Monday, October 8, 2007

Tippy Toes Spelling Lesson

I'm not very sensitive to typos and spelling errors but it irks me when somebody consistently misspells the same words all the time. To me it is just sheer laziness not to look up the word at least once, or run a spell check once in a while.

To help Tippy out, here is a corrected list of the most commonly misspelled words in the garbage she is spreading online:

Avitor (a flying machine built in 1869)
Avatar; an icon (picture) used on Internet forums.
(Also something that Tippy is not able to post, not even after having received computer lessons.)

Charactor (is not a word)
Character; a fictional character is any person whose existence originates from a work of fiction. (Tippy claims that anybody that have had ill effects from following kimkins is a "fictional charactor")

Prosterate (Googling this, I was surprised that it actually is a word. To my understanding, it means something along the line of "religious submission.")
Prostate; A healthy human prostate is slightly larger than a walnut.
(Tippy made fun, LOL, of the possibility that her husband might have prosterate cancer.)

Delima (is a font)
Dilemma; a dilemma is a problem.
(Tippy has a lot of those presently.)

Contraversy (a line of jewelry by a Houston based designer)
Controversy; a "hot" topic where there is a lot of disagreement and/or disruption.
(Something Tippy thrives on. If there is none, she creates it.)

Artical (seems to have something to do with particle acceleration but I end up on Chinese pages so I'm not sure)
Article; a nonfictional literary composition that forms an independent part of a publication, as of a newspaper or magazine.
(Tippy had many posts where she was bragging, and rightly so, that her weightloss story was featured in a newspaper "artical." Wouldn't the occasion have warranted actually looking up how to spell it?)

Anyway; from grammartips: This is going to be short and simple. Do not say or write "anyways"--not ever. The word is "anyway." The form "anyways" is found in some dialects in the United States, but it is not standard English, and it should never be used in any situation where you want to be considered reasonably well educated. That's all there is to it.

Golden Coral
Golden Corral; a restaurant where Tippy has had brunch every Sunday for years and still doesn't know how it is spelled.

Laxitive; urban dictionary: a substance that you drink/eat. it makes you shit like a horny donkey
Laxative; are foods, compounds, or drugs taken to induce bowel movements, most often taken to treat consipation.
(As head admin at kimkins, you would think Tippy would have to type this word often enough to bother to look up how to spell it.)

Cause; the producer of an effect, result, or consequence
Because; for the reason that; since.
(Sorry, I might be picky but to me, it looks like an 8 year old wrote it.)

Mannor; old English (1834) for manor
Manner; a way of acting; bearing or behavior
(Well, we know that Tippy is seriously lacking in manners)

Revolutionary rolls; marked by or resulting in radical change – don’t really know how to combine it with “rolls” though
Revolution rolls; Atkins breakfast rolls made with eggs – got their name from Atkins Diet Revolution.
(This has been bugging me for a long time as Tippy used to post a lot on this thread on LCF and she never saw that she was calling it something different than everybody else.)

Geer more in tuned
Sorry, I can't even begin to guess what she is trying to say here.

Explaination; obviously from explain - ation, but I found a cartoon site with Explaination funnies.
Explanation; a meaning or interpretation

Insurence; (not a word)
Insurance; Insurance is a form of risk management primarily used to hedge against the risk of a contingent loss.
(Tippy would really be dumb if she has not arranged for liability insurance for her involvement in Kimkins, but Tippy is proving her lack of intelligence over and over again.)


Anonymous said...

This is too funny!!!

Anonymous said...

that is great, did you see the picture of her same arm on the kimkins site? it looks like it was pasted on the picture. she acutally looks like she has muscles, but admittely, never works out. thank goodness for photoshop. i couldnt figure out how to paste it here.

mariasol said...

Hmm, I didn't see those as muscles, just fat. But with that amount of weight loss, your arms are not going to look perfect.

JessieBear said...

Lets not forget "Nutritionalist" whatever that is. ;)

Thanks for the read. Very funny!