Friday, September 26, 2008

Kimmer's Counter Suit

Heidi Diaz is responding to the Class Action lawsuit against Kimkins by filing a counter suit against a number of plaintiffs, plus other persons that have taken part in the Kimkins drama.

The suit is available to read online at Riverside Court. What I find interesting is the Heidi claims that "the use of controversial advertising practices have been fully and completely addressed, terminated and/or corrected by Heidi Diaz."

So why do we still find fraudulent pictures on the internet? Sure, Heidi can correctly claim that she has no control over blogs or affiliate websites that she does not own. But Heidi has control over pictures that reside on HER own server and that are linked from her site. If she removes them from there, they also disappear from the other sites. Simple.

Here are some examples of what is still on kimkins.con (not copied to my blog but linked from kimkins.con):

Edited 09/13/2009

It seems that the affiliate pictures are finally gone. At least the links are no longer valid.

The origin of the stolen pictures can be found on HoneyBee's blog.


WunnatheDux said...

Way to go. Heidi just proves once again how pathetically & frantically she is trying to hold onto her ill-gotten income - but she won't win. My dad the attorney used to say "anyone can sue anyone. Doesn't mean it will amount to anything."

Kimkins is circling the drain folks, and Hidey Diaz with it. Go bloggers!!

Medusa said...

Wow, what a trip down memory lane seeing those stolen, fake pics again.

It is unbelievable that they still reside on kimkins.con.

Thanks for proving that Heidi has still not "fully and completely addressed [her] controversial advertising practices."

No big surprise there.

Prudentia said...

Don't you remember that she is simply computer illitterate? Why, she can't expect her IT guys to take care of that detail for her. She only paid them what? $400K? Just after the class action lawsuit was filed, wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

I thought she said she cleaned all this up? Doesn't this mean she's still committing fraud?