Saturday, May 10, 2008

Weight Loss Success Story

Dee, the latest Kimkins' sockpuppet has a blog post with the title "KIMKINS - the perspective of a success story".

So, is Dee a weight loss "success story"? She has lost 100 pounds in 11 months or so, starting at around 345 pounds in June 2007. Certainly an accomplishment, but does it constitute a weight loss "success story"? In my opinion, it's too early to tell. She is still following a diet that has proven to not be sustainable for many that have tried it. If Dee comes back in a year and reports that she has kept the 100 pounds off, I will consider it a "success story". Until then, the jury is still out.

Remember that Dee's "diet adviser" Kimmer said that she once lost 100 pounds in 6 months. Was that a "success story"? Judging from the picture below, I would say no.

Where is the "success" in losing weight if it's not going to stay off?

Dee seems to have the same opinion as Kimmer when it comes to claiming being an expert on weight loss. I fail to see how many years of unsuccessfully trying to lose weight, or failing to keep weight off make anyone an "expert".

This is what Dee posted on the BBB Kimkins' review:

I have more than 30 years of dieting experience, so I feel more than qualified. If you are interested here is my resume:
1) Weight Watchers....more times than I can count
2) System 7......twice
3) Diet Workshop.....more than 5 times
4) Weigh Down workshop....once
5) LAPBAND....once
6) Do it yourself'ers.....more than a dozen.
7) Hospital based Liquid Diet....twice

And now, Kimkins of course.


Kat said...

We all know that losing it is the easy part...keeping it off is the hard part...time will tell. The guy's not bad though!! lol

2big said...

Kat she isn't ready for maintaining at 100 pounds lost. Dee is still obese and as one who moved rapidly from morbidly obese to obese too I know the hard work for Dee is still coming as she moves from obese to just overweight and finally to goal weight.

Yucky said...

Good luck to Dee, and to everyone else who is trying to lose weight and get healthy.

Brava to Mariasol, and to all the other bloggers and antiKimkins activists who are trying to help people avoid being scammed & harmed while trying to lose weight and get healthy!

Anonymous said...


do you or does anyone know why Ducky erased her blog?!!!!


sorry I have to use annoy again as I cant freakin remember my google acct pw---grrr

mariasol said...

DivaDi - I don't have a clue why Ducky's blog is gone, and I'm surprised that there hasn't really been any discussion about it.

Anonymous said...

The latest news is that Dee is threatening to leave FWK and go back to KK, just after a successful carpet bombing of Kimkins last night. I'm thinking Heidi anticipated how the ducks would react to a Drama Queen with a poor memory and prodigious output. Then she can point to Dee's example and say, that's what happens to defectors, and kindly allow Dee back in. (If you'll notice, no one on KK would have seen Dee's diatribes against Heidi except the mods.)I'm also thinking Dee played right into Heidi's hands, willingly or not. SMP

mariasol said...

SMP - I think you are right.
I'm traveling this week (Hey - I have both a JOB and a LIFE!) and have struggled to keep up with FWK. I am rolling my eyes at Dee's second 180, ending up where she started - a staunch KK supporter.

Yucky said...

Posted this every where else so will post it here, also, 'cause ya know it's my brand new dead horse.

Dee is Heidi.

Hey, if I keep thinking everybody is Heidi, I'm bound to be right sooner or later! :)