Friday, January 30, 2009

Calories in Lettuce

Despite setback after setback in the court cases against Kimkins, Kimmer still finds the time to caution her members about the calories in lettuce. In a recent reply to a member that wondered if she needed to increase her calories over the earlier recommended starvation level, Kimmer responded:

"Are you sure you are eating 897 calories? The main reason I ask "stalled" people for their Fitday link is to check the food descriptions they picked."

"People can also get confused about quantities. Many times people either don't weigh food and guess at the amount, or they don't know which foods should be measured vs. weighed so their Fitday entries are inaccurate. As an example, 8 oz of lettuce in a measuring cup would be the size of a yogurt container, but 8 oz of lettuce on a food scale would be 8 cups."

A diet for which an additional 31 calories and 2.1 gram carbs from an "excessive" amount of lettuce is making a difference is a sad one.

But what can you expect from an obese diet "guru" that looks as if she never managed to follow any diet at all?

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MrsMenopausal said...

I can understand her concern. 8oz vs 8oz gets dang tricky. You really have to be careful. Everyone knows lettuce is pure evil. Goes straight to the thighs.(insert rolling eyes and exasperated sigh here)

She never ceases to amaze, does she?