Saturday, October 11, 2008

Camp Carbaway Closing

The former Kimkins Admin Tippy Toes created Camp Carbaway in December last year when she left Kimkins. It was supposed to be a "safe" place for Kimkins "refugees". I never figured out what it would be "safe" from, more than that Tippy herself needed a place where she would be accepted as the majority of the lowcarb community shunned her at that point.

From all indications, Tippy intended to make this into a business, registering an LLC and charging a $19.95 membership fee after the initial, free registration. That didn't work out. Who would pay to join her board when there are so many free boards available? I think she had greatly overestimated her popularity.

She turned the board over to Brian and Heather, the couple she had brought with her from Kimkins that helped her set it up. Tippy stayed on as an admin.

The board did not grow. It remained a small place with some 100 members with probably not more than half of them active. It was mainly calm for a long time, with just a few bannings here and there.

Personally, I had guessed a year for the board's existence. It is very hard to keep a board alive with so few members. People drop out due to other priorities in life, and when fewer and fewer people participate, it generally just fizzles out due to lack of interest.

That didn't happen. The Camp went out with a bang. And what was the cause? The rumor blames Tippy.

It seems that Tippy has learned nothing from her previous experiences. She brings drama wherever she goes. She is an expert at turning people against each other by working behind the scenes.

The rumor further says that first Tippy was stripped of her Admin powers but when not even that helped, they are shutting down the board and starting over without Tippy.

Now, the only refugee is really Tippy. Where is she going to show up next? Will she be welcome? Trying to join some board anonymously will not work. Her writing style is much too distinct, as is her method of operation.


Magicsmom said...

Awww, poor Pokey! Kicked out of yet another place! She will never learn. Creating strife and drama is what she does. I think she needs it. If it's not there, she'll create it. She always does it secretly so as to appear quite normal to most people. Personally, I feel vindicated. I've been saying this about her ever since our brush with her in our own group at LCF. We know what she did to our group, and we saw her do it to other groups. We were not crazy, we didn't make it up, and we were not wrong. Tippy Toes by any name is bad news.

mariasol said...

It's actually sad. Tippy had the chance to start over with a group that liked her. But Tippy being Tippy she just can't help herself, can she?

Anonymous said...

No. No she can't.


Yucky said...

Wow, this is sad indeed. Thanks for clearing up a lot of the confusion about this situation!

I just read at Prudentia's blog that Tippy's irrational Duckphobia has unfortunately taken poisonous root in the new camp. So ridiculous.