Monday, March 2, 2009

Kimkins Lost Its Cult Status

Remember how we just a year back used to call Kimkins a cult? That was at a time where staunch supporters still visited blogs to defend Kimmer. When they were talking about the anti-kimkins haters and Kimkins.con being a "safe" place. When the members hung onto every word that came out of Kimmer's keyboard. When the forum was full of activity and people expected to lose a pound a day. When cutting calories still was the only way to weight loss.

No more. Kimkins is now just another diet forum. There is nothing different going on there than on any other FREE forum. People join challenges. Fall off the plan. Come back and start over. Just as on any other diet site.

There are a few long timers there, but it's questionable if they are Kimmer supporters. Some lend their name to advertising, no doubt with the expectation of making some money off it. Others stay there for reasons that I can just guess at:

  • Staying with friends in their challenge groups
  • The diet works for them, at least for now
  • Blaming Kimkins dieters that developed health problems on their own poor judgement; they should have known better
  • Feeling sorry for Kimmer. We all know how it feels to be overweight, to fail on a diet.
  • Having sympathy for Kimmer because the anti-kk attack her.
  • Not feeling "safe" going to another diet site as following the Kimkins diet is largely frowned upon by the lowcarb community
I just hope they all come out unharmed at the end.

Kimmer, Heidi Diaz, must have felt on top of the world a year and a half ago, when Kimkins was at its biggest. Money rolling in, more than she had ever seen before. People worshipping her and seeing her as their savior.

I wonder how she feels today? Class action suit underway. Bankruptcy court perhaps not ending up the way she wanted.

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