Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Singinglass REALLY twisting the truth

Yust Yucky sent a very polite email to three theaters in Oregon, inquiring whether Singingass was scheduled to perform in one of their upcoming productions:

"Hi! I just read that [SL], the opera singer from [city, state], will be appearing in one of the upcoming stage productions there at [name of theatre]! Can you please tell me in what role she has been cast, and if any tickets are still available? Thank you!"

Somehow, Singingass interprets this as threatening and says:

"I am glad to know my life is so fascinating, but there is absolutely no reason for my personal life and activities to factor into anything relating to Kimmer/kimkins. No reason at all....emailing directors from my area and making inquiries about me, what I am doing low, wrong, and straight out harassment. Yes, I know, have the name, email address, state etc... ( Thanks Mimi/ Yust yucky)...because this stuff was forwarded to me by those who were confused to receive random out-of-state inquries.

Whatever you all have against me, the diet is still wrong and harmful on a personal level that should not happen. Imagine someone calling your bosses and other important connections. It should not be done. Please refrain from this activity and involving people who have nothing to do with any of this."

Low, wrong, and straight out harassment? To have an apparent fan asking about you?

Out-of-state? What is so threatening about that? People travel on vacation all the time, especially in the summer. You are not allowed to buy a ticket if you live out-of-state?

Calling your bosses and other important connections? Who called? Not Yucky.

And when it comes to involving Singingass as a person with regards to the Kimkins Diet:

..there is absolutely no reason for my personal life and activities to factor into anything relating to Kimmer/kimkins? Then you shouldn't allow your person to promote a dangerous diet. Your picture is featured as a success story. You went on National Television, twice, to defend the diet. It is personal.

Whatever you all have against me, the diet is still wrong and harmful on a personal level that should not happen? Yes, the diet has everything to do with us "being against you". When you stop supporting the Kimkins Diet as a person, you might see that our interest in you as a person will quickly subside.

Ex-kimkins dieters (and present dieters for that matter) have been physically and mentally hurt. On a personal level.


MrsMenopausal said...

Is there anyone left out there who still takes what SL has to say as fact? She's doing her best to appear the victim and further the idea of dangerous "haters" outside of KK.

Yucky said...

{{Mariasol!}} Great blog! I always love how you cover all the angles and offer a logical, rational, and right on target refutation of each point of something.

This thing with SL, I don't know whether to be amused or annoyed. What stands out to me is how this supports the evidence that she made up the whole thing about threatening phone calls blogged about some months ago at Kimkins Exposed.

Does she have some sort of phone obsession? She makes false claims about people phoning her and now phone her boss or whatever, and she works as a phone "psychic" (are the rumors true that most of her clients are Asian men who are NOT calling her for psychic readings?)

mariasol said...

yucky - She might do phone readings as well, but her Casamba site seems to indicate readings via IM.

2BIG said...

great blog post Marisol. I'm still trying to figure out why she would think it was a threat she thinks ducks will be sitting there with carmeras and record maybe she too isn't as small as she claims since buying tickets was mentioned

oopse no that was Kimmer who lied about her weight loss and photoshopped her pic to a skinnier person.

ketosis said...

Well what do you expect from the right hand of a lying liar who lies? She learned to stretch and bend the truth into unrecognizable shapes from none other than the queen of the lying liars, Heidi skamkins Diaz. She wouldn't know the truth if it jumped up in the middle of an aria and bit her.

mariasol said...

2Big - Hey, I didn't think about that. The only "proof" we have of SL's continued weight loss are the photos she puts up and who knows when they were taken. Not showing much of a difference to the previous ones either.

mariasol said...

ketosis - I didn't surprise me that she would twist or exaggerate, but blatantly lying about it? When it could be directly compared? Dumb.

Jerri M. said...

But why DID you guys write to all those letters to see where she was performing? You even say "an apparent fan" could write nice notes like that ... but clearly those aren't fan notes from you and would know it wasn't a friendly inquiry.

I mean -- if she's twisting and exaggerating and lying is one thing but obviously you are admitting to kind of stalking her? No one here is a real fan.

-- Just sayin'

mariasol said...

WHERE she was performing was of no interest. That she WAS performing was. It's not like she hasn't lied before.
Why would the recipient not see this as a friendly note? Unless SL told her otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't SL see this note as a friendly fan inquiry? Two words - guilty conscience! After associating with Heidi for so long, she has become paranoid. SMP

Jerri said...

SL doesn't see the note as a friendly inquiry because it says who sent it right on the e-mail!

(per her post on LCF) Who are we trying to kid? WE know that it's not a friendly fan inquiry and wasn't done for that reason. You did it to find out if she was really a singer or whatever -
and no one is a FAN. So, saying she's lying about someone writing with other intentions, paranoid, and pretending "well it could have been a nice letter from a fan" is disingenuous when people are also posting that she "deserves this" and the THIS seems to be almost cyber stalking. And just because she's tied to the lying liar who lies doesn't make that right. Who cares if she's a singer or not or performing or not? Does it matter?
I thought she was a great singer from the clips. Doesn't have anything to do with Kimkins fraud at all.

I thought this way back when her phone number, etc. was posted. Thought that was WRONG. Public info or not. I think sometimes things take a really ugly, creepy "Lord of the Flies" tone sometimes when it's someone from the Kimpound.

There is a bigger fish to fry and a better way of doing things without getting into grade-school skulduggery or stooping to the level of others. IMHO.

Anonymous said...

SL is proven to be just as pathetic as Heidi Diaz. She is always in victim role. But what about the victims of Singinglass? What about the ladies who look up to her for advice and she leads them down such a dangerous path ?

mariasol said...

AmyB - You are right. It will be interesting yo hear what SL will say when she is deposed. More lies or finally being forced to admit the truth.I would think that she will try to minimize her participation and blame it all on Heidi.