Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kimkins Sued - Again

This time by the City of Corona. For not applying and paying for a business license. The fee, including penalties, is a mere $150. Heidi Diaz can afford to run google ads for hundreds, or perhaps thousands of dollars, but not pay $150 to her city? Heidi Diaz that bought a house for cash? That bought two brand new cars for cash? That earned millions from defrauding people over the internet?

Sure, not applying for a business license in the first place might have been an oversight on Heidi's part. After all, she is not selling anything in Corona, but just operating an internet business out of her Corona house.

But surely the attempts by the city to collect the money could not have been ignored due to an "oversight". Heidi probably thinks that the city is not entitled to any money from her. Or, she might just be trying to avoid the home inspection that may be required when you operate a business in your house.

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Yucky said...

rotfl! This is just wonderful!