Friday, October 24, 2008

Kimkins Hunk

That is what Kimmer calls the latest success story, a handsome Hunk. He claims to go to the gym at least four times per week, and perhaps if he exchanged some cardio for weights, I would call him a hunk too. But, I digress.

This Derek, like many of the recent success stories, turned up on Kimkins.con after he had lost his weight. He never participated in the support forums, never took part in a challenge, never asked any questions. Just suddenly arrives on Kimkins.con and posts his before and after pictures. Then finds LCF and comes in to "defend his name". Providing inconsistent answers when asked questions.

I have no doubt that "Derek" is a real person. But where did he come from? Some Kimmer supporter's son, brother, nephew, neighbor, friend? Did he lose 125 pounds? On Kimkins? I have no idea, and I couldn't care less. It's beside the point.

In my opinion, the point is that Derek promotes a fraudulent business.

Kimmer's defenders (how people can still defend this woman is beyond my comprehension) claim that Kimkins.con is not committing fraud any longer and we Ducks are just meanies that will not allow Kimmer to operate her business in peace. In their opinion, we have achieved what we wanted; the diet doesn't promote starvation levels of calories any longer and the Russian bride photos are gone.

To me, it's irrelevant whether fraud is still committed on Kimkins.con or not. Kimkins.con was created by fraud. There would never have been a Kimkins.con if Kimmer had not claimed to have lost 198 lbs and kept it off for years.

If I buy a car with a check that bounces, should I be allowed to keep the car just because I presently do not write any bad checks?

Of course not.

Kimkins.con should be shut down.


avenuegirl said...

Exactly! Just amazing the die hards that refuse to see the truth.

The "keeping the car with a bounced check" is a good analogy. The repo guys will be on Kimmers door very soon.

Yucky said...

"...the point is that Derek promotes a fraudulent business."

Exactly! That is absolutely the point, and it sure got lost in all the rhetoric huh!

Excellent coverage of this breaking story, Mariasol!