Friday, June 6, 2008

Kimkins Fraud Continues

So much for Heidi Diaz cleaning up her act. An old blog of hers was revived a few days ago, sporting not only pictures of Christin and Deni but also the photoshopped picture of Lindsay Lohan, suggesting that she endorses the Kimkins Diet.

Lindsay's photo is gone today, but this is how the blog looked yesterday:

Christin's and Deni's photos are still there, despite Heidi no longer having the right to use them.


WunnatheDux said...

Maybe we should just start addressing Heidi personally from the Fascination thread. It's so obvious that she and her minions read there and react to what the Ducks are discovering every day.

MrsMenopausal said...

I agree with wunnathedux. It's so obvious.

Yucky said...

Any official comment from JohnTiedt re legal implications of Heidi's revival of the factoids blog and/or her seemingly rejuvenated "damn the torpedos" approach to propaganda via the "articles" sites?