Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kimkins Meet-Up

Remember how Kimmer - Heidi Diaz - announced Kimkins meet-ups in Vegas, more than once, and they never happened? The first time it was something about gas prices, the second time never got off the drawing board if I remember correctly.

Now, she finally got her meet-up but not the way she envisioned it, I'm sure. Not in Vegas either. Court house in Riverside, CA.

It is likely the first time Kimmer has ever met any Kimkins dieters but I doubt she has any interest in socializing or chatting with them. The girls are former Kimkins members that are there to bring Heidi to justice and to have the Kimkins website removed from the internet. I'm sure that the testimony by these girls is nothing like the praise that Heidi would have expected from a meet-up at the time Kimkins operated as a cult. But perhaps even then, the people meeting her would have had this reaction:

Picture courtesy of CarolynF on LCF.

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