Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Kimkins Hiding Assets?

With the Kimkins class action lawsuit under way, Kimkins' assets have been frozen. This includes Kimkins' PayPal account and Kimkins can no longer accept credit card payments. The sign-up page states "We are redesigning out credit card payment page" which means that Heidi Diaz is researching how to sign up for a credit card service that will allow her to transfer the money to some account not influenced by the lawsuit. I think she doesn't have to bother; I can't see a lot of new victims falling for the scam.

The only option now is to send a check (beware, she'll get your name and account number!) or a money order. I think this might be a great deterrent to unsuspecting customers that find on the internet. While I impulsively could shell out $60, I would think at least twice about having to write out a check and mail it. To me, legitimate internet businesses always accept credit card payments, either directly or by PayPal.

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