Saturday, October 13, 2007

Kimkins Banning - TOS

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Reason : TOS
I was banned from Kimkins a couple of weeks ago. I was one of the original members that signed up when Kimmer left LCF. I am not sure there even was a “Terms of Service” at the time I joined; the web site was very bare bones back then. I posted for a month or so and then didn’t go back until the controversy started. Even then I made just a few posts and they were very neutral. At the time I got banned, I had not posted for more than a month.

Several of my friends in Banta Babes (on LCF) were banned at the same time, and we figured it was because Tippy had finally figured out how to use the ban button. It was not a surprise. At one time she joined our group, but eventually had to leave. She insulted some of us and subsequently tried to play the “poor me, it’s not my fault” card via emails and PMs but we wouldn’t have any of it. It’s probably the only group ever where she had to leave in defeat.

However, with the first batch of bannings, there were a few of us that were overlooked. One Banta Babe had never posted on the “Fascination” thread and had no posts on Kimkins for over a year. However, she joined a challenge in Tippy’s old group on LCF (Support Unlimited) and apparently that in itself was enough to cause a TOS violation.

Most of us never got any explanation of why we were banned; we were just met with the “TOS” screen. I sent a couple of emails, but they still didn’t tell me why I was banned. However, one banta babe was notified with

“Reason : Coping posts to another website in mean spirits.”

Uh, ok, I guess that might mean something in Tippy speak but what about stating it in plain English?

To add to the confusion, the girl that got this message had never copied anything from Kimkins. Someone else with a screen name on LCF that was the same as used by the Banta Babe on Kimkins has copied a lot of posts from Kimkins to LCF. Tippy didn't bother to find out if she was banning the right person even. Better not pay for a "Lifetime" membership if you have a common name!

It seems that they have gotten very ban happy at Kimkins lately and anything that can be seen as being against the TOS that nobody cares to explain results in immediate banning. Of course, I’m sure the owner Kimmer couldn’t care less as she already received our money. Existing members do not generate any new revenue unless they have been drinking the kool-aid and bring in new members.

What a scam!

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Magicsmom said...

It's a scam for sure! They promise you a "lifetime membership" which was supposed to include access to the forums, not to mention the world famous one-on-one coaching from The Kimmer, who has now departed the scene to eat gooey butter cake and count her money.

My "lifetime membership" ended in my being banned, not because I posted anything objectionable on Kimkins. Heck, I hadn't posted for over a year. To this day, I don't know why I was banned, but I'm sure it's one of two reasons; 1) Guilt by association because I am in the Banta Babe group, and/or 2) Tippy read things I wrote on OTHER sites. So much for freedom of speech, eh? Hey Tippy, have you ever heard of the First Amendment? Well believe me, the FTC has, as well as the Attorney General in the state of CA, along with the Better Business Bureau.