Friday, October 5, 2007

Kimkins - Tippy Toes Lies

Remember the fundraiser for the foster kids? I thought it would be interesting to see Tippy's 3 versions of what happened posted together:

The original thread from Kimkins in June 2006 - posted by TT:

How about a weight loss challenge to benefit Kimmer's foster kids? 1 Year, 3 Months ago
For those who don't know this: 100% of Kimmers proceeds are going to help foster kids who turn 18 to get set up with housing, utilities, etc... So here is my challenge: Starting July 1st until August 1 Pick any of Kimmers plans you want or whatever works best for you. Let's post our start weight. For each pound we lose, plan to donate one dollar for Kimmer's kids. (Example: If you lost 14 lbs, you owe $14.00.) I'll get help from the webmaster to set us up with a paypal account at the end. It's for a good cause and getting us thinner doing it is almost as good too! So...who's in?

This is what she said on the Fascination thread on LCF on 07/14/2007:

OK, just to answer the question, when we did the fund raiser we were a small group and we pledged a dollar per pound lost for a month. It was not a significant amount of money. We all understood the money would go to Kimmer to do as she saw fit and it was paid individually thru paypal. Now, please don't let this make you ASSUME (love how the word breaks down ASS-U-ME) that there are or are not foster kids and that the money did or did not help them. No fair speculating and worse convicting for speculation. Not to offend, but I have yet to see any real, hardcore "proof" of anything so far. Pure speculation, pics and all. To convict because a large group "speculates" is about as 'good old boy" as it gets so please stay open minded. We may be internet peers with Kimmer but we are not judge & jury. So far I have seen anger, hurt, resentment, ect but most important I started seeing honesty and caring for one another. So, even if no one ever knows the mystery behind Kimmer, at least some good came from all of this. And that's cool.

And on the same thread 09/16/2007:

Well, I cannot say what Kimmer did with the money as we all agreed she could do as she saw fit. I cannot say if it went to foster kids or not. However, I would think it did. Because if she makes what everyone says, why would she need to steal a measly couple hundred bucks if she is a millionaire? Again, that is just an assumption. I don't jump to conclusions easily. I cannot tell you Kimmer is Heidi Diaz and has foster kids anymore than I can say she isn't or doesn't.

I took part of the challenge on Kimkins in July 2006, and I have read the thread more than once. There was never any mention of Kimmer "doing as she saw fit". We all thought Kimmer actually had foster kids when the money was sent to her. And TT for sure knew that there were no foster kids, and had not been any for a long time, when she wrote the second LCF post on 09/16/2007!

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