Saturday, September 29, 2007

Kimkins - Lessons Learned

This entire Kimkins debacle has changed how I view the internet, and it's not been in a good way. What I didn't do before, but will do now:

  • Don't assume that you are talking to an actual person. It could be a sock puppet.
  • Don't assume that the person is telling the truth. Just because you are truthful doesn't mean that the other person has any scruples to invent whatever they find fitting for their online persona.
  • Don't assume that a posted picture is actually of the person you are talking to. It could be another person or just a stock photo grabbed from the internet.
  • Don't assume that the person knows what she is talking about just because she does it an an authorative manner.
  • Don't assume that the wrongdoing the person is telling you about is true. Without knowing the other side of the story, you will feel sorry for her and unwittingly lend a supportive hand.
  • Don't assume it's an admirable person just because she is a charismatic writer. Again, the online persona might be no reflection of the true person behind it.
  • Don't assume that a "Lifetime" membership means anything. As you have already paid and your presence does not generate any new revenue for the site owner, she just bans you. Reduces the traffic on the web server.


Anonymous said...

Mariasol those are good lessons to learn indeed. The money was well spent if we learned from it. Everything is a learning opportunity after all isn't it?


mariasol said...

Deb - I'm so glad I met all the babes before I learned these lessons. Perhaps I wouldn't have taken the chance to find out that you all are REAL people if I knew then what I know now.