Thursday, November 8, 2007

Kimkins - Admin Gary

It is clear to me that there are many Sock Puppets on Kimkins, and probably the most obvious of them is Lasttime4me, or Gary as his assumed name is. Some "facts" taken from his posts:

  • Stated age (previously, no longer there) was 54. Does the above picture look like a 54 year old to you? 70 would have been my guess.
  • Starting weight 334 lbs. Does the picture look like an overweight person? Not to me.
  • Lost 100 lbs in 5 months. Tippy is desperately looking for real success stories but "Gary" has not volunteered to provide one. Neither has Tippy asked him, possibly because Kimmer has told her that he will not produce one.
  • "Gary" started his diet on 6/2/2007. Even his early posts show a lot of "diet expertise" and technical competence regarding the board. Sounds like Kimmer?
  • Is praising KIMKINS in practically every post. Sounds like something Kimmer would do?
  • Never has any problems sticking to plan, eating 450-800 cals per day. Sounds like something Kimmer would say?
  • He posts many informative pieces copied from other websites. Sounds like Kimmer?
  • He has made a huge number of posts on the board; around 2500. Sounds like Kimmer?
  • He has not provided a lot of personal information but in one of the initial posts mentioned that he is a caregiver of his blind AND deaf father. Sounds like something Kimmer would come up with?
  • There was never any PM's between "Gary" and Kimmer reported by the TRUTH. Clearly, Kimmer has no need to send PM's to herself!

Added, as this kept on bugging me last night:

  • "Gary" loves ahi tuna. He lived in Florida until 1997 and got to love it down there. I lived in Florida until 1999 and as far as I remember, ahi tuna was not commonly served there. At least I never had it there and always associated it with the West Coast.
  • "Gary" posts about what he eats, and the foods are very feminine to me. He also has a lot of similarities with what Kimmer has told about herself; has a lot of spices and drinks crystal light, for example. There are numerous other examples as well.
  • "Gary" posted about postponing a morning trip to the vet to pick up his cat as "his dad wanted him to take him to lunch and afterwards come with him to the vet." This is a 90 year old blind and deaf man. I wonder how they communicate with each other. Kimmer always goes over the top with things like this, so that's why this again sounds like Kimmer.
  • "Gary" had friends visiting from Florida and spent days with them at a nearby casino (and wouldn't you know that he once worked as a dealer, LOL). He prepared food for his dad for when he was gone. Wouldn't you think that "Gary" has some caretaker coming in when he is not able to be there. "Gary" has never mentioned one.


Deni said...

Just fyi... Gary aka Lasttime4me was part of the June biggest loser challenge and I remember him from when he first started. He got kinda grumpy and rude with me when I made a .10 mistake on his losses at that time... so I tend to believe that he's really a person... or at least he was back in June. (and not the nicest person either unfortunately. )
(I'm not trying to bash him or anything... I just actually believe him to be real based on our emails and PM's at that time.)

christymac said...

I was in a challenge with Gary too. I don't believe he is a sockpuppet. He was very active in our group to be kimmer.

mariasol said...

Deni - Thanks for stopping by, I am honored. I'm a great fan of yours.
Sorry, call me skeptical, but an email conversation doesn't convince me that he is not a sock puppet.

mariasol said...

Christy - I hear you, and I have read his posts in the challenges. I still believe that Kimmer created him to keep challenges moving and people motivated as she stayed in the Cafe when posting under her own name.
And when it comes to posting frequency, Kimmer was known for making a lot of posts on LCF. Not all of them are in the "Ask Kimmer" thread. She used to dominate the main lobby and would easily write 10 - 20 posts at a time.

Anonymous said...

wtg! Your Gary investigation has won you a spot in our blogroll.You can thank us by sending us some steaks.

mariasol said...

LOL! For those that don't know, "y.y.Incorporated" is Kimkins Exhausted:

Deni said...

Well, since Heidi was quite busy in June cashing her money... I find it hard to believe that she had time to make up this "extra person" at that time. I also don't think it would have been necessary at the time. Stuff inside in June was CRAZY busy... my volunteer hours at that time were through the roof unfortunately. Still kicking myself over that... I actually felt "sorry" for her. (puking smiley here).
Anyway... I just wanted to let you know what I knew about the situation.
I think we need to be careful with making assumptions about everyone now a days... doubting and wondering who everyone really is all the time is not healthy for us. :) But, believe me... I understand! My only concern is that our own paranoia could turn off people still on the fence.
(i.e.- if Gary is real.. and someone knows him.. they would see this type of post and blow off the rest of what you have to say because obviously [to them] we're "grasping at straws") And frankly.. we don't need to grasp at straws!
What Kimmer/Heidi has done is already wrong.... the hard, awful truth is out there.

anyway.. I hope I'm not "stepping on any toes" here. You don't even have to post this...sadly I still feel a sense of responsibility in all of this, and I know from experience that when people post assumptions as if they were hard fast truth... it backfires on the very people we want to save and protect. :(

mariasol said...

Deni - Of course I will post your comment. I appreciate all input and I really hope you are right that Gary is a real person. It has bothered me greatly what Kimmer has done to the online community; now I don't trust anybody I "meet" online anymore.
But why would not Gary post B&A pictures? He clearly is very supportive of kimkins and has no problem adding other graphics and seems very computer literate.
If someone can convince me that Gary is an actual person, I'll be more than happy to remove my post.

2BIG said...

Looks like you have done a lot of research into this. Could you check Kimmers posts from that time frame and see if any match Gary's since the PI said she was using a laptop and not using 2 different computers? if neither of them have a post time stamped at the same time for that period of time then you could use that also a possible reason to believe they are the same.

deni if you have those emails check them against Kimmers email IPs from that time frame if they match there is proof positive Gary is Kimmer.

mariasol said...

2big - The last time I could access kimkins was at the time she did the deposition and "Gary" did post during that time period. However, Becky has said that Brandon often posts as Kimmer and he might be responsible for a lot of "Gary's" posts as well. Most of them don't say much anyway; just a KUTGW to a previous poster.

theTRUTH said...

I am just seeing this for the first time. I had plenty of PMs from Gary to Kimmer all along. Can't believe I never released one. Are you sure? I might have to remedy this situation... ;)

Anonymous said...

Found my way here thru Medusa's.

Good grief being a life long native Floridian, I can tell you that "ahi tuna" is quite common in Florida.

Also I thought it had been proven now that Gary is very real?

mariasol said...

theTRUTH - Yes, you did release one. I didn't think of it when I wrote this post. You have proven me wrong about Gary but I'll leave the post as "history". Lots of side tracks in this story.

mariasol said...

Anonymous _ Yes, I have been proven wrong about Gary so why not about the Ahi Tuna as well :). I lived in Southern FL from 92 to 99 and never came across it there.