Friday, September 28, 2007

Kimkins - I am Banned

So much for a lifetime membership. When trying to log into kimkins this morning I find that I do not have access due to TOS violation. I have not posted on kimkins for months and I have not been very active on the anti-kimkins boards either (not because I didn't want to; there were just other people that already had said what I wanted so I didn't feel necessary to repeat it).

Being part of the banta group on LCF, the banning did not surprise me. My banta friends and I just wondered why it took so long. But, with Tippy Toes being seriously technically handicapped, she could probably not figure out how to ban anybody until now. Tippy Toes has a lot of anger towards the banta group. Over a year ago, she was one of us. But in typical Tippyism, she tried to divide us by working behind the scenes via PM's and emails, spreading untruths. It didn't work, as it probably had with other groups, and she had to leave us. She has never forgotten and finally thought she could get her revenge.

Well, the revenge was not as sweet as she had hoped for. I am relieved to no longer have access to kimkins, and so are my friends. Tippy on the other hand is now head admin for a shell of a webiste that is populated by sock puppets and small groups of kimkins followers that never venture out of their challenge groups. It is just a matter of days before the kimpire crumbles for good, and where will Tippy be then? She can not go back to LCF; she burned her ships there.

The only regret I have with leaving kimkins is that I did not make an attempt to reach any of the remaining, innocent members. I had planned my departure for last night (what a coincidence!) but I found it pointless after reading some on the board. There was one poster that answered a member question about what was going on with Christin, and the poster was attacked by the challenge members. They did not want any negativity in their thread! Reading other challenges, the situation seemed to be the same. They commented on the departing posts with annoyance. They don't want to hear it! I do hope these members find each other on some other board when the kimkins webiste is down, once and for all.


Once Upon A Dieter said...

Interesing. If you haven't posted there, how can you violate TOS? hahahahaha

Kimmer has totally lost it.

Keep your ban notice and such. Clearly, THEY violated your rights, cause if you didn't post, how can you violate TOS. A site can't ban you for what you say OUTSIDE, methinks. That's like, what, totalitarianism?

Boy, people in Iran and Burma seem to have more freedom of speech rights than people at Kimkins. Shudder...

The Princess

mariasol said...

Ban notice? Didn't get one, LOL. I don't expect to see one either.

I was one of the original people from LCF that joined kimkins as I felt sorry for her. I'm am very ashamed that I personally had some part in helping her establish her business, even though my contribution was minor. I don't mind being out of $14.95 but I'm doing what I can by joining the lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

Why oh why would you NOT post those TT emails between Banta challengers? Dig em up. Show and tell. Pleaseeeeeeee

mariasol said...

LOL, I have to locate them first in one of four PC's, or perhaps they are even spread out in more than one. I'll see what I can do.

Deb said...

Great job on the blog Mariasol!