Sunday, October 11, 2009

The End of Kimkins

Is that what we will see from the upcoming court hearing on October 15? Despite what Heidi Diaz claims, the case was not dismissed, the judge was just not ready to make a decision and postponed doing so. To my understanding, this didn't even have anything to do with the viability of the lawsuit. It had to do with an opt-out technicality for the class action members. (Typically, a class member is given an option to not partake in a class action lawsuit in order to be able to sue the defendant individually.)

Heidi seems to be struggling to keep kimkins afloat. The forum was moved to a new platform and without all the old posts from the previous years, it is very obvious how few members that are there. Her google ads have stopped. It's likely that they didn't result in many new customers and they are costly to run.

Heidi is most likely finding out that internet marketing is not all that easy. Without having the advertizement from a Woman's World article that draw customers, it's not easy to attract them to an obscure diet on the internet. Kimkins has outlived its fame. The only ones that are familiar with the name are people that know about the scam, and they don't work well as a customer base. Any new people coming across the website are likely not impressed.

I do hope that the court hearing on Thursday will result in Heidi having to close kimkins.con down. But even if there are further delays, I am positive that kimkins is a dying enterprise. It's just a matter of time. I can't see that Heidi would keep kimkin.con running as a service to the few members that are there. Judging from all the bannings, she is not really a caring person.

Of course, the hearing on Thursday might not even take place. Perhaps Heidi decided to file for bankruptcy again. But this time, I think she might have problems showing much income from So why would a bankruptcy court allow her to restructure a business that doesn't even make money? Hopefully any bankruptcy lawyer she has hired would have informed her about this so we can avoid yet another unnecessary delay of the class action hearing.

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