Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kimkins Third Deposition

A third deposition will take place on or before August 17th. Will we get any updated pictures of Heidi Diaz? Has she lost any weight since finally starting on her own diet late last year? She hasn't given any weight loss updates for months now.

I don't know what Tiedt is going to ask her this time, but one of my questions would be:

Do you regret not re-reimbursing banned members right from the start? As pointed out earlier, this might not have cost you more than $30,000 or so and you could have kept your $2.4 million legally. There wouldn't have been grounds for a class action law suit.

I have more questions, and may add those to this post later. For now, I just want to push the ghastly poo picture from the top of my blog.


Down With Kimkins said...

And you think the picture you replaced it with is any better?

Maybe you should start a poll to see if your readers prefer one ghastly poo picture over the other?

Would someone just please flush the toilet?

mariasol said...

LoL. That thought did occur to me. Should I replace it with one of SingingAss? I'm just not sure that she will be deposed in this round, and I'm not sure that is a huge improvement anyway.

Kat said...

Sol...John is taking questions so if you want an answer...send your questions to him. The depo is the 14th.