Saturday, February 23, 2008

Reinforcing the Cult

Kimkins is often compared to a cult, as the community within the pay site ($79.95 membership) has a lot of similarities to a cult. See for yourself:
Kimkins Cult Mentality
Kimkins Cult Mentality Revisited
Kimkins - A Cult

How can we recognize a cult?

A fair use of the cult label for a questionable organization would require the presence of most of the items on the following checklist.

Does the group:
  • engage in deceptive recruitment practices?
  • tend to target vulnerable individuals?
  • offer unconditional affirmation and support initially, but soon make its continuance contingent on obedience?
  • have a closed social system that makes a special effort to isolate acolytes from family, friends, etc.?
  • use constant bombardment with pro-group and pro-leader messages and exclusion of other messages?
  • have a rigid, authoritarian hierarchy?
  • have a leader and ruling clique that are perceived to possess infallible insight, supernatural powers, etc.?
  • have an eclectic, often muddled and internally contradictory, set of teachings - usually a magic-laden philosophy that claims to have infallible answers to those “big ticket” questions of existence?
  • have a strict behavior code that governs all aspects of how one should think, feel, and act?
  • instill fear of outsiders (the “bunker mentality”)? Does the group try to convince members they are powerless to act without the group’s support and that the world “out there” is uncaring and hostile?
A post yesterday by the Kimkins poster girl Singing Lass reinforces the image of a cult. The post was made in response to emails that concerned people had sent to a Kimkins dieter with a heart condition.

"I am so proud of you---you are such a beautiful and strong person, and are inspiring so many people because of it. I know right now is a difficult time to step outside the 'safety walls" of the inner site and proclaim yourself with the plan, and it just reflects all the more on your courage and spirit---and the desire to help others who feel hopeless or overwhelmed with their need for weight loss by sharing your personal story and journey.

As for the "others". What they do is the complete opposite---playground bully tactics of harassment and threats. It is obsessive and juvenile, and perhaps they should look to their own selves and lives for things to "fix" before trying to condem and force themselves and their opinions on others. We are adults, we should have the right to make our own choices, especially in regard to OUR own bodies ... they have no right to tell others what to do. Some of them lost weight on this plan, then after the fact joined the hate party, many never did the diet at all ..... and many more are stuck with weight issues, unable to stick to diets of their own, or reporting having gone to surgical means and having resulting infections and problems ..... while here you are, beautiful, losing, getting on your feet with your heart health etc ... You have every right to hold your head up and be proud for who you are and what you have accomplished.

I had my share of the bully tactics and harassment. I guess, I realized to give in, to step down like they wanted me to .... would have been condoning their tactics and would have made them the"winners". People who harass, threaten, say mean things/ make fun of people should not be given any satisfaction or justifcation for the tactics they employ. I think the real test is being strong, sticking to what you feel is right for you and what makes you feel good, and not letting obsessed people change that, or take it away from you. The real people who care about you are here ... the ones that have be-friended you without any motives, who show genuine concern and caring .... not people who pile up on you all of a sudden with threats etc ...

My advice still is the same regarding blocking their emails, just turn them off. Do not respond to them-----do not feed the animals. I know its a bit like a bad tv show that you hate, but cant bring yourself to change the channel just to see how much worse they will take it. It is all hot air, spite, jealousy etc ... though. You cannot reason with them. The only response I would even suggest giving any of them is an email saying you do not wish to have any interaction/communication from them, and any further attempts on their part will be reported to the police for harassment. Guess what.. .. it is very much against the law for them to continue to do so. When you cut off the fuel, ignore them .. .they get bored waving their fingers at a wall, do not get any satisfaction, and get a knot in their holy crusader underwear and move on .... unfortunately looking for new targets and meat to sink teeth into. but still.. .... the best way to fight it is to ignore, stick to guns, not let them make choices for you, and thusly it results in not allowing them to win or feel like they have any power over you.

You know, these same people who do this ..... I wonder how they would react if they were to get a report from school, or the parents of other kids telling them that their children are harassing other kids, making threats, bullying, emailing etc ... It is total school ground tactics that are typically discouraged and even punished when discovered in children. yet here they are. Great examples. I hope they feel proud of themselves."

Meet the Cult Leaders: The Kimmer, Singing Lass and sockpuppet Gary:

Emphasis mine, typos Singing Lass'.


2BIG said...

Thanks for blogging about this serious issue with in the

SL failed to mention in her post that she gets paid for her appearances on behalf of kimkins a 4 figure amount too.

mariasol said...

Of course, aren't cult leaders always compensated? That might be the only reason Singingass is still there, waiting for more offers to defend kimkins @ $1000 each time. She for sure would not get paid for any performance if going over to the "other" side.

Mayberryfan said...

Using emotion-based arguments (i.e. calling the opposition "haters") is the hallmark of a weak argument. SL cannot argue the facts surrounding the affects of doing Kimkins for very long, so she turns to using emotion to persuade others to her side of things. It's really very sad. She is either as greedy and cold as Heidi, or she's incredibly unlearned and pathetic. But, she still has a chance to make things right by dumping Kimmer and Kimkins.

What do you want to be SL? Culpable, pathetic, or contrite?

Anonymous said...

Pathetic? please. Just because you do not agree with her, does not make her pathetic. There is no cult at Kimkins, relax.

Anonymous said...

Oh, for heaven's sake. Singinglass has begun to confuse her own reality with that of the KK member she's addressing. I have not seen a single case where anyone has "harassed, threatened, said mean things/ make fun of" the poster she is addressing. Yes, I'm a Kimkins member and yes, I read the forum!

" Do not respond to them-----do not feed the animals." Give me a break! SL is beginning to sound as though she's becoming mentally ill, seriously!! Maybe KK's diet does that too, after so long. Paranoia, much? I honestly cannot believe the amount of drama and vitriol she is spewing.

Frankly Singinglass, you just obliterated what little bit of credibility you had. Like your buddy Fawn of **huggiesssss** fame, you sound like a koolaid drinking, mindless cult drone now. I feel so sorry for you, I really do.

Anonymous said...

To whom was SL addressing her comments? Heidi? ::scratching head::

Yust Yucky said...

We're looking forward to hearing what SL says once she's on the stand attempting to save herself from going to jail and/or having to pay a staggering amount of money in legal fees & fines.

mariasol said...

anonymous - The comments were made in the journal of the girl that received emails. To me, it seems that SL is addressing the kimpound as a whole, rallying kimkinites against the "haters".

Anonymous said...

I had to look for the post. It was not on any of the open common kk boards but on the journal of one of the new front page losers because apparently her appearance there resulted in people emailing her or something. In that context that post does make sense and I have to agree that individual people should not be targeted like that. I think if sl was addressing the whole site, it would have been on a board or forum that gets viewed by everyone, not an individual journal. At least that is what I would do if I wanted to get everyone's attention. So, it's not pathetic. People should not be harassed, period.

mariasol said...

anonymous - I have from very reliable sources that there was no harassment involved. SingingAss has a history of dramatizing. And I know for a fact that journals of "prominent members" (such as a front page poster girl) are read by many in the kimpound. There is not much going on there anyway.

Yust Yucky said...

We keep coming back to the fact that SL was or maybe still is (?) a so-called phone psychic. So Kimkins isn't the only scam she's willingly participated in and made money off of.

Another thing we're curious about -- since SL fetishizes or appears to fetishize Heidi, is it possible that SL has set up bank accounts in Corvalllis for Heidi?

Anonymous said...

Ya know what might help? A website or board or forum hosted by a professional, experienced in helping cult members who have left or are trying to leave cults. Seriously. Reading AmyB's blog is just heartbreaking.