Saturday, November 1, 2008

Kimkins Email

My email boxes have been flooded by Kimkins newsletters, 10 reasons, and other messages from Kimkins lately. Even the email addresses where I have opted out from receiving them. Seems to be difficult to get out of her database.

It's sort of fun to read them though. To see what Kimmer consider selling points for the Kimkins Diet. Like this one:

"Hey there!

You know when you've tried other diets in the past and you didn't quite understand something or wanted more details? What did you do? Ask a friend or try to figure it out yourself, right?

Don't you wish you could ask the diet creator directly? With Kimkins you can! Our members have direct access to "Kimmer", the founder of Kimkins, by asking questions in the Kimkins Cafe forum or an easy email."

Wish to ask the diet creator? The one that can't do her own diet?


BamaGal said...

Wish to ask the diet creator? The one that can't do her own diet?


talk about a great visual aide

It's the whole do as I say not as I do when it comes to Heidi's diet advice. Why on earth anyone would ever listen to her is beyond me. Even if you discount the fact of all the fraud, the fact she can not even stick to it and lose would keep me from joining. And right now she has the biggest incentive ever to lose but she can't.

avenuegirl said...

Gosh, what a difference if that picture was included with all the newsletters. LOL