Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kimkins Trial is Underway

The trial should have started yesterday but due to a busy schedule, it was postponed until today. Heidi Diaz was not present yesterday but she is expected to show up today. Will she wear stretch pants to court?

Probably not. But perhaps red as here at the deposition almost 3 years ago:

Rumor has it that she is no smaller than in the pictures above. I think that may not be helpful to convince the judge (no jury trial) that Kimkins is a great diet that helps obese people to shed the weight and keep it off. The fake success stories and fake photos don't lend any credibility to the diet either.

The trial is attended by a number of plaintiffs and other people that have been involved in bringing Heidi to justice. We are lucky to get updates directly from court. Find out what is going on at the thread on Lowcarbfriends.

You will have to register at Lowcarbfriends to access the thread, but registration is free.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for all you have done to help bring Kimmer down and getting the info out about Kimmers dangerous diet plan