Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kimkins Business Ethics

Or rather lack thereof. I was banned from Kimkins more than a year ago. Not for anything I posted on Heidi Diaz' site but for something I posted on another board. But as the post referred to as a reason for my banning took place a month after I had been banned, who knows what the real reason was. I would expect that Tippy knows, but she is not telling.

Anyway, a while back I started to receive emails from Kimmer to the email address I had used on Kimkins. I tried to unsubscribe several weeks back, but apparently that is not working.

I received an email today for "Kimkins Holiday Savings!" where she suggests that I get a "buddy" to sign up for Kimkins, and providing a discount code for 15% off off the $79.95 "lifetime" membership fee. Yeah, right. As if I would recommend this program to someone else. I already lost my money. Why would I want a "buddy" to do the same.

In addition, the email had my user name and password for Kimkins:

user: sward001
pass: T58ZSOFV

Apart from it not being secure to send this type of information in a standard email, I can't figure out why Heidi did it in the first place. I am banned. Try it for yourself. You will just get this:

And, no. Waiting 1-2 hours will not change anything. I am permanently banned.

If this was an attempt by Heidi to collect my IP address, she will be disappointed. The constantly changing IP my broadband connection provides is not going to give out any information of use to her.

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Barbara B said...

Members paid for a lifetime membership, yet have experienced banning from the site. After she has your $$$$, she will discard you like a dirty napkin. Thanks for warning people!