Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kimmer Shows Her True Colors to Jimmy Moore

Readers of Jimmy Moore's low carb blog Livin' La Vida Low Carb are familiar with Jimmy's infertility issues that have prevented him and his wife Christine from becoming parents.

Jimmy has shared details about their struggles on his blog and podcast:

Personally, I had the children I wanted, at the time I wanted them, so I can only imagine how painful it is for Jimmy and his wife to go through all this to try to have the family they want.

Most people can sympathize. Heidi Diaz, Kimmer of Kimkins, is not one of them. Instead, she sees it as an opportunity to inflict some more pain for Jimmy. As if he hasn't suffered enough from his previous association with Heidi and the recent (possibly related) hacking of his forum and PayPal account.

Jimmy received this email from Kimmer today:

"---- Kimmer ( wrote:
Hi Jimmy,
I just heard the fantstic news that you & Christine were blessed with a son! There is nothing more precious than a new baby and he surely has the very best parents. My very best to you & Christine at this special time.


When Jimmy sent her a reply that she was mistaken, Kimmer responded with:

---- Kimmer ( wrote:
Jimmy, what? I received an email this morning from the Low Carb Show. It said you & your wife had a baby? I offering sincere congratulations??? I don't read your blog so I don't know any history.

Confused. Obviously I offended you and I'm sorry. Maybe the Low Carb Show is talking about someone else??? Jimmy, I'm very sorry. I thought this was a happy time.

I meant well. I apologize.

And a little later:

---- Kimmer ( wrote:
Jimmy, I *didn't* know it was a different show. I think "Low Carb" + podcast and I automatically think "Jimmy Moore". I receive hundreds of emails a day, as I'm sure you do. I skim quickly and delete or reply. I saw what I thought was good news and dashed off a congratulatory note.

My sons are 14 years apart and not by choice. I had several reconstructive surgeries & fertility treatments to conceive my last child. I also suffered a 16th week miscarriage 3 months before he was finally conceived. I would never make light of someone else in the same circumstance.

It was an honest mistake and I've apologized. There's nothing more I can do.

Kimmer has always stressed how computer illiterate she is, but she has never before claimed to have limited reading ability or bad memory. And if she hit "reply" to the email she received, why did it go to Jimmy?

Surely Kimmer is well aware of Jimmy's infertility problems and Kimmer also knows that Jimmy's podcast is called "The Living' La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore". After all, she starred in it herself not too long ago.

This was when Kimmer, or Heidi Diaz, claimed to be 118 lbs and that she had maintained this weight for over 6 years. Recorded in July 2007, it was just a month before the truth was revealed in a set of pictures of a 350 pounds Heidi.

The question is why she is doing this. It has no bearing on the lawsuit. Intimidation? Why? Jimmy has not written much about Heidi Diaz lately. To me, it seems that if she is leaving him alone, he is pretty much ignoring her and Kimkins.

Personally, I think Heidi Diaz is just plain evil and she doesn't need a reason to hurt people. She does it just because she can. She is a sorry excuse of a human being.

Heidi Diaz, a.k.a. Kimmer, in deposition.

[Note. The Low Carb Show Kimmer refers to is by another podcaster, Marc Sage.]


2BIG said...

thanks for sharing those emails from her.
She is one evil person afterall as she said I delete or hit reply so again there she demonstates she lied about this communication since the reply would have gone to the talk site not Jimmy's.

mariasol said...

And thank YOU 2BIG for pointing out that if she hit "reply" to the email, it would never have ended up being sent to Jimmy. That didn't occur to me before you mentioned it.

Jimmy Moore said...

That's a GREAT point about hitting reply. THANKS 2big! And THANK YOU to mariasol for sharing about this insensitive scumbag of a woman known as Heidi "The Kimmer" Diaz. She has a special place in Hell set aside for her because she is as heartless as they come. She really deserves what's coming to her soon. Again, I appreciate your support, mariasol!

Jimmy Moore said...

Oh, by the way, mariasol, I HAVE been blogging quite a bit about the Kimkins scam over the past six months, so that's probably why Heidi did this. Lashing out at people is what she does best.

Anonymous said...

That vile snake known as "Kimmer" never makes an honest mistake. All her "mistakes" are calculated and done for personal gain--whether monetary or to get her sick kicks by tormenting others or overlording them.

Those were intended to harm: I'm convinced of it.

I hope God blesses Jimmy witha child very soon.

And may His hammer fall hard on Kimmer's mean head.

The Princess