Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kimkins - Coming clean???

A few days ago, Kimmer said:
"OK, so it's time to come clean." At the same time, she posted a "current" photo of herself, giving her weight as 294 lbs. Yeah, right.

About the same time she posted this photo, her picture was taken at the deposition in the lawyer's office. Yes, here I can believe 294 lbs!

Despite not being very fluent in Photoshop, I tried to combine the two pictures. As has been speculated on the boards, it's obvious that the current photo has veen vertically stretched.

To me it's baffling that she still is lying, but I guess she doesn't know how not to.

I also think:

  • She never realized she was that big until she saw the P.I. photos

  • In her warped mind, she still sees herself as the lady in the red dress

  • She could just not accept that she looked the way she did in her 294 lbs photo and therefore had to "improve" it before posting it

Edited to add: I didn't find the first compostie very clear as the "shrunk" picture looks smaller both vertically and horisontally. In that one I tried to line up the faces. In the one below, based on exactly the same sizes, I instead lined up shoulder-to-elbows.


BamaGal said...

Thanks for continuing to get the word out. Your continued blogging is a big help.

Kimkins Scam

mariasol said...

bamagal - Good point! I generally try to find something "unique" to post but it wouldn't hurt to repeat some of the information from the boards just to have more frequent posts.

mariasol said...

And, I apologize. I had missed to link to your blog. That is now corrected :)