Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tired of Kimkins?

Not tired from Kimkins, even though I understand that is common for anyone following the Kimkins starvation Diet. Tired of Kimkins and Kimmer.

Many people have followed the Kimkins Saga since the start late June 2007. Some have left and others have joined the anti-kimkins ducks along the way. Many are still here, but quieter than before. And some, like Yust Yucky, announce that they are fed up and are looking for other things to get engaged in. That have more rewarding results? Or, perhaps any results?

The entire anti-kk community seems to be in waiting mode. The Class Action Law Suit is continuing with more depositions, but it's a slow process. No new, juicy, information has surfaced lately and no new pictures. Is Kimmer finally losing weight? Nobody knows. Do we even care at this point? I don't. She is a proven liar and one more lie will make no difference to me.

No news about the absent admins either. Gary is long gone. Singingass rarely makes an appearance on Kimkins these days. Kimkins website is a ghost town with sockpuppets manning the ranks. Yawn.

But I'm still blogging. Why? Because Kimkins.con is still operating on the internet. And I plan on going on blogging as long as there is a risk that unsuspecting people googling for a diet will find Kimkins.con. At least the anti-kk blogs provide a second opinion. Perhaps we can prevent new victims.

Yes, Heidi Diaz supposedly has sanitized the diet. No 500 cals any more. No laxative abuse. But it is still a horrible diet, in my opinion. Low carb should not be low fat. A diet should not be used as a quick fix (and not so "quick" as you are supposed to follow Kimkins to goal). A diet should be a life style change long term. A restrictive diet like Kimkins promotes yo-yo dieting and eating disorders.

The Kimkins.con website is now supposedly "legal" but still has questionable weight loss photos, they just haven't been proven fake. There are "success" stories on there that look as if they have achieved weight loss. And why wouldn't they? Not eating, or eating very little, will cause you to lose weight. But what about maintaining a weight loss? I still have not seen anybody that has managed to maintain their goal weight after reaching it on Kimkins. And I doubt I ever will.

Instead of feeling despair at the legal machine moving so slowly, look at what has been accomplished during a year. A class action lawsuit is underway. Many, many promotional articles have been removed from the internet. The Russian pictures are gone. Heidi Diaz does no longer (openly) push 500 cals and laxatives. Very few people are still at Kimkins and I doubt she is getting any new members. Kimmer is gone from LCF and dieters there are encouraged to use safe weight loss methods.


2BIG said...

Thank yiou for blogging about this.
the battle isn't over till their are no more possible Kimkins survivors and the only way that is going to happen is for Kimkins.comto become a 404 error site.

MrsMenopausal said...

Heidi Diaz's fraud has been exposed, and she has admitted to it in a legal deposition. She's not the 118 pound beauty she claimed to be. She's not the woman in the red dress she claimed was her. She's been featured on several TV reports. She's had to take down the many fake testimonials that she wrote herself, and the Russian bride pictures she stole to represent those testimonials. She's lost every credible administrator she had working for her and has been served with cease and desist orders so they are no longer being used to appear as if they are in support of her diet.

Those that are left are fully aware of the fraud and the reported health issues and choose to remain. That speaks volumes to me.

I cannot wait until Kimkins is nothing more than an error page on the web and can no longer lure in the unaware.

Sandra said...


Barbara B said...

It can be discouraging when nothing new breaks for months, but I agree with you, it is not time to move on until the site is down,all the weeds have been pulled, and the only blogs mentioning HD are the anti-kimkins blogs.