Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Heidi Diaz in Bankruptcy Court

There was a hearing held yesterday. While no details about the legal side of things have been made public, we did hear that she has not lost any weight.

How come I am not surprised?

She is still selling the Kimkins Diet as a "magic pill" that will help people lose a lot of weight quickly. How come it doesn't work for Heidi herself? Doesn't she "want it bad enough"? Is she a "sissy?"

She is leading a "boot camp" challenge on Kimkins but apparently only the others are supposed to follow the rules, and not Heidi herself. How can she expect that anybody can stick to that diet? She obviously can not.

I hope that she had to explain in court why she is still spending thousands of dollars in ads every month. I can not see that those ads attract many new members. At least there is no indication on Kimkins.con that they do. Is she just trying to waste the money so that it will not be available to the lawyers and plaintiffs in the Class Action Suit?

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MrsMenopausal said...

I'm not surprised, either. Heidi's previous weight loss she bragged so much about, berated others for not achieving, and claimed to base her diet on was as fake as her stolen after pictures.

I'm still amazed that anyone chooses to follow her diet and advice. It's actually scary that they are. None of it is based on science or even personal experience.

Her lack of success, her lies, her fake testimonials, and fake/stolen pictures should be a long, loud warning siren to anyone who is even considering Kimkins.