuit against Kimmer is without merit. Among a lot of other verbiage, he said in a post:

"There must have been an intent to deceive. But, it could be well argued that she used the creative photos and testimonials... not to deceive, but to convey the truth.

If her "intent" (a very important distinction) was instead of misrepresenting the benefits of her program, but instead to provide prospective dieters with a true picture of the results that such a program can accomplish then there was no "intent to deceive.".

Here we are really talking about what was in Heidi's mind... did she believe that what she was offering was honestly a way that enabled a good weight loss program?

Her historical postings show that she really was a "believer" in what she was describing and because of that ingenuousness, then the legal concept of "scienter" comes in to play.

It's a legal distinction called "guilty knowledge," which often has to be proven convincingly before a judgement (or conviction) can be obtained. I think this is where Diaz is on very strong footing legally."

Sam Redman might be surprised. Anipomini provided a link today to a very similar case where criminal charges for fraud were filed:

Deputies raid Lakeland home

This case involved the sales of products rather than "lifetime memberships" but otherwise they are eerily similar.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fascination with Kimkins

The Fascination with Kimmer thread on LCF started on 06/27/2007, almost 10 months ago. I thought it would be interesting to see some statistics:

  • We are presently on thread #16
  • There is a total of 57,076 posts
  • 2,467,725 views; that is 2.5 million views

Is the interest waning? I don't think so. Not looking at thread #1 that was 4 times bigger than the normal 100 pages thread limit, every thread has 100,000 - 140,000 views and it's not going down. The latest completed thread, #15, has over 120,000 views.

Who would have thought that this woman could create so much interest for such a long time?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Kimkins Hacked!

The mysterious Sam Redman that recently appeared on the LCF scene has hacked into kimkins.con and hosts a fully live kimkins front page on his server.

He didn't just make a screen shot like I have here. He copied the entire page, with all design templates, images, page elements, style sheets and modules. It's a clone of kimkins.con front page.

Just in: Reportedly, there is a virus on You might not want to go there.

While the page itself resides on all the links on the navigation bars lead to the real kimkins.con server. (On my screen shot, I hovered over "Kimkins Vegas 2008" and you can see that the link goes to kimkins.con server.)

The question is why he did this. To show that he can? Or did he have Heidi's cooperation so there wasn't a hack in the first place?

He even makes the underlying directories accessible on Normally you wouldn't do this. While they reside on the server, they are not made viewable to the public.

Note: I can not take credit for this discovery. I had been to several times and did see the kimkins web page. I just didn't pay attention to the address bar where it was obvious that I was still on sam redman's site. I just thought it was a link to but so what? Strange, but not more than that. Not until a Duck on LCF pointed it out to me did it become obvious what he had done.

What a team effort this is!

Faux Dieting

After having lectured us how to count calories from lettuce, Kimmer is now telling us how we fool ourselves when trying to lose weight. I'm sure she knows a lot about it. It is also obvious that she doesn't follow her own advice.

Every single point she brings up targets the guilt of overweight persons, hoping that they will come running to kimkins.con for a quick fix.

Some of her tips:

"I've never saved calories or carbs from meals so I can drink alcohol later."
Why not just skip the meal and head directly for the booze and a box of sugar cookies?

"I don't confuse 15 carbs from high nutrient veggies with 15 carbs from sugar free chocolate candies."
Sugar free candies? What about the sugar cookies?

"I always make a whole hearted full time 100% commitment to my weight loss plan."
Huh? Since when? Why the need for a "no cheat" pinky swear challenge?

"How quick are you to forgive yourself for a relapse? We're all too quick to gloss it over."
Forgive yourself? Reinforcing the guilt again.

""Well, I tried." Yep, you tried. You've been trying for years, what else is new? When are you going to suck it up and finally do it? If you can't be honest with yourself, who can you be honest with? Think about it."
Did she type this stuff with a straight face?

"It boggles the mind to hear the excuses we give ourselves for remaining fat and undisciplined. What's even scarier is that we're believing it!"
Undisciplined? Heaping on more guilt.

"What's wrong with showing your kids some self restraint and making healthy choices?"
What's wrong? Look at the pictures of a "healthy" Kimkins meal. Is this how you want your kids see you eating? And of course, the "self restraint" is playing on the guilt again.

"Ask your grandmother if she's going to pay for your insulin when you develop obesity induced diabetes. Hopefully she can explain to your kids why you couldn't get life insurance with a BMI of 43 and died prematurely due to heart disease. Obesity related, of course."
Not enough guilt yet? Let's try scare tactics.

Article "credits" go to Article Scrub. Please head over there and tell them what you think of the article.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

What do Kimmer and Sam Redman Have in Common?

Kimmer has bragged about writing articles for many years under different pen names, some of them male. Could one of them be Sam Redman? The new poster at LCF that came in as her supporter the other day? The same Samuel that defended Kimmer on ALC when the controversy started?

I don't know the answers to these questions but would like to share parts of a post by Sam Redman from 1999. (Click on the link for the full text. I took the liberty to cut out most of the ramblings and inserted paragraph breaks for readability.)

His musings were in response to the question:

What do you like to do when you play hooky?

..........I could earn money as a writer, but I always felt dishonest about it because i was never writing anything I believed in or in any kind of style that I knew as my own, but I was always willing to prostitute the ability which came from some internal fount that I have never understood, just so I could continue to be, to exist to, always in my mind, do nothing.

I was just about to run out of my last stash of money, which I had gotten by my usual method of journalistic deception..........

.......I spent the next afternoon studying the various geography texts so that I was completely familiar with one particular area.

Then I sat in my apartment........I began to recount the dishonest adventure stories of my personal experiences...........or any other wild and crazy adventure that caught my mind's eye, often stimulated by studying the massive catalog which I had gotten from the Image Bank or other such photography service.

I would look until I found a photo or especially a series of photos and then I would escape to flights of fancy and perhaps an hour later a finished manuscript would emerge, written by one of my alter egos.........

So work for me has always been something I have done on a lark, in a spurt of prostituted inspiration in order to survive, and has really been what I do on my time off, my "day off" in the terminology of the workaday world. And so as my money ran out I looked for yet another writing scam........

-- Sam Redman (sam @ samredman . com), October 05, 1999

While this is supposed to be fiction, doesn't it look as if it describes Kimmer's method to create sockpuppets?

Prudentia has an ongoing discussion about who and what Sam Redman is.

Guilty of Being Overweight

Do you feel guilty for being overweight? Then STOP! Feeling guilty is what causes people to look for quick fixes and starvation diets like Kimkins. Kimmer exploits this guilt by promising fast results and claiming that being "morbidly obese" is worse than anything you might do to your body to get rid of the excess poundage. What would she know about it?

Honestly, I don't get the Guilt.

A "naturally" skinny person may:

  • Eat when he is not hungry just because it tastes good, he is bored, feeling depressed or just because he wants to
  • Eat junk food on a regular (or irregular) basis
  • Overeat at holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter
  • Never exercise, or exercise just sporadically
Somebody might point out that this person does not have "healthy eating habits" but wouldn't accuse him of being guilty of anything. Instead, he would be admired for staying skinny despite of it.

An overweight person doing exactly the same will be guilty of falling off the wagon, not sticking with it, being weak, being a sissy, not being strong enough, not wanting it badly enough,...... you name it.

An overweight person not doing any of the above will still be guilty of being overweight.

I don't get it.

As far as I understand, the main difference between a "naturally" skinny and an overweight person is that the overweight person has a metabolic disadvantage in that the body doesn't respond to food in the same way as for the "naturally" skinny person. Why would that cause guilt?

To me, it seems that the metabolic disadvantage is a long term condition that needs to be acknowledged and addressed with a long term approach.

Fast weight loss more often than not results in fast weight gain. Kimmer tries to claim that you can lose the weight on Kimkins and maintain your weight loss. I still have not seen anybody managing this without extraordinary efforts and sacrifices. With possible health consequences. Kimkins always was and remains a quick fix, a crash diet. Crash diets do not work. Kimkins Diet Truth has a few words to say about it as well.

Please, STOP feeling guilty and find a WOE/WOL (way of eating/way of living) that you can live with in the long term. Atkins is a great plan that you can do for life.

Weighing the Facts has a great post with inspirational quotes for eating disorder recovery that I find equally applicable for any dieter burdened by guilt.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Jimmy Moore's Forum Hacked - Again

The Kimkins Saga continues to generate weirdness. Jimmy Moore's forum, lowcarbdiscussion, is populated by a large number of dieters that left Kimkins including most of the former Admins.

A few months ago, Jimmy's forum was down for a short period of time. Reportedly it was hacked.

Today (or yesterday?) it happened again and to a much more severe degree, it seems.

I received an email in my Spam box. The email appeared to have been sent by lowcarbdiscussion. It included a link that led to a virus (or actually two). It was a rather clumsy attempt though as the virus link was very obvious. Who in their right mind would click on a link with the extension ".exe"? (Well, I did. I'm nosy. My virus filter is up to date and took it.)

When I first received the email, I went to Jimmy's blog and clicked on "forum". Hmm. Interesting. It had been totally scrubbed and contained just two threads, or subforums. One was about cocaine users and the other one about marijuana. Needless to say, I did not sign in and quickly exited.

Jimmy has now removed the link to the forum from his blog but make sure not to use your bookmark with a direct link.

I hope Jimmy get this straightened out without too much headache for him.

The question is WHO would do such a thing to Jimmy. Could it have anything to do with his forum providing shelter for Kimkins refugees? Will Tippy be next?

PS. If anybody think they might have downloaded the virus, AVG has a free virus software. Just google it.

Edited to add: Jimmy now has a post up where he gives the details.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Counting Calories on Kimkins

Kimmer shares her diet wisdom in a recent blog post about how to properly measure food.

She cautions:
"Veggies should be loosely placed in the measuring cup, not packed. If we try hard enough, we could squish a whole package of frozen spinach into 1 cup. But then I'm only lying to ourselves. And the scale will reflect it."

1 pkg of frozen spinach (10 oz) is 82 calories and 4 net carbs (12 minus 8 fiber). The kimkins-approved 1/2 cup is 23 calories and 1 net carb. So 59 additional calories and 3 carbs from veggies will "reflect on the scale"?

She further teaches us how to measure lettuce:
"If you use an "ounce" option, the amount measured is by weight -- not volume. For example, 1 cup of lettuce is about 1 ounce by weight, but if you enter lettuce in Fitday as "1 ounce" it will not show calories, fat, carb and protein counts for 1 cup."

1 cup of lettuce has about 10 calories and 1.5 net carbs (according to USDA database). Why would it matter if I accidentally entered it as 1 oz (4 calories, 0.5 carbs)?

Did Heidi get fat eating lettuce?

Kimkins Yo-Yo Diet

Yo-Yo Diet (Wikipedia):
The reasons for yo-yo dieting are varied but often include embarking upon a diet that was initially too extreme. At first the dieter may experience elation at the thought of loss and pride of their rejection of food. Over time, however, the limits imposed by such extreme diets cause effects such as depression or fatigue that make the diet impossible to sustain. The dieter reverts to their old eating habits, and with the added emotional effects begins to rapidly regain weight.

To me, "extreme diet" is a perfect description of Kimkins. Pushing 500 - 800 calories, low fat and low carb, it is a starvation diet. Will you lose weight? Yes, of course. How could you not? Can you maintain your weight loss? Probably not.

I was reading through some of the old Kimmer threads at LCF, starting in early 2004 when the name "Kimkins" was born. Many people jumped on board and enthusiastically reported quick weight loss. However, when looking at the stats of these dieters it is obvious that:

  • None had reached goal (there might be exceptions, but I didn't see one)
  • All had regained weight (possibly not up to their starting weight but it's hard to tell as many stopped posting on LCF)
  • Many had restarted at a later date

So what's the point of doing Kimkins in the first place? What's the point of suffering through a starvation diet to just regain the pounds lost? Feeling like a failure because you are not "strong enough to stick with it"?

It is obvious that Kimkins is not a sustainable diet, and that a transition to maintenance would be very hard (provided you even reached goal in the first place).

Just look at Kimmer. She might have done Kimkins at some time (or possibly several times) but she did not reach goal, and certainly did not maintain any weight loss she might have had.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Kimkins Housecleaning

Avenue Girl explains why this is important on her post More Spring Cleaning.