Monday, September 1, 2008

Kimkins Maintenance Diet

There is no such thing. The founder has not yet put one together, and it may take a while before she needs one herself.

So we have to look at what the maintainers on Kimkins are doing. Not surprisingly, they are still doing Kimkins with low calories. Experimenting with a few added carbs and calories. Cutting back again to take off the pounds regained. Trial and error, and so far nobody has come up with a long term strategy.

One of the most recent success stories, Debv, is starting boot camp. The most popular Kimkins option! 30 minutes daily exercise required.

All Kimkins options have been modified to allow higher calories. So how does the new bootcamp look?

Daily Limits

2 eggs (cooked without fat) or 4 egg whites (1 cup egg substitute OK)
1/2 cup Level 2 veggies
4 oz sandwich ham or other lean protein
Unlimited non-calorie beverage

4 oz lean protein
2 cups Level 1 veggies
1/2 cup Level 2 veggies
Unlimited non-calorie beverage

4 oz lean protein
3 cups mixed greens
1 cup Level 2 veggies
Unlimited non-calorie beverage

Plugging this into Fitday, I come up with 541 cals (using egg whites) or 624 cals (eggs). And this is what a Kimkins dieter has to look forward to in maintenance?

And about Debv, who willingly has provided her success story and pictures for Kimkins promotion, I don't doubt that she lost some weight. But, I have a really hard time to believe that the pictures she offers as proof are real. To me, it looks as if the before picture could be her daughter.

Look at the age of the kids. And the clothes in the before picture. It doesn't look as if it were taken 25 years ago like the age difference suggests.



Grandparents with grandchildren?

Daughter with grandchildren?

My suspicion seems confirmed about this old testimonial on kimkins.con that google found:
Deb V Madison, WI , Posted at Monday, 13 August 2007 12:21. I have to tell you this is fantastic! My mom and I are doing Kimkins together and she's lost 37 ...


OhYeahBabe said...


MrsMenopausal said...

She didn't have a maintenance plan when I was a member over a year ago when the proof that she was lying [about her weight loss, the amount of time she claimed to have kept that weight off, who she was, and all those fake success stories] was just being exposed.

How do you start a paid membership weight loss site and not have a way to maintain when members reach goal? When you make up a diet you don't even follow yourself, lie about your weight loss, and fabricate the entire history of your participation then there's no experience to rely on in order to create a maintenance plan. Her members are on their own, left at goal with nothing to follow, nothing set in place that will work, forced to guess and experiment and most likely gain due to having starved their bodies for so long.

Health risks? Hair loss? No maintenance? Lying diet guru with no medical/scientific/nutritional training who doesn't even have her own experience to reference? I feel so inspired, don't you? I feel safe, in good hands, confident this woman is looking out for my best interests and cares about my health.

At least there's that often mentioned sense of community. You know the one, where you can say/discuss almost anything ... as long as it isn't controversial, doesn't mention any resulting health issues, doesn't ask questions about the fraud, doesn't state your less than thrilled opinion, isn't seen as trouble-making behavior, can't be viewed as anti-kk in any way, and you haven't been caught posting on other sites in a way that can be twisted by admins to be claimed to be a KK bash [oh, and a little hint; don't choose the duck avatar, either]. And how about losing your membership for simply posting on another site, and most often without a refund?

But that one time fee is such a great deal, who can complain? After all, so many other sites charge a monthly fee.