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Tippy Toes - Quotes

Re: Kimkins:
TT on LCF:
Some ask how or why I would stay when it has been proven the founder is a fruad. Nothing has been proven to me yet that would merrit this abuse of anyone

TT post on kimkins 09/15/2007:
"Once upon a low carb time there were two women. One could make things happen on the web--BIG THINGS. The other had a diet plan that worked very well. Together they formed a partnership and was born. Soon the partnership split and the one with the diet bought out the one who could make things happen on the web--paid 100% off in full. Still, this wasn't good enough for the person who could make big things happen on the web. She became very angry and spiteful. She soon created fictional charactors to come forward with supposed horror stories in a mass effort to take Kimkins down. This is know as "If I can't have it no one can". The person who could make big things happen on the web created also a Duck to hide behind since it is rather hard to sue a duck for slander... And the person who could make big things happen on the web continued to do so BUT the one with the diet plan and website continued as well." End of story

High school manners:
Posted on Kimkins a year ago:
Tippy Toes (Admin) one year and 2 months ago post
Someone copied that thread and I got to read it. All I can say is OMG--what a horrid woman! Cutie, are you OK after all that? Just for that I am going to follow her posting and bug her as much as I can. I'll be sure and tell her you said hello (LOL!). No, I won't do that but think I'll shake her up a bit. She and I used to post on a thread together and she seems to like me. So, Cutie, in your honor I am going to give her some really bad diet advice and let's see just how fat I can get her, lol! I am pulling out fattening lc recipes now. I wonder is she like peanut butter cups made with LOTS of butter? ~~~~~~~~~~

Tippy Toes (Admin) 1 Year, 2 Months ago
Well, I found her in a thread talking about candy recipes! How convienient! Here is my post: Oh, P, that sounds so good! Nice to run into you, BTW! Have you tried the recipe for the Reeces peanut butter cups in the recipe room? OMG--those are to die for! Only thing is I never found the little muffin tins so I just make them in large muffin tins. Still very few carbs. And best of all I was able to eat as many as I wanted and always lost weight! Be sure and try them! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Tippy Toes (Admin) 1 Year, 2 Months ago
OMG, right after I did that I got a PM from the admins...You all know the warning one. But guess what? It was for something else and I didn't even try to be bad there, lol! I mentioned that I had been to the last 2 gatherings in TN. I said it was sad cause a lot of people had gained weight when I saw them last time. I have an admin making a lot of trouble for me now but I did speak to xx about several issues and I am good to go for now. I feel like Dorathy in The Wizard of Oz cause I have the wicked witch of the west after me!

The post on LCF she is referring to is this one:
Babes, the gatherings are kind of fun! I have not done a meet and greet or spent any cabin time with anyone because we never drink and drive and,well, if we did we would be drinking and driving, lol! But I have attended the last 2 pig roasts and found them to be pretty inspiring. It was a little sad last time to see so MANY had fallen from the wagon and some had re-gained a lot of weight. The gatherings really could use a few Babes who have actually lost weight (what a concept). I'll go again if you do but since we already have a house there we won't be in a cabin.

Re: Banta Babes
It is true I have had conflicts at this site in Banta Babes. But it is the only thread I experienced such behavior from--ever to this day. I liked many of them and feel it was a misunderstanding. In respect for the Banta Babes, I left the thread. I read I have a habit of just barging into various threads and trying to tell people how to diet... Yes, I have been subscribed to threads and saw people stalled and have offered what worked for me. Just another lie. One of many...
She is providing her own answer there.

07/15/2007 on Kimkins
Re:Anyone else getting attitude? 37 Minutes ago
You may not believe this, but I had this happen to me on another diet support website! I was in a thread and some of us had started Kimkins. We were all doing quite well. One person said she couldn't lose on Kimkins. I thought that was odd so I offered to help her if she wanted to try it again. She got so mad! And worse, I was the new kid there (lol) and some others who weren't doing Kimkins came to her defense. They actually made fun of me in a bikini pic. It hurt my feelings something terrible as I liked the group and enjoyed being there. As it turned out, I went to goal weight without them. I mean seriously without them. For a long time I lurked and saw that one by one they supported each other on NOT dieting and not one ever hit goal. That spoke volumns to me and I knew the truth finally as to why that happened. The weak resents the strong. Stong charactor succeeds. Weak charactor bullies. It's all they have.

In a PM after the ducky blogs started:
I also see some of the Banta are out to get me. Have no idea to this day what went wrong. Nor why they insist on inserting the knife into my back as deeply as it will go. I know who is behind the major slamming and it does link back to them. All I ever wanted was to see them all get to goal too. They seemed to want that at the time. So what--because the couldn't do it I am bad? Please.

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Anonymous said...

She thinks reaching goal weight makes her God.

And notice how she says the weak bullies. Well, considering all the bullying going on at Kimkins, she just named herself...WEAK.

Some people get on a really high horse about losing weight. That shows a lack of character, and that's Tippy. I'd rather be fat and a decent, ethical, good person.

Tippy would rather be Queen and beat everyone into her submission.

The Princess