Sunday, September 28, 2008

Honest Kimkins Ad

Heidi Diaz' counter suit claims "Interference with Economic Advantage". So how did she accomplish her economic advantage in the first place? By lying about her own weight loss for years and by fabricating success stories with fake pictures.

How would a true representation of the Kimkins Diet look? And would she have had any members at all if the front page on kimkins.con said something like this:

Hi, I'm the founder of this diet that I put together from using ideas from Atkins and Stillmans. I have lost 50 pounds the last year, following the diet on and off. I still have 150 pounds to goal.
I'm a diet expert as I have been dieting for 35 years. I lose weight quickly when on plan, but unfortunately I can not stick to it very long and regain weight even quicker than I lost it.

I know that the diet works for weight loss as I have seen many people during the years (on kimkins.con and lowcarb boards before then) losing several pounds quickly. Now, most are not strong enough to stay with the diet and quickly regain what they have lost. But that's not the diet's fault. They were just weak. Kimkins is not for sissies!

Sign up for my forum and you'll get some loosely formulated rules for my diet (that are also available on many free sites on the internet). You'll get access to a very friendly forum where no negativity is allowed. You'll get personal support from me where I tell you to do as I say and not as I do.

Don't you want to get skinny and sexy? Perhaps even a MILF? A little hair loss is a small price to pay. Nutritional short comings? A daily multivitamin provides 100% of RDA. Developing eating disorders? Every overweight person has an eating disorder, otherwise we wouldn't have gotten this big.

The most important is to get the weight off! At any price! $79.95 is a bargain (note, any ER costs and doctors' fees are additional).

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Anonymous said...

Honest adverts for Kimkins wouldn't bring in a dime. She knew that. IMO, all those fake testimonials and Russian bride pics weren't about wanting to be anonymous. It was all about pulling in the customers. $$$$