Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kimkins Debate

Do you remember when Heidi Diaz "came clean" after the Mike&Juliet show in November last year? The page is still there; just no link to it.

I wonder why. Could it be due to what she says there? For instance:

  • Heidi claims to have regained her weight after Kimkins appeared in Woman's World in June 2007. I think it's obvious that not even Heidi Diaz could gain from 118 lbs to whatever her weight was (350+) when the P.I. took her picture in August 2007. Not even rebounding after a starvation diet like Kimkins would cause a person to gain 200 pounds in less than 3 months.

  • She did say that she had lost 50+ pounds in the "last couple of months" and that may have been true. But it looks as if it stopped there. That she has lost no more since November last year, judging from the recent pictures on AmyB's blog.
  • Heidi also promised to be a model on the homepage and update her stats each week. That didn't last long. The updates stopped after a few months and it's obvious that she didn't "lose her weight all over again".
  • She also claimed: "Kimkins works. I've offered diet advice online for 10 years and was hugely successful." Works for whom? Who was "hugely successful"? Not Heidi Diaz, for sure.


OhYeahBabe said...

So basically she's advertising her diet on the web, not doing anything to halt the propagation of the lies, and when people arrive at her stie she doesn't give them a clue that what they are buying is a sham. Nice! Thank goodness it's $80 - that along probably keeps many people from falling for it!

MrsMenopausal said...

Great post!
My guess ... She has to have that page so she can say in a court of law that she has a page with a confession, admitting to the fraud, so people were warned. She has to hide it so that it doesn't interfere with her shot at luring in new members.

It's dishonest, deceiving, and calculated, IMO. Just more of the same.

I'm so glad you posted it. What she wrote there is a sugar coated version of BS but hopefully people googling Kimkins will see it and at least be made aware and look into it further.

mariasol said...

MrsM - I posted it because you suggested it on FWK. I opted not to copy the entire page, copyright and all that, but there are screen shots should the page disappear.

MrsMenopausal said...

Excellent about the screen shot. I don't think she expected so much evidence to have been preserved like it has been. Great work!