Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kimmer's 1 Year Progress

These pictures show Heidi Diaz' progress after one year on the Kimkins Diet. The August 2007 picture was posted by Slamboard and the August 2008 picture by AmyB.

I think it's obvious that Heidi has lost weight. How much? Hard to tell and she doesn't give any updates about her own weight loss on her own diet site. 50 pounds perhaps? Down from 350 lbs to 300? 50 pounds in a year is about one pound per week. Huh?

What about the claim of "No faster diet, none"? What about promising 3 - 5 pounds per week? As compared to the 1 - 2 pounds' "gaggle" other diets provide?

What is it with the Kimkins Diet that makes it not work as promised for the founder? The fact that the diet is not suitable for anyone? That it's impossible to stick to? That any weight lost on it is really hard to keep off?

Any decent person would stop promoting something that obviously is not working for herself.


Anonymous said...

I think most of the apparent difference in weight is due to the fact she finally got a clue and has black on her bottom half!


BamaGal said...

I doubt she has lost even 50 lbs.

MrsMenopausal said...

Maybe she's managed to lose a few, who knows, but by her own standards it's certainly not an impressive amount. She'd be ripping herself a new one if she was one of her own members. Makes me sick to think of all those nasty things she said to those who were struggling and trying to stick to her so called proven plan.

mariasol said...

dspotz - Heidi should thank the P.I. I'm sure she had no idea that white pants did not look good on her before she saw those pictures. Black is so much more slimming.

Bama - You may be right, and that might be the main reason she stopped updating (or faking) stats on kimkins.

MrsM - Nasty and demeaning, you are so right. "Some people prefer slow weight loss, but I don't have the patience" kind of thing. I have to dig up some of those old posts of hers.

Yucky said...

What I want to know is -- did Amy quack at her? :rotfl

Onward & upward, AmyB!

Kat said...

You know, those body slimmers do wonders for ya! She looks really firm in the 1-year pic and I doubt she does any exercise so I'm guessing a body slimmer!

mariasol said...

kat - That was my thought too! She is surely aware that she is a celebrity now (not in a good way though) and needs to look her best in public.

Anonymous said...

Spanx are Heidi's friend 8^D