Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kimkins on Facebook

As part of the viral marketing of Kimkins by Heidi Diaz, she is now on Facebook. She presently has two profiles there; Kimmer and Kimkins Diet.

I am not myself into Facebook as I have other ways to network with people online. But I thought one of the main ideas with Facebook was that you should show YOUR actual FACE.

So what does Heidi Diaz do?

This is the one for Kimmer:

And this is the one for Kimkins Diet

Why not show her own face?

As Kimmer has always claimed that she wants to "inspire" people to lose weight, she might find it more appropriate to use a fairy and a young woman (that most likely never had any weight to lose) to represent her diet. I am sure that few people would see the picture of the founder of the Kimkins Diet and think: "Oh, this is a diet I have to try! $79.95 is a bargain if I get to look as she does."

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