Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ask Kimmer Digest

The “Ask Kimmer” thread on LCF was started on April 18, 2006. Kimkins.con was registered on April 22. It’s interesting to read the Ask Kimmer thread now. Knowing that Kimmer never was the pretty young-looking, slim, woman in a white dress. Knowing that she had not maintained for years. Knowing that she was getting ready to leave and was using the thread for marketing of her new business; Kimkins.con.

In the thread, Kimmer personifies what every dieter wants to accomplish. Easy, fast, lasting weight loss. Looking beautiful. Little did we know then that all of it was a big lie.

If she had used her real picture for the avatar on LCF, I doubt there would have ever been a Kimkins.con.

Nobody would have believed her claims:

"If you check my Fitday, my calories were very low and I lost 160 pounds in 7 months."

"How 'suddenly'? Like 318 to 158 in only 7 months. I just say 'pass' and stay size 4."

"See me at 118 lbs and 70-90 carbs with no weight gain ... actual loss sometimes."

"The strongest motivator I know is fast weight loss. If I were losing 1-2 lbs a week I'd be ripping into an Entemann's box."

"I lost very quickly because I was determined. I knew how fast I could lose and that's what I wanted ... no cheats, no snacks."

"I lost quickly, I knew I would."

"I, too, am impatient with slow weight loss. I can't imagine eating anything that would have been worth waiting 2 months to go down 1 pant size."

"For me, the ability to lose 160 lbs in 7 months meant way more to me than pork rinds and cheese ever would but that's me."

"I find it very easy to keep my weight stable."

"If I were eating my maintenance amounts (1200-1400 calories, 70-90 carbs) during my weight loss phase, I would have lost very slowly. Very. But now, I can eat 90 carbs a day and not gain. Who knew, LOL?"

And of course, she shares her diet wisdom:

"I got used to SNATT, but then again I don't mind the feeling. I wanted to lose 200 lbs as quickly as possible and SNATT helped ketosis greatly!"

"The nauseous feeling subsides a bit over time, but for many of us it just hangs around. You might also get a headache, feel tired and/or light headed."

"You're doing it right or you wouldn't feel so lousy. The strong nausea dies down in 2'ish days after the conversion is complete, but there always seems to be a quasi nauseous feeling about eating."

"If I had to do it all over again, I would definitely water fast the first 100 lbs off."

"The body self regulates. Even with 0 calorie 0 nutrient intake, the body stabilizes it's sodium, potassium, etc. levels."

"Reminder to everybody as to whether epsom salts or other laxative is necessary? We want to keep things moooooving, so to speak."

"If you have regularity problems, buy a small carton of epsom salts (in the medicine aisle) and follow the directions. It tastes horrible, works great ... mix with diet soda to help a bit."

"Traditional advice is that laxatives are not for daily use because the digestive system will depend on them, but I've read new info (don't have a source) which says that's old science. The opinion was that it was more important to keep waste moving. We're talking the stated dose, not mass quantities or laxative abuse."

But the most interesting in the Ask Kimmer thread is to read between the lines. In the posts, people are reporting 2-3-4 lbs losses overnight. But look at where these people are NOW, two years later. Nobody reached goal. The ones that didn’t leave LCF (or that have returned) have started over. After having regained some or all that was lost on Kimkins. And this is what Kimmer calls a successful diet? Short term losses? Yo-yo dieting? Eating disorders with binges?


Jim said...

Kimmer's story (the true one) is fascinating isn't it? But sometimes I wonder whether some of her advice was actually good, even if her personal story wasn't true. I don't know, and I'm not going to pay to get her program information.

MrsMenopausal said...

"The body self regulates. Even with 0 calorie 0 nutrient intake, the body stabilizes it's sodium, potassium, etc. levels."

Unbelievable!! O calorie, 0 nutrient intake? She doesn't promote starvation or anorexic eating behaviors? Look at the advice she's doling out about potassium and sodium. No medical or nutritional training and giving out information that could prove deadly.

You can't pretend to have experience in weight loss with a plan you made up yourself, pretend to be thin and maintaining, pretend to know (or just blatanly fabricate) medical facts, demean people who don't swallow your line of BS or who aren't losing fast enough to make you look good, and then charge people for the privilege of the above and be an honest, kind, caring person who is concerned for those reading her words and buying her diet plan. Not IMO.

I can't tell you how many posts there were at Kimkins that were related to potassium deficiency. If it regulates then why were so many members suffering and why were there so many posts discussing how to deal with it, supplements to take, etc?

I read her words and even after all I know, all the truths uncovered, all she's admitted to in her depositions, it still amazes me. It still sickens me.

Great post, Mariasol!

BamaGal said...

The “Ask Kimmer” thread on LCF was started on April 18, 2006. Kimkins.con was registered on April 22.

As long as I've been around this saga, I never knew this. So her exit was staged right from the get go huh. It makes her little hissy fit, when they moved her thread off the main lobby, even more pathetic.

mariasol said...

Jim - Her only "good" advice was to discourage eating lowcarb products and pointing out the fake math for sugar alcohol subtraction for the -itol sweeteners used in them. But then she promoted drinking a lot of diet soda instead which doesn't belong in any healthy diet in my opinion.

mariasol said...

MrsM - It is sickening to read that thread. It also had been preceded by many arguments on LCF (with deleted threads) so giving Kimmer her own thread was a way to keep the opposing opinions out of it.

mariasol said...

Jim - One more thing: You can do "Kimkins" in a healthy way; it's called Atkins. Eating eggs, meats, non-carby veggies. Just not low fat and not low calorie.

OhYeahBabe said...

OMG, I didn't know that about the dates either! So the part about Catherine talking her into setting up a site was a lie. Imagine that!?!