Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kimmer's Diabetic Diet

Is not Kimkins. At least, not for herself.

Kimkins has been promoted as perfect for diabetes, with catch phrases like:

"Kimkins is perfect for all diabetics!
Most diabetic members reduce their medication dose because Kimkins controls blood sugar levels so well. In fact, many type 2 members are able to stop their meds completely!"

"Is Kimkins good for diabetics? Kimkins is perfect for all diabetics!"

"Researchers have found Kimkins to be exceptionally effective for the people having mobility problems and diabetes." (Source)

And, today, the kimkins.con website still claims:

"Is Kimkins good for diabetics?
Kimkins is ideal for managing diabetes! As a low glycemic weight loss plan, Kimkins allows many members to reduce or eliminate their medications due to excellent blood sugar control."

So what does Kimmer, a.k.a. Heidi Diaz do when she herself is faced with diabetes? AmyB reports that Heidi tried to follow the Diabetes Educator's advice as recommended by her nurse. She claims that she gained 15 pounds in the 12 weeks she followed the diet. I wonder how good the adherence was. (Not that I believe anything this woman says. I think that any truth coming out of her mouth would be by pure accident).

A typical diabetics recommendation is to:

  1. Limit sweets
  2. Eat often
  3. Be careful about when and how many carbohydrates you eat
  4. Eat lots of whole-grain foods, fruits and vegetables
  5. Eating less fat
  6. Limiting your use of alcohol
I can see Heidi managing 2) but the rest? I doubt it.

So what about:

"According to Kimmer, many members of her diet program who are Type II diabetics say that, after a few short weeks using her meal plan, they need to take less medication, or none at all. There even are some Type I diabetics who can lower their insulin intake — of course, with permission from their doctors.

That is why, if you are diabetic, or someone in your family, or someone else you know needs to control their blood sugar levels, then you would probably be doing them a favor if you let them know about the Kimkins diet.

An ounce of prevention, of course, is worth a pound of cure. So anyone who is having problems with carrying extra weight could possibly prevent getting Type 2 diabetes by losing that weight now. And the Kimkins diet seems to be working for many people."

So, the Kimkins Diet is just good for paying members and not for the founder? Do as I say and not as I do? Well, that is sort of obvious, considering that Heidi never lost weight on Kimkins and still weighs some 250-350 pounds. Why would anyone take this woman's advice?


AuntieBon said...

"Researchers have found Kimkins to be exceptionally effective for the people having mobility problems and diabetes."

What researchers? Where is the proof?

Retorical questions because we all know that there is no medical person who would endorse this nutritionally bankrupt eating plan.

2BIG said...

Great catch there Marisol. Kimmer says one thing about the plan for everybody else and once again does something totally different with regards to herself following her own plan

mariasol said...

auntiebon - The "researchers" quote came from a Wouter article. I'll see if I can find the source again.

mariasol said...

The author was Ivanovich Cuxev, but he links to the now defunct kimkinsreview which is/was Wouter's website.