Thursday, November 29, 2007

Kimkins Lifetime Membership - Another Lie

Kimkins cost $59.95 for a lifetime membership!

The media has done a good job lately with exposing Kimmer's fraud and the dangers of the Kimkins diet. However, little has been said about losing the money you paid for your membership on a whim of a Kimkins admin.

While some uninformed dieters might be tempted to join Kimkins to achive the same weight loss Christin and Deni had, not giving a damn about any health risks, they might think twice if they know that they most likely will be out of $59.95 and not have access to Kimkins.

Bannings happen for a variety of reasons, and for no reason at all! The Kimkins admin has full control over whom to use the ban button for.

And there is no way to complain or get your money back! Paypal refuses refund as you paid for "electronic media". That you no longer has access to the media is apparently of no concern. Some people have tried to refute the charge with their credit card company, but if they have been successful, I have not heard of it.

Emails to Kimkins support result in an automatic form email, again referring to the "electronic media" being non-refundable. Repeated emails to Kimkins support result in nothing. No explanation of WHY you were stripped of your lifetime membership is given, apart from the generic "TOS violation". Nowhere to appeal the decision of the Kimkins admin.

Of course, Kimmer and Kimkins could not care less if you are never seen on the site again. They have already gotten all the money they will get from you, so now you are worthless to them. Why not ban you? It reduces the burden on the server and there are less posters for the admins to monitor.

Join the lawsuit!


Anonymous said...

The lawsuit is the only way people will get any money back now, since the ill-gotten-gains have been frozen due to evidence that Kimmer will squander the vast amount of money she has brought in.

If people don't care about the terrible risks of this diet, perhaps they'll care about the tremendous likelihood that the weight will come right back, and then some, and that future attempts to lose weight will be much harder due to damaged metabolism. Is skinny for a minute worth it?

Thanks for the great blog, Mariasol.

BamaGal said...

Great post!!

Tanks for your continued efforts to get the word out. The links provided are really "enlighting".

Kimkins Scam