Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kimkins Exposed Revived

Kimkins Exposed was the first anti-Kimkins blog that surfaced almost a year ago, in mid-July 2007. It was THE place to go for the latest news in the Kimkins Saga and many of us read in awe on a daily basis.

The blog started out as "duckyopinines" and the still unknown blogger (or group of bloggers) was soon known as Ducky.

Eventually other anti-Kimkins blogs followed and for some unexplained reason, Kimkins Exposed stopped updating the blog after the Russian red dress photo was found. The last post was Introducing Kimmer on October 6, 2007.

The blog remained dormant but was still a great source for information. Ducky remained in hiding with just a couple of comments on blogs in March 2008. Not very pleasant comments either. Not the Ducky we loved and thought we knew.

Then suddenly the blog was deleted. With all its posts. Gone.

Thanks to a lot of hours and hard work by BamaGal, Kimkins Exposed has been revived! She has painfully, and with a lot of patience, rescued cached copies of not only the majority of the posts, but also the comments.

posts were all gone and needed to be retrieved one by one from cached copies.

However, thanks to it being the same blog, with the same address, links stay intact.

This is not the case for Kimkins Exposed. The new address is:


Please update your blogroll to direct to the revived copy of Kimkins Exposed.

I hope many of the bloggers also take the time to search their blogs and update links to Kimkins Exposed as the old ones no longer lead anywhere.

And as a final note, I'd like to ask any anti-Kimkins blogger that no longer wants to continue blogging to do one of two things:
1) Keep the blog dormant, but do not delete it.
2) Hand it over to the anti-kk community. Contact one of the active bloggers and we will find someone to take ownership of it.

As BamaGal is saying on Kimkins Exposed Revived:


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Sheridan said...

That was a chickensht thing to do, pulling the whole blog. My hat's off to BamaGal for all of the painstaking work she's done to retrieve those posts, but truly, what a pity it has to be done at all. Shame on you, Ducky.