Monday, December 31, 2007

What the Mike&Juliet Show didn't tell you about Kimkins

You might have seen the re-run of the Mike&Juliet show yesterday, featuring the Kimkins diet scam (links at the end of this post). They showed that the diet is nutritionally deficient and that the founder, Kimmer aka Heidi Diaz, lied about her alleged weight loss. Heidi Diaz claimed to have lost 198 pounds in one year and maintained a svelte 118 lbs for over 5 years. That was a LIE. Heidi never lost the weight and is still obese.

But the former admins Christin and Deni lost the weight, didn't they? Yes, that is true, but at what cost? I can not speak for them but I suggest that you visit their blogs and read for yourself. Was it worth it?

Jeannie lost the weight, didn't she? Yes, but from most accounts (the original ones from Jeannie herself) she lost the weight on Atkins and never did Kimkins as written. Besides, Jeannie is no longer with Kimkins. She was banned shortly after the show. While the circumstances are not completely clear, they might have to do with the fact that Heidi Diaz' assets were frozen due to a class action law suit against Kimkins, and Jeannie would not longer be paid.

So how come Kimmer aka Heidi Diaz was not on the show? Actually, that very day she had to make a deposition in California for a class action lawsuit against her and Kimkins. Not that she likely would have volunteered to show herself on national television. She claims to be shy, but perhaps it has more to do with the fact that she is not the 118 lbs she has claimed during the last 5 years.

Another fact the show failed to address is banning of Lifetime members without reasonable cause. Hundreds, if not thousands, have been banned from Kimkins. Some of them had questions or opinions that were deemed "unacceptable" by the admin. Others, like me, did not post anything at all on Kimkins but were subjected to disapproval by an admin that knew us from other boards.

If you are not put off by the dangers of a starvation diet, and what it can do to your long term health, you might want to consider the risk of just wasting your money. The $59.95 "Lifetime membership" fee might end up just buying you aggravation. It can be terminated at a whim by a site admin, and you have nowhere to complain. It is sold as "electronic media" and is "non-refundable." It's an internet business and emails to the site owner get no answer. Your only recourse is to join the class action lawsuit.

But think about it; why would there even be a class action lawsuit unless a large number of people were defrauded? I was banned, and many others were too. Don't make the same mistake. It's just money wasted.

Find one of the FREE sites with excellent diet support. My two favorite places are ALC and LCF, but there are many others available.

Mike&Juliet Part 1
Mike&Juliet Part 2
Mike&Juliet Part 3
Mike&Juliet Part 4

New Diet

Making a New Year's resolution to lose weight in 2008? Looking for a new diet that will make it easy to shed the pounds? Considering finding one on the internet?

The Diet Detective has a good article what to look for and what to avoid. It is interesting to see how the fad diet of 2007, Kimkins, failed on practically all the critical points in the article:

What are the right questions to ask about any online weight-loss program?

  • Are there message boards? Are they monitored by a professional, a member of the group, or are they completely unmonitored?
The only "benefit" with Kimkins, is the message board. The diet is outlined for FREE on FREE boards, so no need to sign up to find out that you can lose weight eating less than 500 calories per day.
The Kimkins message board is monitored by the "diet guru" Kimmer, who did not lose the 198 pounds she claimed and did not keep them off.
Kimmer rules the board with a firm hand, and any question that could be seen as critical results in immediate banning without a refund.

  • Do you sell supplements?
Not really, unless you want to include the Smooth Move Tea, Epsom salt or egg white products that are promoted on the site.

  • Is the pricing policy clearly stated on the Web site?
$59.95 for Lifetime membership but it's not clear what "Lifetime" means. Looking at the reports on Kimkins Survivors, there is a risk that it could be YOUR Lifetime.

  • Are there any additional charges aside from the base fee?
Not unless you count ER costs that you might incur from following Kimmer's diet advice. Again, see the stories on Kimkins Survivors.

  • Who developed the program? Was it designed by qualified health professionals who have previous experience in weight-loss counseling? Did at least one registered dietitian (R.D.) assist with the development?
No and no. The program was developed by a still obese woman that lied about her weight loss.

  • Is your site medically supervised? Psychologically supervised? Registered dietitian supervised?
No and no and no. The only "expertize" on the site is by a self-proclaimed guru that didn't lose weight herself.

  • What is your cancellation policy?
What cancellation policy? "Electronic media is non-refundable." If you have been banned, please join the lawsuit.

  • What kinds of physical activity or exercise programs do you offer? Who developed them? Were the programs developed by certified exercise professionals? (American College of Sports Medicine or the National Strength and Conditioning Association)
No exercise required! And the certified professional that at one time offered advice on the site has been banned.

  • Are there articles on the site? Who wrote them? Are they experts?
All blog posts are written by the self-proclaimed diet guru, Kimmer, or one of her aliases. Of course, most of them consist of material copied from articles available on the internet.

  • Is the diet very restrictive? Will it work for you? Is it healthy?
Very restrictive is an understatement. VLCD (very low calorie diet) is an accurate label. Please read the stories on Kimkins Survivors for feedback from people that tried this diet.

Heidi Diaz aka Kimmer "Diet Guru"

Also from the Diet Detective article:

Blatner also warns against “scam” sites. They usually:
  • Promise a quick fix
  • Make claims that sound too good to be true
  • Give recommendations based on a single research study (or none at all)
  • List good and bad foods
  • Make dramatic statements that are refuted by reputable scientific organizations
Kimkins is guilty of all of these.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Magic Diet

I earlier made a post about the Magic Chicken Diet using the Day 1 menu. I thought I would revisit the subject, now choosing a day from the 2nd week's "modified" sample menu.

While I don't understand why anyone would use canned chicken for anything, this is what was recommended in the menu. That day, the food was:

Breakfast: 1 scrambled egg, 2 slices bacon
Snack: 1/2 grapefruit
Lunch: Can of chicken, celery stalk
Snack: Diet jello
Dinner: Grilled lean pork chop, green beans, small salad
Snack: Sugar free Popsicle

Adding this up, I get a total of 468 calories; 16 grams fat, 26 grams carbs, 54 grams protein.

In what way is this diet better than Kimkins?

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Kimkins Diet

Looking for a new diet? There are many, many offerings online and most of them ask you for money. Some have inventive names such as Kimkins, The Magic Chicken Diet, The Genie Diet, and the WeightLoss4Idiots diet to name a few. How do you know if they offer value for your money, or if they are just out to scam you?

There are a few clues:

1) Asking for a one time payment. After you have paid, you are useless to them. They have already gotten your money and have really no interest if what they sold is working for you or not. It's not like they care about you. They just want to make money, and they did.

2) Paying for a Lifetime membership. A "Lifetime" membership will only be valid as long as the website exists, OR until the webmaster decides to lock you out by banning you for any or no reason at all.

3) No information up front. That probably means that what they sell is not worth paying for, but you will not know until you have paid.

4) No money back guarantee. Even if they claim to have one, how are you going to get your money back? This is an online business and who knows who the owner is and how to contact them. At least for kimkins, there is now a class action lawsuit. Please join if you have been scammed by Heidi Diaz aka Kimmer.

5) Exaggerated claims such as "no faster weight loss, none," "no exercise," "better than WLS,", "100 pounds in 3 months." If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

6) A large number of success stories and testimonials. Pretty girls and professional photos. How do you know they are true? Do these people exist? Did they do this particular diet? There is no way to find out. It is so easy to do what Kimkins did; scour the internet and copy pictures at random.

7) The owner/founder hides under a fictional name and refuses to show herself in public. Did she even do the diet herself? What are her credentials? Are the photos really of her? The pictures Kimmer tried to pass off as herself were all proven to be fake. They don't even look like the same person! And even less like the person they were supposed to resemble, Heidi Diaz.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Free Diet Support

New Year's Resolution to lose weight? Looking for the magic pill?

There are many online resources for weight loss. They all promise FAST, EASY, TURBO weight loss, provided that you either buy their product, pay to download a program, or pay a fee to join a support forum. They typically use pretty pictures with slim women that allegedly lost weight on their program, and there is very little information available until you have parted with your money.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Before shelling out money for any of the online programs, it is a good idea to do a little research. Just using Google to look into what other people say about the program can save you money and prevent physical and mental ill effects from a dangerous diet, promoted by unscrupulous people.

Also be aware of the many, many FREE resources available on the internet. There is something for all preferences, and they are FREE.

Kimorexia has really good advice on what to look for when choosing a diet forum.

FREE support forums are available in all shapes and forms.

Diet specific forums like Atkins offers FREE information and support.

"General" lowcarb forums offer a great variety, FREE. Details of all the popular plans are provided FREE. There are also members on these sites that willingly share their extensive knowledge in nutrition and of dieting FREE. Challenge groups and journaling are provided FREE. And if nothing else, go there for all the wonderful recipes provided FREE by members.
The larger forums are typically FREE to read for anybody. Registration is required to post and ask questions but registration is FREE.

Smaller forums offer a more intimate setting, and may be focused on a more limited selection of plans. They may require FREE registration to access the forum.

Yahoo groups exist for any type of diet imaginable. It is easy to make a search for a group that follow the diet of your choice. Some are private while others are public but they are all FREE to join.

I follow a lowcarb plan and these are my two favorite FREE sites:

Active Low-Carber Forums

FREE to read. FREE registration required to post and ask questions.

Low Carb Friends
FREE to read. FREE registration required to post and ask questions.

Oh, and the pretty girl in the red dress used to promote Kimkins was fake. Well, the girl isn't fake. It's just that it wasn't Kimmer and she had nothing to do with Kimkins. It is a Russian girl on a bride web site. This is how Kimmer of Kimkins actually looks:

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas

Ruffled Feathers

I literally stumbled over the Magic Chicken Diet a couple of weeks back. A web search for Kimkins led me to Getafreelancer where someone was soliciting a web designer to make a website that should look like a clone of the Kimkins website. Having heard rumors that Kimmer had a backup site prepared, I was naturally intrigued.

The website and the diet had many similarities to Kimkins but also differences. Probably the most important difference is that to the best of my knowledge, the Magic Chicken Diet is promoted by a real person (Bonnie Luper) with a real weight loss story. Therefore, the fraud component of Kimkins should not come into play and as far as I know, nobody has suggested that it would.

I and other bloggers have been criticized for discussing the Magic Chicken Diet and have been accused of crucifying the Chicken Lady and driving the site out of business. (Of course, it was later revealed that the temporary shutdown of the site was most likely due to a non-paid bill and not due to any magic powers on Kimmer's behalf; Kimmer supposedly having found out about the clone from our blogs.)

While the site is again up and running, we are still not supposed to discuss or criticize the diet, as "it's free enterprise and anybody has the right to promote any diet they want". While I agree with free enterprise, I can not understand why we are not allowed to discuss it, especially in a community that argues pros and cons for all types of diets. With so little information up front, would you not want to hear what people knowledgeable in nutrition and diet have to say about it, if nothing else so that you can ask Bonnie questions before you shell out $69.95?

It is also alluded to that we will somehow interfere with the Chicken Lady's business by talking about the Magic Chicken Diet on blogs and lowcarb diet boards. This puzzles me.

First, if this is a good diet like Bonnie says, surely, discussing it will not cause any harm. Actually, it would only help promoting it.

Secondly, what facts are there that this is a successful business? That Bonnie claims that they have reached 200 members at the old introductory price of $19.95 while the website still states "introductory price (but now $69.95) for the first 200 members?" Do they have 200 members or not?

And how are new members recruited? Similar to Kimkins, Bonnie has a Lifetime membership so only new people coming in would generate revenue. There is absolutely no marketing of this company that I have been able to find, even when trying to search for it. Nothing on Craig's List, nothing on "Yahoo answers," no spam on celebrity sites, no articles, no ads, no affiliate program, no presence of Bonnie on lowcarb boards where she could attract new customers. It just doesn't make sense to me.

Apart from the Getafreelancer ad, there is no confirmed connection between Bonnie and Kimkins at this time. However, does that mean that I am not allowed to have questions about the Magic Chicken Diet?

Saturday, December 22, 2007

$19.95 Camp Fee

Camp Carbaway announced:

"Our plan is to go "Public" on Jan 1 2008. Starting on that day new members will be asked to pay a registration fee of $19.95."

"There will not be any more approval process in the new system. Anyone can pay the $19.95 and join. This may cause issues, but we are ready to deal with those."

That's cool. Really. It's a free country. You want to charge money for providing a member board and you can find people that are willing to pay, that's perfectly fine.

But what does "public" mean? To me, FREE boards like LCF and ALC are public boards as they are open to read without membership. You have to register to post, but registration is FREE for anybody.

If you have to pay a membership fee to join, and the board is unaccessible to the public, it is a "private" board. Just removing the 3rd degree entrance interrogation doesn't make it "public".

But WHO is going to join and pay the membership fee? There has been no marketing of this website and the poorly designed front page has no information whatsoever what I would receive for my $19.95.

Clearly the Headmistress aka Pocahontas aka Tippy Toes believes that her reputation on the FREE boards will make people come running to join, just so that they can chit chat with Tippy on the board.

Think again.

And Tippy, your blog is not really helping with promoting you as a caring and loving person.

While Tippy needs this board as she is not welcome anywhere else, I can't see that is serves any purpose for other people, except perhaps for the few people that have already joined. The indirect "marketing" has seemingly targeted Tippy's "kimkinettes" and kimkins followers on LCF that want to escape the "haters".

Tippy is reinforcing the "US" versus "THEM" by suggesting that former kimkins members are not welcomed on other boards. In her own words:

"don't make them feel they have leprosy because of their dieting preference"

"I am so sorry we all have to feel the pressure of letting the public in. But here is the deal. If they are really ugly we will remove them from Camp. If they want to pay $20 to come back and be ugly again, we will repeat this process. We don't have to put up with the badgering nor will we. Eventually they will give up and leave us in peace. Or they can go broke trying to get the last jabs in.

I know it feels like a battleground. Here we are, armed and ready and KNOWING the opposing forces are closer... We will win. Please, please don't worry. It won't take long at all. And I appreciate that so many of you are concerned for me. I'll be OK. The way I see it is this: The best present LCF ever gave me was the ban button. Just look at where that has led us all! Right here to Camp where people are actually NICE, CARING and have COMPASSION for one another."

LCF and ALC are big boards, and there are many, many threads supporting all different types of "dieting preferences." That doesn't mean that concerned members would not speak up if they see a newbie eating dangerously low calories. But isn't that what Tippy is trying to do on her board as well? So what's the difference? $19.95 will not buy me anything that the FREE boards do not give me.

Kimorexia has some really good advice on what to look for when choosing a diet forum.

Grilled Cheese.... discusses the Camp.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Kimorexia, Anorexia and Bulimia

One of the earliest blogs to take up the fight against Kimkins was Kimorexia but as other blogs started to appear, Kimorexia became idle. As of today, it is back in business.


And, staying with the subject of anorexia and bulimia, Medusa has a very important post today:


Please go and read it and be reminded why people like Heidi Diaz and websites like Kimkins have to be removed from the internet.

You might also want to go back and read one of the earlier posts by the original Kimorexia blogger:

Mama, don't let your babies grow up to be anorexic

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Just Saying...........

Nothing. Some blogs are best to ignore, especially when they will not "allow" comments.

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Chicken Diet is Magically Revived

Perhaps it was just a simple matter of paying GoDaddy's bill after all.

So what about Kimmer having the site shut down for being a Kimkins clone? We know not to trust anything that Heidi, the Lying Liar that Lies, says but what about the son in law?

Perhaps it wasn't the son in law. Anybody can make a blog comment using whatever name he/she chooses.

Chicken, chicken and more chicken

Kimkins Exhausted has posted the menu plan for the Magic Chicken Diet. It doesn't look good to me, even if you like chicken.

Let's take a look at the first day's menu:

Breakfast: 4 chicken strips
Snack: 1 cheese stick
Lunch: Grilled chicken salad from Sonic (onion ring removed)
Snack: 5 strawberries and Diet Jello
Dinner: Grilled chicken filet and steamed broccoli
Snack: Diet Jello

In the text under the menu, it is recommended to keep calories between 800 and 1200. I can not get the above menu to even reach 800.

My total is 712 calories with 24 grams fat, 22 grams carbs and 106 grams protein. I initially had a pat of butter in there but had to take it out as I otherwise would have exceeded the 25 gram fat maximum.

Other words of wisdom from the chicken lady:

  • If you want to lose a little faster just cut out a serving of veggies or the fruit for a couple of days.
  • Try to drink between 80 to 100 ounces of water a day. I have not myself but it is better for you if you can. I always drink Crystal Light, Tea with Splenda and Diet Drinks.
  • You can get Crystal Light Slurpees at most 7-11 or RaceTrac but also you can make your own.
  • Sugar Free Jello is a great snack and only 10 calories. Try all the different flavors and get creative and come up with your own blends.
  • I don’t eat any of the dressing but if you need it get the spray dressing at the store that is only like 10 calories a spray.
  • Once a month I treat myself to a nonfat yogurt twist from Costco they are great but just do it once a month because it does have carbs.
  • I never did through any of my weight loss exercise except for my normal route selling of candles. I do realize that I need to start now so that I can tone up, but it is not necessary.
And this is from someone who claims to never have heard about Kimkins.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Tippy - It's All About Money

Tippy posted an undated and snipped email exchange with Kimmer on her blog. Surely, this is in reference to Kimmer telling Tippy that she will no longer be paid. (Or perhaps this was when the pay cut was made, as according to Tippy she first had a pay cut before being taken off the payroll entirely.)

It shows that money was the issue for Tippy, not any concerns about supporting a proven fraud. She had no problems promoting a fraud as long as she was paid for doing so. When the future of Kimkins became uncertain (i.e. a paycheck was no longer guaranteed) Tippy was no longer willing to put in the effort. Her "vow to the lowcarb" community meant nothing.

Kimmer to Tippy:

"Jeannie, I hope that you will understand that this is the best I can do at this time with an uncertain future for Kimkins."

Tippy responded:

"As far as PR, my thoughts are IF Kimkins is uncertain about a future it would be wrong to promote Kimkins to new people, as a lifetime membership may not mean much. So I feel promoting may not be best for time being. Now don't get me wrong. I don't want it this way. So, if and when we can get passed this and KNOW we are a secure site once again I will gladly do PR. Very gladly! For now admin is fine. This is the first time I have ever even considered the possibility of Kimkins not surviving. And I still hope it will not happen that way. But Kimkins has no need for a PR at present time, obviously. No need to make any announcements. It's not a big deal."

"as a lifetime membership may not mean much"
It didn't mean much to all the existing members that were banned for no reason at all. Like many others, I never posted on Kimkins so Tippy can not claim any "hateful" posts. I never received any explanation to why I was banned, and did not receive any refund. How come that didn't bother Tippy? Oh, I forgot, she was the one that banned me.

"No need to make any announcements. It's not a big deal."
Kimmer never made any announcement when Tippy was appointed, so why would she make one when she resigned? And, staying on supporting Kimkins as an admin? Tippy is right, it's not a big deal.

Kkatastrophediet once asked:


Now we know.

Read more at Medusa.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Kimmer trying to put out the Camp Fire?

Tippy Toes posted and email exchange between Kimmer and Brian, the webmaster of Tippy's new site. You can read it on Medusa's blog.

Based on the email from Kimmer, it certainly seems that Heidi is angry with Tippy Toes. But with Kimmer being the Lying Liar that Lies, I really don't know what to make of it. To me, it is still not ruled out that Kimmer and Tippy Toes are still working together to re-create the cash cow at some other place.

Kimmer further claims that she had the Magic Chicken Coop shut down. However, is it possible that the Coop was the "alternative" site she mentions and the reason it didn't work out was because we exposed it before the switch had taken place?

I have really no idea, I just know that Heidi's words mean nothing.

While Medusa posted the emails, she did not include Tippy's introductory piece:

"Below is a response followed by an email from Brian about he and Heather being banned from Kimkins. This email says I know of a back up site. Tomorrow I will post an email from Kimmer to me indicating otherwise... Oh Kimmer. Seems you can no longer keep up. And not to worry about copyrite infringements at Campcarbaway. We really want to be unassociated with you and Kimkins diets. Members who are already familiar may use them but we will not publish them or promote them. At one time you asked me to be a partner and I told you no, that you could not even GIVE me Kimkins and I meant that. I am showing your email so all can see we are NOT affiliated with you in any way. And why you banned such nice people is beyond me. And you also banned my friend Deb who made some friends there that she has no way of saying good bye to. You told her you were cancelling my accounts and that is why. Sweet of you. Lady, I have no accounts with you. I am starting to see who controls the ban button and I hope the rest catch on."

For the first time, we see some anger directed towards Kimmer, orchestrated or not, I do not know.

And for Tippy's character, it is very telling that she complains about a friend of hers that was banned and lost access to her friends on kimkins. But Tippy, what about all the people that YOU banned? Didn't they have friends there too? How come this only bothers you when it concerns you personally?

I'm still waiting for a sincere retraction of Kimmer and Kimkins by Tippy. I'm not holding my breath.

The Campsite opens the gates?

Reportedly, the Camp Fire will open the gates to "the world" whatever that means. No 3rd grade interrogation? Are ducks allowed on campgrounds? Perhaps Tripsy's ban finger is starting to itch. What's the fun with everybody behaving? Trippy thrives on drama.

Will there be a gate fee?

I hope Brian budgeted for enough bandwidth.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Watch Us Lose - Not!

Jumping ship from the Kimtanic into the Camp Fire

When Kimmer had to remove the fake success stories from the kimkins front page, she instead put up pictures of four people that were starting out: "Watch us lose in real time."

Kimmer was one of them, after having admitted to not being the 118 lbs lady in red. Of course, she could still not post an accurate picture of herself, but that's another story.

SingingLass was another, with her 100 lbs loss in some unspecified time period.

The remaining two were a couple, Brian and Heather, recruited by Tippy Toes.

However, when Flippy Tripsy abandoned ship and started a camp, Brian and Heather followed. Brian is the webmaster for Tripsy's new home, The Campfire at Camp Carb Away. Believe me, Tripsy can use Brian's help. I have never known another person so unable to learn even the most basic computer tasks. Reports from inside the camp confirm that she has not improved.

With Brian and Heather gone (that actually seemed to lose some weight) the progress of the "Watch us lose" figures on kimkins is a sorry sight. Kimmer herself is losing 1 - 2 pounds per week (what happened with "turbo loss", "no faster diet, none"?) and SingingLass seems to be at a complete standstill.

While there are still many "articals" on the web directing unsuspecting victims to kimkins, it is doubtful that anybody would actually sign up after looking at the front page. With the loss of the pretty Russian girls and just a stretched photo of Kimmer and a still overweight SingingLass, the site does no longer suggest "fast and easy" weight loss.

Magic Chicken blames Kimmer for shutdown

I had a comment last night, and in order not to have it hidden in an older post, I copied it in full here. Hulon Pate said:

Here is it is for the record. My name is Hulon Pate, im 33 years old and Bonnie & David Son in law.
David and Bonnie Own a Candle buisness.Now that being said its a full time buisness like any thing when you work for your self and dont punch a time clock. When she lost her weight her freinds and family suggested they write a book or web site. They decided on a web site. This is 2007, the internet world at large, they started this web site on the basis of her own weight loss story and not in fact, trying to capitalize on kimskins road to ruin. They spent thousands of dollars, and more thousands of hours building this from the ground floor up. They are genuine people who work hard for there piece of pie in life. I have no intrest in this except that Kimkins is a fraud period. Bonnies susscess is real as is her weight loss story. People being critical of her weight loss program, well being fat is by far more of a health risk. People say Why charge well, its the same reason people charge large amounts for clothes. If they were cheap who the hell would ever want them. Nothing worth while is ever free. The same goes for Bill Gates, he has more money, than most of the richest people on earth, yet he still charges for his computers and software.
Bonnies underlieng factor in this was not to get rich over night, but to simply to afford surgery, to replace the brest she lost 18 years ago to breast cancer. Kimkins by every account is a fraud. yet her people had go daddy take down there site today as of Dec 16th 2007, with a formal complaint that they ripped off her forums and diet content for food. Now all things being equal, all diets or for that matter simular buisness will have manny of the same, concepts and products listed. How could a diet program not be simular? Atkins is simular to Kimkins as well as most any other diet that would actully result in weight loss. Eating less, healthier food choices. how can any one be so stupid and not see this. If you sold, a service online and some one elese started the same buisness, online how could it not have mirroring ideas and products and details. Bonnie and David did not steal nor borrow or in fact have any ideas about kim kins or there diet or web site period. Untill the news brought up her being a complete liar. THere both too busy with there other obligations to there, professions.
They didnt rip kimkins off, they didnt borrow any ideas. If you even knew these people you know, it took guts and courage and most important money to do this web site. This all really started this week honestly, and kim kins and her flunkies are waging a smear campaign on Bonnie Luper. A woman who has survived brest cancer. I got wedding photos to show her in 2003, that she was once a verry large woman. And now she is living life and happy. Hell its minorly snowed on Thanks Giving Day, and she was running around and playing in it. The First time I remember seeing Bonnie was in Dec 2002, she was in a parking lot crying, eating a hamburger, upset by her lack of will power. She is by far a much happier person this day. All you nuts who doubt her, will soon see, she is 100% real, and isnt out to screw any one. Kimmmers and her group are out to trow mud and keep her TRUE SToREY, offline, because as you might all know, New years Brings the most buisness for Weightloss programs such as, Weight Watchers, and Jenny Craig. Bonnie Luper did not create the lies of Kim kins. Shes much too busy of a person to even, have time to copy cat any one for any reason. You all must either all be unemplyed or have no lifes what so ever to be so envolved in the mud slnging that is going on, and I have a sneaky feeling that Kimmers has a certian few of you on the payrole.

This wasnt some over night get rich quick scam. I saw bonnie, Eating CHicken,back in 05& 06 most of the time out of a can from Costco, which all of out family enjoys,shopping at. There are manny Candle makers in our family.

Just like maybe some of you went the first person to cut hair for a living or sell cars, or become a florest. THis is kimmers sitting at home with her suitcases of money,that she scammed from people.
Trying to keep up her income and trying to keep a real woman who actully lost wieght from getting the spot light, that she deserves.
{you guys do know the day before her assets were frozen she, bought a house for cash money?}

YOu people are sitting there, on your computers, should you have a job or dont. Most dont realize what it takes to start a buinsess.
Most wouldnt have a clue.

Kimkins is going to cringe when, more bad press comes out that because shes a liar, shes trying to hurt a woman, who is a breast Cancer surviver. Kimkin I know your readin this, if you in fact can read or have enough money some ones reading this for you. If you would just follow, Bonnies diet you could loose weight, and wouldnt have to hide from the world at large. you know Bonnies Diet is better and shes the real deal and you cant stand it. Just know, that you cant ever remember the lie, but the truth is easy to tell. God have Mercy on your Soul Kimmers your fixxing to need it.

Bonnies Liable to come beat Kimkins ASS!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Magic Chicken smells........

Rotten? I don't know yet. But it certainly isn't good.

We already concluded that the diet site, and the diet, is a clone of kimkins. This could be explained by Bonnie or David being early kimkins members and deciding to cash out on Bonnie's weight loss by having their own pay site. (However, Bonnie's weight loss story makes no mention of kimkins.)

I would love for this to be a legitimate business, as I'm so tired of suspect internet practices. However, the inconsistencies just keep adding up. A short summary of findings and speculations from Kimkins Exhausted and LCF, plus some I have come across myself:

Bonnie has a candle business in Granbury, Texas.

  • Mapquest of the address shows a location out in nowhere. Surely there are successful businesses run in Texas in rural areas but wouldn't they need a building? Do candles grow in fields?
  • In a comment to my previous blog post, Hulon Pate (the daughter in law to Bonnie - edited, I think this should say "son in law") pointed out that "Bonnie had lived all her life in Fort Worth, TX." Why did she find it necessary to even mention this. My post had no information about the location of the business or questioning where Bonnie is or whether she is a real person or not.
  • The candle business sells on Ebay. Shipping is from Tollhouse, CA. Hmm.

Following Kimmer's example, there is no information about the diet plan, unless you pay the money to become a member. The front page just gives this information:
  • I Lost 160 Pounds In Only 10 Months
  • low carb, low fat and low calorie
  • Is it just chicken you eat and the answer is NO. There are vegetables involved and other meats that are eatin as well. (sic)
  • So as you can see it is easy to stick with and you never have to go aound hungry or drink some nasty tasting powder drink.
  • I hope this sheds some light that this is more than just chicken.

Membership price
The present membership price for this "plan" is $69.95, for the first 200 members.

  • Bonnie said herself, in a comment here on my blog, that they have already reached 200 members. But they have not changed the price on their web page.
  • The membership fee was initially, and at least until mid July, $19.95. What caused it to jump so suddenly? There is no obvious spamming on the net (apart from a few on Craigslist). Where and how will they recruit new members? Can we expect to see a new WW success story soon, featuring Bonnie?
  • The sign up page has the PayPal logo but you can only pay by credit card. Why no PayPal account? Bonnie has one for her Ebay business and surely could get another if she is in good standing.

Is it time to bring out the Chicken Ducks?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tippy Toes' new website?

Reportedly, this is where Tippy Toes is making a new "home."

You have to register to enter the "Campfire" bulletin board and it does not look as you have to pay anything, yet.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Kimkins reborn as the Magic Chicken Diet?

The website looks eerily like kimkins, and they are soliciting new members:

Special Introductory Price For Lifetime Membership
Only $69.95 For First 200 Members

Sounds familiar?




I Lost 160 Pounds In 10 Months on The Magic Chicken Diet Program. No Pills, No Surgery, No Exercise. This is a low carb, low calorie, low fat plan and is very simple. Less fat than Atkins, a lot less carbs than South Beach and is a much faster weight loss plan than Weight Watchers.

Looks like Tippy Toes found a new "home" after all. No wonder she has been on the boards trying to recruit members.

Kimkins Affiliates Not Paid!?

Despite ongoing litigation where a class action suit against Kimmer and kimkins has frozen Heidi Diaz PayPal and bank accounts, kimkins.con is still trying to get new affiliates to sign up:

"Kimkins is proud to announce a very generous 25% commission on all sales! Payout is monthly by the 5rd of each month".

There is a rumor that there was NO payout on December 5th! With the PayPal account not being available and bank accounts frozen, there might not be any funds for affiliates. Is she using the excuse of having her car repossessed (that she paid for in cash) and that she can't even use her ATM card to buy milk (which is not on the kimkins diet btw).

For the affiliates that didn't severe ties with kimkins due to the fraud and dangerous diet advice, perhaps the lack of payment will do the trick.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Another "non-apology" by Tippy

Tipsy put up a 2nd blog entry after quickly taking the first one down. Again, she is promoting the kimkins diet but mainly just rambling about what happened at LCF long before she became affiliated with kimkins. Medusa has posted the rant.

We couldn't care less!

She still fails to address and apologize for her actions and support of the kimkins fraud.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Tippy: We forgive you. Now, go away!

Tipsy put up a blog yesterday. She briefly had one post up, but quickly removed it. You can read it in full on Medusa's blog.

I have no idea what the purpose was with Tippy's post. She is just telling us how great kimkins is and then going on a rant of how she was misunderstood and mistreated at LCF.

I wasn’t going to comment on Tipsy’s senseless rambling, but there was such a great post made by Michele yesterday on LCF that I wanted to repeat it here.

Michele responded to where she was mentioned by Tippy in reference to a MINOR disagreement 18 MONTHS AGO:

Tippy: One post I read was from Michele. She seemed really happy for those of us losing so well on Kimkins but she said she had tried Kimkins and it never worked for her. I was rather surprised to read that as she was the first person ever to say it didn't work. So I posted, telling her that a few of us were doing well with it and would she like to try it again? Big mistake for me. Michele was offended, thinking my post somehow implied she didn't know HOW to do Kimkins.

Michele (posting on LCF): Right on. Let me stand up and take a bow......I'm the Michele she speaks of. Funny, I haven't even been following this thread in over a month, and I don't mention Jeannie (Tippy Toes) when I post, and I have never been a member of Kimkins; however, TT cannot make a blog without mentioning my name in it? WTH Come on, Jeannie, get a life, will ya. I have long since been done with that old post and you said your peace to me and I to you, so why do YOU keep bringing it up every chance you get? Please move on.

I agree with Michele. Get over it and move on!

[I forgive you. Now, go away. Borrowed from Dottie.]

Kimmer - So ....dumb!

At the recent deposition, a PM from Heidi Diaz to Singingass was read where Heidi said: "Can you imagine him telling the judge that wants to certify a class action against a housewife? hehehe." Guess what? She was wrong, and a class action suit has been filed. Her assets are frozen and it's more than likely that she will lose all her ill gotten money.

And to think how easily this could have been avoided. The class action suit is mainly based on plaintiffs claiming that they paid for a Lifetime membership based on fraudulent claims, and that they were banned from the kimkins' website. If Kimmer had only given everybody that requested it a refund, there wouldn't have been grounds for a class action lawsuit. Sure, other legal repercussions would surely have followed, but not a class action suit. While the suit also claims ill effects from the diet, this is much harder to prove than no refund. And, would have to be done on an individual basis, I assume.

So lets make a little math exercise to see how much it would have cost Heidi Diaz to give refunds. Assume that her revenues were from 40,000 members @ $60. This totals $2,400,000. Sure, there would have been some business expenses for the website and affiliates, but let's just use this number as a ballpark.

While the anti-kimkins, banned members are very vocal, and surely have caused Heidi great grief and lack of business by now, they are most likely not a high number. My guess would be 500 people, tops. (The majority of the people that signed up following the Woman's World article would just have given up, written off the money as a loss for another fad diet attempt and moved on, never bothering to ask for a refund.) While not all of the 500 that were banned signed up at the current price of $60, let's use it for simplicity. 500 @ $60 totals $30,000.

Heidi would have had to repay $30,000 out of $2,400,000 to avoid a class action lawsuit.


And she decided that she didn't want to? How dumb can you be?

Of course, when the lawsuit had been filed, she tried to do just this. She sent refunds to all named plaintiffs but then it was too late. You can not buy yourself out of a lawsuit after the fact. Surely her lawyers retainer exceeds the paltry $30,000 that would have avoided the law suit altogether.

I'm sure that Heidi Diaz has no remorse for people that she has hurt through her dangerous diet advice. But surely she will suffer from having made such bad decisions regarding the money, as that is important to her. Actually, I think it's the only thing that is important to her.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Kimkins Diet Failure

Contrary to what Kimmer tried to convey with the fake "red dress" picture, Kimmer could be a poster girl for how the Kimkins Diet is NOT working.

In August, most of us were convinced that Kimmer had never lost any weight. Kimkins Exposed put up this photoshopped imaginary version of Kimmer:

Who would have thought, then, that she would look even worse in real life? Picture courtesy of Slamboard; posted in September but the photo was taken in August by a P.I.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Kimmer - A Lying Liar that Lies

I happened to come across the first interview Kimmer did with Jimmy Moore, sometime early this year I believe (it's no longer on his blog). It's amazing and a little disgusting to read it now after all that has come to light about the "real" Kimmer. Of course, the fake red dress picture is used to illustrate the interview:

Hello, I'm Kimmer! I've studied weight loss plans for a lifetime, noting what worked. What didn't (yeah, we noticed). And, most importantly, why. Not only from personal experience (that is very obvious), but from the feedback of hundreds of unhappy, overweight folks. By combining basic thermogenic body principles the turbo fast Kimkins Diet was created!

Read my candid (really? a bunch of lies is more like it) interview at Jimmy Moore's Livin La Vida Low Carb blog:

"What you will find in Kimmer is a woman with a new lease on life, ready to take on whatever challenges that may face her today (I can think of a couple of challenges in the near future :) ). When you've dropped a whole person (or two!), then you feel like nothing can stand in the way of your success at whatever you want to do in life. From her witty anecdotes (crazy stories) you will see that Kimmer is transparent in sharing (inventing) her own experience transforming her life forever while genuinely (nothing about Kimmer is genuine) agonizing over the pain that others suffering with a weight problem must be enduring.

Kimmer's Kimkins is more than just a weight loss program, it's a get-your-life-back plan for success. It's time to learn a little more about this dedicated woman who is playing that supportive role for so many."

1. We are thrilled to have with us today a big low-carb loser. Her name is Kimmer and she has quite a weight loss story to tell -- 200 pounds gone forever! WOW, that's very impressive Kimmer. Tell us what life was like for you when you weighed a whopping 318 pounds.

Oh, Jimmy, do I have to? I've been at goal for nearly 6 years and my old 318-pound life seems like eons ago! (Did you change your goal to 350? That seems to be where you have been the last 6 years.)

When you're morbidly obese, life is different. VERY different. You avoid going to the movies because you're not sure you'll fit in the seats. If you do fit, you'll wear purple bruises on your hips where you squeezed against the steel chair arms. (You should know, but in present tense, not past.)

I was sure my husband's truck was defective because the seat belt wouldn't fasten. Imagine my embarrassment when he quietly told me it was stretched as far as it would go. Still, I didn't believe him until I saw his boss, a very big man, get into the truck and fasten the seatbelt with no problem. Hmmm, how was that possible?

I couldn't tie my shoes, which didn't really matter since I couldn't bend over to put them on to begin with. Personal hygiene after potty was a real interesting challenge, I often wished for arm extensions. Ditto on reaching where I needed to in the shower.

But I think the most surprising "morbidly obese moment" came when we bought a new house and I was raising my leg to step into the bath tub/shower. I couldn't do it! Why? Because my legs had gotten so fat that bending them squeezed the thigh and calf fat against each other and there was no way to bend them tighter to lift my leg a measly 14" off the ground! I had to use the kids' walk-in shower. (Oh, so that's the reason for the hot tub in the new house. It should be big enough.)

2. Like most of us who have struggled with our weight, you played the yo-yo diet game for many years until you finally came to the point when you said enough is enough. What happened to hammer home the message that it was time for the game to stop once and for all? What's this about a "stove" incident?

Oh my goodness, the "Stove Incident!" I don't mind admitting that day was a rude awakening! During my 16-year marriage I gained over 100 pounds. Never large amounts, just a little here, a little there. Nothing that really stood out--just bigger pants every few months. As my 40th birthday approached I had a talk with myself, "Kimmer, this is getting ridiculous. Lose a little, gain it back, lose a lot, gain it back. You need to either do it once and for all, or give it up and accept your size 26 life." (Well, the once and for all didn't work then. Are you making the same wow for your 50th birthday coming up next year? Better start working on it then.)

Still, I wasn't sure. Maybe I wasn't really as big as 318 pounds sounded. I certainly carried a size 26 well (yes, this is how bad the lies to myself had gotten). (The same lies still going on it seems. Glad to hear that you not only lies to everybody else but to yourself as well). One day I smelled gas from the stove, the knob had been turned slightly. I demanded my teen boys be more careful, yet they all denied touching the stove. I didn't believe them and was disappointed that they had lied. Fast forward three days and it happened again! I ran back to the kitchen to find the knob turned again--only this time my kids were at school.

How did the gas get turned on? My stomach was so large that when I reached above the stove to get a bowl, my stomach had actually pressed in the knob and turned on the gas! Slowly I sat myself down on the couch and knew this was it. No more excuses. What had I let happen to myself? How in denial can a person be? (This is supposed to be a cute story? And relevant, how? I'm 125 lbs @ 5'6" and my stomach turns the knob on the gas stove when I have to reach above it.)

And, yes, I made a heartfelt apology to my boys when they got home.

3. When you started livin' la vida low-carb, you decided to take the principles from various plans such as Atkins and Stillman's to create a brand new program you call Kimkins, which you say encourages "extremely fast weight loss." You lost 160 pounds in just seven months. That's about a pound a day, Kimmer! How does the weight come off so quickly on Kimkins?

Yes, 160 pounds lost in 7 months and 200 pounds in just under 1 year. It's totally possible! (No, it isn't. Now you claim 100 pounds in 6 months, and perhaps that is a lie too.) The weight losses that Kimkins member post are just as impressive (in some cases, more so!) I lost 17 lbs the first 10 days, which is typical for me and Kimkins, after that roughly 4-6 lbs a week.
No sweat. (No sweat? Fictional weight loss is very easy. Just type the numbers.)

I find it hard to believe that some people consider a “stall” to be no weight loss for 4 weeks! Yikes! After just 4 days I'd be demanding a Congressional investigation! There is absolutely no reason, none, to "stall" unless you want to. (You seem to be in a stall right now, week 6. And your excuse is some meds. So how about "no reason, none"?)

I have always lost weight quickly. (And apparently regained just as fast.) First, on Stillman's when I was a teen and later on original Atkins. Over the years I tried several popular diets like Weight Watchers and was always so disappointed in the 1-2 lb weekly weight loss-- not to mention being hungry all the time! Why did I try them if I knew low-carb was best? Like everyone else, I was looking for the magic bullet that would let me eat anything I wanted, yet lose like gangbusters. No such animal.

As anyone who has tried low-carb knows, there's a natural thermogenic advantage over traditional low-calorie diets. The Kimkins advantage pushes that even further by incorporating lean protein choices and limiting fat to only what's necessary to prepare the meal. Naturally, the higher your calories the slower the loss. (So you must have had very high calories the last couple of weeks then. How's that diet going for ya?)

Fortunately, we can count on ketosis to kick in around day 3-5 and appetite shuts down like a steel trap! A great aid to any dieter and my very favorite part of Kimkins--this is when the energy surge starts!

4. One of the issues I deal with personally and is a concern to many of my readers is excess, loose skin after major weight loss. Did you deal with this problem? If so, has it improved any for you or have you had an abdominoplasty to get it taken care of?

I only had loose skin where I expected to, which is wherever I had stretch marks on my bosom and tummy. Since I had lost 200 lbs I qualified for a reconstructive tummy tuck & bosom lift through my HMO. (Uh, I seriously doubt you ever stayed at a lower weight for enough time to even have time to have a tummy tuck. Or, is it another way of saying WLS?)

Stretch marks are emergency skin and no matter how fast or slow you lose, that skin isn't going anywhere. It's exactly like having a skin tight skirt, adding a 2” panel of fabric and expecting the extra fabric to disappear the next time you wash the skirt. Just ain't happening! (How would you even know? From what others have said? It certainly can not be from your own experience.)

If you take a close look at last season's [2004] winner of "The Biggest Loser," the guy lost a tremendous amount of weight and worked out like a demon! Still, at his unveiling amidst the ripples of well toned abs was an unavoidable flap of skin that hung over his shorts. Men get tummy stretch marks, too. Losing slowly is no advantage.

Kimkins members ask me questions about the process of qualifying for plastic surgery after reaching goal, which I'm more than happy to answer!

5. By the way, you look absolutely fantastic today and you seem to be so much happier now as well. How has your life changed for the better since your amazing weight loss success?

Thank you, Jimmy, I accept all compliments from handsome men! (Especially being called a MILF?) Losing 200 lbs has literally been like freeing an albatross from around my neck. (Just so you know, the albatross is still with you.) I was so desperately unhappy. Despite lying to myself that my size didn't matter, and although I was blessed with good health despite 300+ pounds, I knew I was harming my body.

Now, a slim size 4, (in your dreams, lady) I look back and wonder what took me so long to get serious? (We are all wondering.) I now fit into theater seats without even touching the arms! (Doubt it.) Seat belts aren't anxiety provoking. My confidence has soared! (Money does that to people, but don't get used to it. It will not last.) No longer do I fear developing diabetes. (I thought you just did.) Few people are aware that it doesn't take very much extra body fat to develop Type 2 diabetes and once you do, it's for life.
You can manage it, but the damage to cells never disappears.

But probably the most blessed part of being thin and healthy is the pride my children have in me. No longer do I wonder whether they might be embarrassed by their 318-pound mom at school events or the mall. (Probably because they are not in school any longer and refuse to go with you to the mall. And what about the agoraphobia?) It almost seems as though they show me off!

Heck, I can even tie my shoes – no more slip ons!

6. You did something really neat called creating a "fail proof" environment borrowed from Dr. Phil Mcgraw following your weight loss. Explain what that entailed for you and, as Dr. Phil would say, "How's that working out for you?"

I had no choice. (Sure you did. The sugar cookies in the van shows what the choice was.) Honestly, I'm my own worst enemy! I've got a PhD in rationalizing poor food choices – there's no excuse on earth that I haven't thought of first. So, I borrowed from Dr. Phil and did what I could to create a “fail proof” environment.

First, I removed all of the instant “pop in your mouth” junk and stuck whatever else in the freezer. Second, as I dropped my pounds my “too big” clothes were donated to the homeless shelter where I volunteer. Third, I needed a reminder the first few days so I placed masking tape in a large X across my bedroom doorway so as I woke in the morning I'd automatically remember I was on a mission to lose 200 pounds!

My kids still had occasional treats, but I'd buy/bake whatever was needed for 1 meal. No chance of extra goodies lurking in the pantry or calling me from the fridge. My boys had an assortment of healthy snacks plus an always full fresh fruit bowl to munch.

I don't ever want to regain my weight. (You already did. That is if you lost any in the first place.) As a reminder, I hung onto a pair of size 26 jeans which I keep hanging in a corner of my closet. (I bet they are too small right now. Why would you otherwise wear stretch pants?) I bring them out once a week and try them on. Once again, I can't believe I was ever that big! (Just look at the PI photos. You are that big!) What was I thinking?

7. Your Kimkins web site is wildly popular among people who are seeking a place of support along with gentle direction about how to get their weight and healthy under control. What was the impetus for starting this site where you offer a lifetime membership for a very nominal fee?

The Kimkins web site has experienced a growth boom that's nothing short of miraculous! In a few short months we have nearly 700 members! Soon we'll be splicing servers together with duct tape! (And this is a technically challenged person that speaks? Another lie!) People really want to learn the secret of fast, permanent, safe weight loss! And I'm more than happy to help.

I had been offering advice (belittling people) at another low carb website for over 5 years, but I was limited to reaching a smaller number of people. It had long been a dream of mine to have a place of my own where I could share my knowledge on a large scale, while providing a supportive experience for Kimkins members. Then, a very talented person approached me with an idea of how it could be done and thanks to her expertise and foresight, Kimkins was born!

8. Tell people what they can experience if they sign up to become a member of Kimkins.

Of course they receive the Kimkins diet and food choices, plus access to discussion forums, motivating weight loss challenge groups (run by sock puppets), recipes, sample menus and direct access to me. Many members also enjoy the accountability of a personal journal.

Whether members ask me questions in the general forums, or privately via PM, I'm honored to offer my personal advice. There isn't any major weight loss plan that offers direct mentoring at this level.

I'm terribly proud to say I receive many emails from new members tell me how much they love having a “safe” place where they can tell their darkest secrets. Compulsive eating, binging, lying about food, it doesn't matter. No one laughs or make judgments. We've all been there and we all want each other to succeed – and they do.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention our fabulous Newbie Support forum, which has been created by Kimkins member, Littlebit (Becky). Her friendly attitude and firm grasp of Kimkins principles make her an invaluable asset to all members, especially the newbies.

9. The results you help people attain are truly remarkable, Kimmer. Is helping people lose weight the Kimkins way what you see yourself doing for the rest of your life?

Quite frankly, I can't imagine doing anything else! (As long as the money keeps coming in.) Helping people and truly caring about their weight loss success is so ingrained in me I couldn't stop if I tried. (Gag!)

Just last weekend I was watching a movie at the theater (agoraphobia?) and when it finished I realized I had only watched a few minutes of it! It was a comedy and I didn't even hear the laughter surrounding me -- I was engrossed with a difficult question asked by a Kimkins member. I could barely read my notes I had scribbled in the dark!

Kimkins members are surprised I remember so many details of their weight loss journey, even months or years earlier. I don't keep notes, I remember simply because every person with a weight problem is special to me. No one knows better than I how miserable it is to be obese. Anything I can do to help, I will.

My kids are dismayed at my keen memory, but for different reasons.

10. THANKS so much for agreeing to be interview by me today, Kimmer. From one fellow triple-digit low-carb weight loss success story to another, CONGRATULATIONS on what you have accomplished and for what you are doing to pass on your lessons to others. Do you have anything further to share with my readers who are intrigued about the Kimkins plan?

Well, Jimmy, let me first congratulate you on a stellar example that dedication can definitely produce serious weight loss! Excellent!

Of course I think the Kimkins diet is the best fast weight loss plan available, bar none. But even if that weren't true, anyone who's smart enough to snag a membership will have the full benefit of a truly awesome support site!

Kimkins members go to the mat for each other every day! Have a rough weekend? Fight with a spouse? Another bad day with the boss from hell? Kimkins members have a safe place to fall. Not just warm shoulders to cry on, but supportive and motivating words to get you back on track--or keep you from caving in to begin with! Not everyone gets from A-Z in the weight loss game the first try. Or the second. That's why we offer a lifetime membership . If you quit Weight Watchers, you pay another registration fee. Take too long on Jenny Craig, you lose their “lose all you want in 6 weeks” guarantee. A Kimkins membership is yours for life. (Until you are banned for no reason at all.)

The biggest difference between losing & gaining vs. losing & keeping it off, is support. Our Kimkins community offers the ideal habitat!

Frankly, when I see the tight knit family our Kimkins members have built for each other, I almost wish I was starting my weight loss journey all over again. Almost. (Guess what? Your wish came true!)

Kimmer - How's that kimkins diet working for you?

Not too good, it seems. These are Kimmer's weight losses for the 6 weeks she has been on the diet:
317 - 308 - 294 - 289 -287 - 286

Just one pound last week? How can that be the promised "turbo speed"?

How is that any different than:
"Millions of overweight people think fast, permanent weight loss is completely out of their reach. They've been told their entire lives they should be happy with slow 1-2 lb a week weight loss. How depressing and untrue!"

Now, when Kimmer is finally trying her own diet, she gets the same results as other people following her plan. In her answers to them, she has given "advice" along the lines:

  • There are no stalls. If you stall you are cheating. Or, in her own words: "I find it hard to believe that some people consider a “stall” to be no weight loss for 4 weeks! Yikes! After just 4 days I'd be demanding a Congressional investigation! There is absolutely no reason, none, to "stall" unless you want to."
  • If you don't lose 4 - 5 pounds per week, you are cheating.
  • Cut out calories, even if you are presently eating less than 500 cals per day. There is no such thing as "starvation mode".
  • Go back to basics; egg whites and not more than 3 oz chicken breast per meal.
  • Try the 400 cals shake option.

I wonder which of these options Kimmer is trying for herself. Is she calling herself weak and a sissy, as she did to others? Not tought enough to stick to the diet? No, it seems that she is blaming the lack of weight loss on a medication. How come this is a valid excuse for The Kimmer when it was not accepted as one for all the people she doled out "advice" to? From what Kimmer said, over and over again, the one and only reason you did not lose was that you were eating too much.