Sunday, June 1, 2008

Gary - Update

I had found the picture of the Gary Fontaine a while ago but as I wasn't convinced it had anything to do with Kimkins' Admin Gary, I didn't want to post a picture of an innocent person.

It wasn't until I found the article about the Southbridge Gary possibly being a less than honest person (which are still nothing more than allegations as far as I know) that I decided that that Gary was already a public person, so, why not?

However, looking at people search, the Southbridge Gary does not fit with what Admin Gary has posted about himself on Kimkins as Gary E of Southbridge is 53 years old.

There is a Gary R in Willimantic, CT that fits the bill. 56 years old with a 91 year old father. Lived previously in FL, which has also been mentioned by Admin Gary.

Another candidate that was brought up on LCF, was a Gary R in Longmeadow, MA, but he is only 42 years old.

While the Gary R Fontaine in Willimantic fits what Admin Gary has said about himself, this is no "proof" that it actually is him. Anybody can find the information on people search (like I did) and adopt an identity for an online persona.


Magicsmom said...

All I can say is that someone from Willimantic visits my blog on a regular basis, and did several pageloads the day I received the extremely nasty comments from "anonymous". Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm..........................

mariasol said...

Yes, I have also the Willimantic visitor. But for all I know, it could be a neighbor that Admin Gary borrowed his name from.

Yucky's Headache Hut said...

I refuse to try to even think about any more Kimkins related mysteries until Bayer come out with some sort of superaspirin.