Friday, August 1, 2008

Kimkins Fraud

There are more depositions coming up in the next couple of weeks for the Kimkins lawsuit. While many people have complained about health problems after following Kimkins starvation diet, the present lawsuit is for fraud.

I'm a plaintiff in the lawsuit. So how was I defrauded by Heidi Diaz? The answer is straight forward and should be easy to prove:

1) I paid a membership fee based on Kimmer's claim that she had lost 160 pounds in 7 months and maintained the weight loss for more than 4 years. That is a lie, and consequently I did not get what I paid for which according to Kimmer was "Personal coaching from someone that lost 200 pounds - me!"

2) My membership was unjustly terminated without any refund. In a letter to the AG, Heidi Diaz claims that I was terminated due to "malicious, disparaging and false accusations within the forum area of the website" and then references a post on another forum that was made 4 weeks after I was banned.

To me, there is no question that Heidi Diaz committed fraud. Now we just wait for the court to decide the same thing. And, I'm looking forward to more pictures from Heidi in deposition, now for the third time.

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Yucky said...

THank you Mariasols for this update re the legal side of the Kimkins mess! Interesting indeed! Sending good thoughts for everyone who was defrauded and/or victimized.