Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kimkins Essay Contest

Heidi Diaz is giving out prices for the best essays about how weight loss has improved life.

Perhaps she should save herself the trouble and just declare Kimmer the winner. Who can top her story?

Here is an excerpt from the email interview she did with Jimmy Moore, talking about her fabricated weight loss success:

"Losing 200 lbs has literally been like freeing an albatross from around my neck. I was so desperately unhappy. Despite lying to myself that my size didn't matter, and although I was blessed with good health despite 300+ pounds, I knew I was harming my body.

Now, a slim size 4, I look back and wonder what took me so long to get serious? I now fit into theater seats without even touching the arms! Seat belts aren't anxiety provoking. My confidence has soared! No longer do I fear developing diabetes. Few people are aware that it doesn't take very much extra body fat to develop Type 2 diabetes and once you do, it's for life. You can manage it, but the damage to cells never disappears.

But probably the most blessed part of being thin and healthy is the pride my children have in me. No longer do I wonder whether they might be embarrassed by their 318-pound mom at school events or the mall. It almost seems as though they show me off!

Heck, I can even tie my shoes – no more slip ons!

I don't ever want to regain my weight. As a reminder, I hung onto a pair of size 26 jeans which I keep hanging in a corner of my closet. I bring them out once a week and try them on. Once again, I can't believe I was ever that big! What was I thinking?"

Of course, this story is pure fantasy. Kimmer likely was still 300+ pounds when she wrote it, judging from a photo taken about half a year after the interview.

If you want to read some REAL Kimkins Diet stories, head over to the Kimkins Survivor blog.


Jimmy Moore said...

The words from her are chilling and sobering in light of all the truth we know about her now. THANKS for sharing, mariasol!

mariasol said...

Thanks for your comment, Jimmy. And, sorry for leaving out a link to your blog. It's now corrected :)

OhYeahBabe said...

It seems pretty likely that the blind panel of Kimmer, Kimmer and Kimmer will choose one of Kimmer's success stories to win the contest.

Great post - very valid points!

AuntieBon said...

Makes you wonder why she didn't just become a fiction writer. Had she put her imagination to good rather than bad use, she might have made some money legitimately!