Wednesday, July 2, 2008

No Vegas for Kimkins, Baby!

Less than three weeks before the Kimkins "Meet and Greet" is supposed to take place in Las Vegas, Kimmer cancels the trip.

It is still announced on the Kimkins.con website:

Kimkins is going to Las Vegas! Ever want to meet your Kimkins pals face to face? Well, here's your chance!

We're planning a casual get together this summer for July 18-20. The itinerary is being worked up now with several Meet & Greet opportunities. No matter when you arrive you'll have a chance to meet your Kimkins buddies! Everyone will make their own airfare and hotel arrangements.

None of us had expected Kimmer to actually show up there, but we did think she would have some more inventive excuse than what she came up with: Gas prices.

Gas prices? Here is a con that has made millions off her members and she can not afford to drive from Corona, CA to Las Vegas? The round trip is about 500 miles. With a fuel efficient car (and she has one, paid for in cash by her members' fees) the gas cost might be, what, $85 or so? Almost covered by one membership fee.

Three people made reservations early on. I hope they truly enjoy their trip, even more so because Heidi Diaz is not there.


OhYeahBabe said...

What a shocker!

I'm sorry for the people who aren't getting what they wanted for the trip. Instead, maybe they'll get together and put some pieces to the Kimkins puzzle together.

MrsMenopausal said...

Didn't this come as a total surprise? pfft.
The price of gas? She can't come up with a better excuse than the price of gas?
What about her members who have planned on attending? They're not worth a few extra gallons of gas to see? Unreal.

Yucky said...

Heidi's telling the truth -- there's a high price to pay, for being full of hot air :D