Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kimkins Court Hearing

There was a hearing today for Summary Judgment for the Class Action Suit against Kimkins.

All the details are not out yet, but it was decided that Heidi has to post an "Opt-Out Notice" on Kimkins. The notice is also to be posted on one more site in order to reach as many class action members as possible.

The Opt-Out Notice will give the option for any eligible class action member to reserve the right to sue Heidi individually instead of taking part in the class action suit. I don't see it as likely that anybody would want to do this in this case, but it seems to be a requirement for any class action lawsuit that this option is provided.

So much for the lawsuit being dismissed, Heidi. I'm looking forward to seeing the Opt-Out Notice on Kimkins.con. And your explanation for it.

1 comment:

2BIG said...

woo hoo. Can you see her excplaining it is as not effecting the kimkins.con site in any way and just a legal formality.

I think WW would be the perfect place to place the opt out too since they created so many folk to be in the posistion to be part of the class.