Monday, May 5, 2008

Kimmer Fails to do Kimkins

Who would pay $79.95 for "expert" advice from a "Diet Guru" that can't even stay on her own diet? This is from a recent post on her member-only-$79.95-board:

"We went to dinner for my son's birthday and I wasn't 100% on plan. Oddly, I didn't cheat on purpose. I ordered something that I've always ordered (non Kimkins) and in chatting with people I didn't think twice about it. But the shocker was having a fruit punch drink which I never do (our friends ordered a round) and I sipped it without thinking. Fruit juice. Carb central ... and not good for diabetics. Haven't had pineapple juice in forever (and I love it) so live and learn and I'm planning a coping strategy for the next time out. Planning to cheat, I can understand ... but not thinking before ordering? What was that about?"

This is a "Diet Guru" that has been pushing her starvation diet for eight years on lowcarb boards on the internet. Sounding like she knew what she was talking about. Not accepting any cheats. Not accepting any weaknesses. Not accepting any excuses.

So now it's all acceptable because she can not do the diet? Asking for sympathy for cheats that she knows people can relate too? Birthday dinner. Not thinking. Not planning. Did she ever listen to herself?

What on earth does this woman provide that dieters can not find on free low carb boards? Where they can actually interact with real people and not sock puppets? Where they can get to know real friends that don't want anything from them? That don't lie to them and take their money?


OhYeahBabe said...

The pinkie swear promise to do her very best didn't last a real long time. The promise didn't imply perfection, but it's not like her son's birthday was a surprise - failing to plan is planning to fail. She said it was not a planned indulgence, but I'd argue that it really was!

If :cough: she's been eating lowcarb for 10 years, there's absolutely no way she'd fall for a sugary punch laden drink.

Kat said...

How hard is it to remember that you only get a couple ounces of plain chicken and a pinch of lettuce? Wow, takes a lot to forget that is all you eat at KK.

Stephanie said...

I totally agree with the above poster. Give me a break!! I have only been lowcarbing for about 9 months now. It is totally a way of life for me and there is simply no way I'm going to "oops, forget" that tropical fruit punch drinks are laden with sugar.

She insults the intelligence of her members by tossing out these incredibly disingenuous comments.

Does Heidi REALLY believe she is winning friends and impressing people with this "oh silly me" routine?

I think not.

Mayberryfan said...

Heidi is telling this little story as a way of seeming more human. It's a pathetic attempt to relate to her dieters by showing she has lapses. But since she's the "lying liar that lies" who can believe the story?

And, since when do agoraphobics go out to restaurants with friends and yuk it up this way? Hmmmm? Maybe that was a lie too? Ya think?!

TerryC said...

Mayberry is right - it's all a lie. She tells these stories to make herself sound human to the people at kk but none of that is true.
This story sounds just like all of her other stories she has told about herself in the past that have proven to be false. Like blind Bambi and the foster kids.

Hey that would make a great band name!