Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Kimkins - Tippy Toes lost her job!

This was just posted by Tipsy:

"Re; Damage Control Bootcamp Challenge 1 Day, 1 Hour ago
I am taking a computer break for a while. Been fighting with DH over the time I spend here. He wins and he is right (but don't tell him) . So carry on, stay safe and stay over 800 calories and you'll do just fine. I hope to be back online soon. Happy weight loss everyone!"

Tippy had these type of posts frequently when she was at LCF - her husband would get upset with the excessive computer time, they would fight and she would stay away for a couple of days. However, knowing that they really need the money that she was paid as a kimkins' PR/admin/whatever, I can not see him objecting unless she is no longer paid.

No doubt does Heidi/Kimmer no longer have any use for her as Kimmer herself is posting again. It could also have been problematic with Tipsy stressing her success, while Kimmer clearly is a failure.

Tippy, you better get used to staying off the computer as no other lowcarb site wants you!

Edited to add: Another scenario just occured to me. Perhaps Tipsy just used her husband as an excuse. Perhaps she and Heidi had words about the non-paying position and Tipsy said that she wouldn't post unless she got paid. But wanting to keep the possibility of being re-hired, she chose to just make a temporary exit instead of burning her bridges for good. It would be too funny if Kimmer gets mad and bans her. People have been banned for less.

Edited again with a comment from Queeny on LCF:
It is perfectly clear to me what has happened. Kimmer no longer needs TT, so she has let her go. TT is trying to save face. Think about it for a minute, what does Kimmer need TT for? Kimmer is no longer hiding and can do her own PR work.Why waste the money on her. If TT really believed in this diet she would promote it for free. Now with no money coming her way, TT is out of there. However she knows and has known that Heidi is a fraud. TT is out for the money and that's it. Isn't that what they are all out for?

As far as TT running her own website and being smarter than we think, think again. First of all TT is not the only person who has lost weight nor the last. She lost her credibility by supporting a fraud, who would want to listen to her now? Not to mention the mean things she has said behind peoples back that is documented and giving folks bad recipes so that they will GAIN weight. Most folks who have lost a good amout of weight will try to help others for free not hurt them. They don't ask to be paid for helping. Maybe losing weight is the ONLY thing TT has done in her life that she feels good about. I really don't think TT is that smart. If she could spell correctly believe me she would. Who likes to be laughed at in public?

I think TT needs the money and would stay at KK as long as she was being paid for it. From what I have heard about her "rentals" I doubt they bring in much money. In the end they will all get what they deserve. Kimmers money will run out. When there is nothing coming in, it doesn't last. One thing TT and Kimmer will never have is pride. How can you have pride when all your doing is covering up lie after lie. You can't buy pride you have to earn it.

CONFIRMED: It was just an excuse. Tipsy spent a lot of time today (Thursday) on LCF. Obviously it is not computer time that is limited, but her presence on Kimkins.


2BIG said...

Thnaks for all the hard work you are doing keeping the world informed about the situation with Kimmer et al and the scam at kimkins.con

Anonymous said...

We've been getting lots of interesting bits of unverified stuff from our sources regarding what Tippy's actually up to.

Check out our post "Tippy's exit strategery" :)

the McKenzie brothers

Magicsmom said...

Hmmmmm Verrry interestink!!!! I had a feeling TT was on borrowed time after saying on national television that Kimmer's plan needed improvement. There are just some things you don't do, and that is one of them. Kimmer's gigantic ego just cannot allow her to have an underling go public with an embarrassing fact like the plan needs improvement. Big faux pas!